For the Grand Chase character, see Elsword Sieghart.

Elsword is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by KOG Studios and originally published by Kill3rCombo which would be known later on as KOG Games. It is the spiritual successor to KOG's Grand Chase.

The synopsis and storyline of Elsword are very similar to Grand Chase and at some point going to be an actual reboot of the game, even featuring Arme and Lire during the beta phase (which can still be found in the game files) and Elsword being the younger brother of Elesis. Eventually, both games became vastly different from each other, however, the familial relationship between Elsword and Elesis remained.

Plot SummaryEdit

The game follows the adventures of Elsword and his teammates, Aisha and Rena, as they travel to various locations in search of the El. Along the way, the trio encounter the head of the Velder Rebellion, Raven; the Queen of the Nasods, Eve;  the Guardian of Hamel, Chung; the martial artist, Ara; the obnoxious mad scientist, Add; the demonic duo, Lu and Ciel; the gunner, Rose; and the priest of the past, Ain.






Elsword is an ambitious but hot headed young swordsman trained by his sister Elesis, the leader of the Red Knights. Elesis left her little brother to lead a mission, never to return. Elsword now searches the land for two things: El, the precious gems that power his kingdom, and his missing sister.

Aisha LandarEdit


Aisha was already a mage of the highest order at the tender age of 12 until a ring of sinister power absorbed her abilities. Intelligent and brash, she once again starts her journey to recover all her lost knowledge.

Rena ErindelEdit


Rena is an elf living in the mortal world. Her place in this world is jeopardized by the weakening of El, the power shards that energize everything including the connection to her homeworld. If this power fades the ties that bind the two planes will vanish as will Rena herself. She uses her abilities as a Ranger to protect the El and her friends.

Raven CronwellEdit


Raven is a commoner from the Kingdom of Velder who worked hard to become the Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights. Causing jealousy among the nobles, he was soon framed and sentenced to prison. His comrades and fiancée rescued him, and they all hid within the forest in the outskirts of Velder.

Unfortunately, Velder soldiers found them and eliminated them one by one. Raven stared at all the fallen bodies around him as he took what would have been his last few breaths. Just then, a Nasod figure appeared before him and everything turned black.

Raven awoke in a Nasod capsule, with devices attached to various parts of his body. Reborn with a Nasod arm and holding a blade on the right hand, he blindly fought to destroy the kingdom he once protected. Until one day, he met a crew of young, ambitious heroes who reminded him of his duty to defend his fellows. In atonement for his sins, he decides to join Elsword and his friends on a new life adventure of finding the missing El.



Eve was once called 'The Little Queen of Nasods' when humans and Nasods peacefully coexisted in Ancient Elrios. For thousands of years, Eve was preserved in her capsule unit to avoid the catastrophic battle between humans and Nasods, until an El fragment flew into it. Eve woke up to find out that she was stranded alone in the present time. She gathered her remaining energy and ancient knowledge to revive King Nasod and the Nasod race. A queen cannot be without a king, and Eve understood that best.

Years pass and King Nasod is on a mission to continue the ancient war with the humans. He and his followers had become corrupted and no longer acknowledge Eve. In the midst of the war, a young red-haired boy and his friends destroy the last of Eve's race and end King Nasod's reign. Once again, Eve is left stranded and alone in this present time as though her efforts were meaningless. But not all hope is lost! Eve decides to regain the power of El and hopes to revive her race once again. She decides to follow the red-haired boy and his friends to find the El Shards. It was, after all, the first time a boy said he wanted to be her friend.

Chung (Prince Seiker)Edit


Chung was born into the Seiker Family that protects Hamel, the capital of Senace. Known widely as Prince Seiker, he was trained in combat ever since he was young. When Hamel was under attack by demons, his father was devoted to holding off the attacks. Unfortunately, a demon possessed his father, who then unwittingly led the enemies to attack Hamel. Chung tried to hold off his father, but he got seriously wounded by him.

Elsword and his friends helped Chung escape the battlefield so he could recover from his wounds. While he recuperated, most parts of Senace became occupied by demons. He then decided to leave Hamel in the hands of the Red Knights and go with Elsword to train and become stronger than ever. Prince Seiker then swore that he will not use the Seiker name and will call himself Chung until he returns to save Hamel and take the Water El back from the demons.

Ara HaanEdit


The young lady Ara of the Haan warrior family in Fluone's Northern Empire is a skilled martial artist specializing in the spear. One day, she came very close to death when her brother Aren, now known as Ran, came upon the Dark El, transformed into a demon, and led other demons to attack and destroy their village.

At that moment, she found the heirloom—an old hairpin, from which a spirit's powers emerged to help her drive the demons away. It was the spirit of the nine-tailed fox named Eun. The spirit agrees to keep lending Ara her abilities in order to find Aren, and in return, Ara promises to help Eun find El that is strong enough to set her free from the heirloom. In awakening, Eun's mythical presence takes over Ara. Soon, in her journey to find Ran, Ara meets Elsword and the El Search Party. Together, they may yet recover Aren and the El.



Elesis is Elsword's older sister and sword-fighting mentor. At 16, she had already traveled far to become a better sword fighter. She returns to Ruben to join her brother in training, only to part ways again after enduring a vicious attack from the demons.

With a mission to protect Elrios from an absolute demon invasion, Elesis takes on the road once more. This may be the best way to keep her brother and their homeland safe. While she does not know when Elesis eagerly looks forward to someday reuniting with her beloved brother.

Add (Edward Grenore)Edit


A descendant of a family that studied Nasods, Add is an intelligent mechanic who had inherited the fascination for the robotic race. When his entire family was captured and slain for investigating the Nasods' forbidden secrets, Add was forced into slavery. While trying to escape, he fell into an ancient library and was trapped for a long time. Here, he continued his study of Nasods and in due time, he invented a weapon called the Nasod Dynamo. He eventually used the weapon to escape the library before it could collapse on him.

Ridden with insanity due to isolation, Add took to the road to find rare Nasod codes but discovered that the library's time distortion had sent him far into the future when the Nasod race had already fallen. He tried to return to the past at first, but then he changed his mind when he found traces of Eve.

Lu/Ciel (Luciela R. Sourcream and Ciel)Edit


The demon monarch Lu emerges in Elrios as a small child after using up all her mana to escape the realm of demons. Due to her servant's betrayal, she has lost all her power and possessions. A hitman named Ciel finds Lu in her weak state and takes her in. Her name is all she remembers. Before long, assassins from the demon world come for Lu, and Ciel gives his life to protect her.

Just then, Lu remembers everything. A mystical contract allows her to revive Ciel as a half-demon, and he is bound to serve her in return. Now, with Ciel's help, Lu sets out to take everything back. Together, they are Luciel, a dangerous duo in pursuit of demons that plague the land.

Rose (Anna Testarossa)Edit


Before she was called Rose, she was known as Anna Testarossa. She was sent to military school at a young age following her family's path. She graduated to become a Royal Guard and eventually became part of an elite force called Majestic Garden, a group whose sole purpose was to protect the Princess.

She was sent to Elrios after monsters from that dimension slipped through a dimensional tear and attacked the Princess. Her task is to seek out the source of the catastrophe and put an end to it.

Ain (Ainchase Ishmael)Edit


Ainchase Ishmael was created by the Goddess Ishmael to restore the power of El.

When the El exploded into tiny shards, he fell through a Time & Space gap created by the explosion. After falling through the gap, Ain lacked the power to sustain his existence and started to wilt away. While in the gap, he wandered aimlessly through the chaos of Time and Space. He eventually felt a faint power of the El and instinctively chased after it. He felt the El getting stronger and with a renewed sense of the mission, he regained his powers and was able to escape.

Now, after escaping the chaos of the Time & Space gap, he returns to Elrios to assist the El Search Party and fulfill his mission.



Laby is an eccentric child that lived deep within the Black Forest for an unspecified amount of time before she left and was led by the Third Blue Light. She decides to leave the forest and go on a journey to learn who she is.

Relationship to Grand ChaseEdit


  • Elsword (character) has the same synopsis as Elesis Sieghart. Elsword is a young swordsman who was raised and trained by his older sister, Elesis, the leader of the Red Knights. One day, she left him on a mission to investigate the demons but never returned.
    • Elesis was originally named Elsa. Elesis also being the leader of the Ruby Knights is very similar to Elsa's leadership for the Red Knights. Additionally, there is a concept art on Naver blog of Elesis and Elsword as siblings.
    • The Sword Master's weapon, the Giant Sword, is a similar weapon wielded in her Grand Master job class from Elsword.
    • Elsword's Sheath Knight class makes use of two swords, similar to Savior.
      • Also one of Elesis' classes called Pyro Knight has a similar design to Savior but her fighting style is totally different.
    • Some of Elsword's attacks share the same name as Elesis' and Lass', although they are performed differently.
      • Elsword's Mega Slash is one powerful swing.
      • Elsword's Sword Fire enchants his own blade with flames and strikes the ground, erupting flames. After the attack, the sword will continue to burn temporarily, giving him the opportunity to attack with flame damage.
      • Elsword's Storm Blade summons numerous magical swords in the form of a spike around him that constantly rotates, piercing the enemy.
      • Elsword's Windmill does a constant, horizontal swing for five seconds while moving around. This variation can also be done in mid-air and has Super Armor.
      • Elsword's Double Slash strikes twice, the latter bringing down a powerful swing.
      • Elsword's Fatal Fury smashes the target four times with the sword and ends off with a quick spin.
      • Elsword's Final Strike generates a black hole that pulls in all enemies and then creates an explosion that deals massive damage.
      • Elsword's Splash Explosion creates a rune and then destroys it, creating a small explosion.
      • Elsword's Unlimited Blade uses multiple swings before bringing down a Mega Slash. In Awakening Mode, the Mega Slash is replaced by a Flaming Geyser.
      • Elsword's Rage Cutter stabs the ground to send numerous swords skyward, identical to Kanavan Strike.
      • Elsword's Assault Slash is a straightforward dash thrust.
    • Elsword's Air Slash was based on Elesis' Circle Blade, although the second hit of Air Slash is 180 degrees upward.
    • Lass' Blade Spirit and Ronan's Erudon's Sword were based on Elsword's Armageddon Blade. However, Erudon's Sword follows the concept more closely.
    • Dio's Vengeful Sword was based on Elsword's Wind Blade, Rising Slash, and Luna Blade.
    • Dio's Fly Away was based on Elsword's Sonic Blade, as both attacks utilize a quick full spin and allow its user to move before the animation completes. The only difference is that Fly Away causes the opponent to fly across the field while Sonic Blade just stuns the opponent.
    • Like Elesis, Elsword has many attacks that share the same word in them. In Elsword's case, many of the attacks have either the word Slash (Mega Slash, Assault Slash, Air Slash, Double Slash, Rising Slash) or the word Blade (Unlimited Blade, Armageddon Blade, Sonic Blade, Wind Blade, Storm Blade, Luna Blade) in them.
    • One of Elsword's classes is named Infinity Sword.
    • Spell Knight Ronan's third MP special with the Erudon Sword was based on Lord Knight Elsword's Hyper Active, Gigantic Slash,


  • Aisha has the same synopsis as Arme. For a reason, both Arme and Aisha were driven to look for magical power.
    • Both Arme and Aisha were 15 years old.
    • One of Aisha's classes is called Battle Mage.
    • Aisha has an attack called Lightning Bolt which shoots a short-ranged burst of lightning.
    • Aisha has an attack called Death Field which summons an apparition of Death who uses its dark power to curse enemies, dealing some damage while reducing the target's movement speed and disables special actives from being used, and then causes the victim to explode.
    • Aisha's Meteor Shower was based on Arme's Meteor, although Meteor Shower leaves flames on the floor.
    • Aisha's Pyro Storm was based on Arme's Fire Storm, although Pyro Storm is a whirlwind while Fire Storm is a burst of flame.
    • Arme's Fire Shield Lv 2 was based on Aisha's Chain Fireball.
    • Aisha's Meteor Call was based off Arme's Big Bomb.
    • Aisha's Dark Cloud was based on Arme's Killer Cloud.
    • Aisha's Blizzard Shower was based on Arme's Blizzard although Blizzard Shower appears in the form of blue meteors (much alike Arme's Meteor or Aisha's Meteor Shower) and completely freezes the opponent ice solid.
    • Aisha has an attack called Magic Missile, which shoots a sphere that constantly follows its opponents for a short time.
    • Aisha's Elemental Storm was based on Arme's Chain Rush.
    • Aisha's Abyss Angkor resembles Ley's Real Dark: Both summon an entity that shoots out a large beam. The difference is that Abyss Angkor is a vertical beam instead of Real Dark's horizontal beam.
    • All of Ley's job clothing as well as her ability to cast dark spheres and summon bats is similar to Aisha's Void Princess class.
    • Aisha, upon advancing to Batlle Magician and later on to Dimension Witch, gains a Magical Girl attire and attitude which is similar to Amy's idol-like attire and attitude.
    • Both Arme and Aisha address themselves as "Genius Magician".


  • Rena has a similar synopsis to Lire, although their stories differ from each other; Rena's race living within the mortal world is jeopardized as the power of El is weakening.
    • Rena is defined as "affectionate", much like Lire's personality.
    • Similar to Lire, Rena lacks a 'true' backstory as her background description only refers to what her race and tribe had done in the past.
    • Both characters are Jack Of All Trades, with the ability to use a ranged weapon, physical kicks, wind, nature, fire, and ice magic, and a melee weapon. Both also have considerable combo ability, attack power, agility, buffs and debuffs, and mana regeneration.
    • Rena's combat style was largely based off Lire's Nova job.
    • Rena's Dive Kick Bombing was based on Amy's Grand Finale.
    • Rena's Siege mode was based off Lire's Shooting Mode.
    • Rena's Fatality was based off Lire's Beat Rush (animation) and Lass' Fatal Fury Tempest (fatality mechanic).
    • Rena has an attack called Freezing Arrow where she shoots a single frost arrow in a linear path, hitting and freezing up to two enemies.
    • Rena has an attack called Call of Ruin where she fires multiple traps and attacks using a wide slice with her sword, causing the traps to explode.
    • Rena has an attack called Evoke which consists of launching a spherical wind that erupts into a large blast on contact.
    • Rena gains a sword upon advancing to Trap Ranger called Erendil, which is named after Earendil.
    • Rena's Shooter Destiny was based on the combination of Lire's Arrow Spiral and Big Shot.
    • In an older version of Elsword Rena's in-game model had blonde hair which was another similarity to Lire.


  • Raven was particularly based on Lass' in terms of storyline, while Dio's personality was based on Raven's.
    • In the storyline, Raven was a soldier who worked for the Velder Kingdom and was being promoted to Tactical Captain. However, this status caused the Nobles of the land to dislike him, so Raven was framed right to prison. Seemingly destined to die after his co-workers and fiancee were murdered trying to rescue him, a Nasod appeared in front of him, offering a contract for rebirth and power. However, Raven blacked out after the agreement and became a test subject for Human-Nasod augmentation, and was possessed by the mechanical equipment, specifically the prototype Nasod Arm. He soon becomes the leader of the Velder Rebellion, blindly fighting to destroy the kingdom he once protected. After being defeated by Elsword, Raven realized his terrible crimes and joined the group to atone his sins.
    • Dio's Rake Hand was based on Raven's Nasod Arm, as they both cause destruction in their wake.
    • Raven has an attack called Hypersonic Stab where he cuts through enemies, causing one or multiple swords slash upon the foes impacted.
      • Vengeful Gaikoz's Danger attack where he instantly dashes and slashes in a straight line may have been based on Hypersonic Stab.
    • Raven has an attack called Shockwave where he throws down one large, powerful wave energy.
    • Raven has an attack called Charged Bolt where he forms a barricade of spikes around his body.
    • Mari's Wing Drive Weapon was based on Raven's Arch Enemy.
    • Rufus' Expunge's cross explosion bears a striking resemblance to Raven's Guardian Strike.
    • Raven's Extreme Blade was based on the motion of Lass' Shadow Stranger Lv2, and the effect of Lass' Spatial Divide.
    • Raven's Sword Taker class was originally named Soul Taker during its development.
    • Raven seems to share the same preference of weaponry and combat style as Lass, mostly with Raven's Sword Taker path. His methods in using his Nasod Arm, however, is similar to Dio's, mostly with the Over Taker path.
      • Both characters wield similar weapons: a lightweight curved blade, claws, and a katana-like sword.
      • Both characters have the ability to phase through enemies (Raven, however, activates it as a technique, while Lass does it as part of his moveset.)
      • As Sword Taker, both Lass and Raven specialize in delivering attacks with extreme speed.
      • Though similarities are not entirely equivalent, both Dio and Raven perform stabbing techniques/specials, claw-based attacks, and possess the ability to enlarge their respective arms.


  • Eve was based on Mari. Eve descended from an ancient civilization known as Nasods and was once considered their "little queen". However, as the power of El (their power source) weakened, the Nasods began to decline, and rebelled against humanity and started a war with them in order to seize the El, but ultimately lost. Eve was preserved in her capsule unit to avoid the catastrophe until an El fragment flew into it. When she awoke, she discovered she was the last of her kind. She gathered her remaining energy and ancient knowledge to revive King Nasod and the Nasod race and went back to sleep. Years later King Nasod wanted to continue the ancient war. He and his followers became corrupted and no longer acknowledged Eve. Elsword and his friends ruined King Nasods' plans and destroyed him and the rest of the Nasods. Eve awakened again realizing that her attempt to revive her race failed and she is alone once again. Since she was alone Elsword offered her to be her friend. She follows the Elsword and his friends to find the El fragments, hoping to revive her race again.
    • Eve's specialty revolves around summoning and machinery much like Ley and Mari, respectively.
    • Eve has an attack called Hornet Sting where she fires a single missile that deals two powerful hits.
    • Eve's Lunatic Scud was based on Rufus' Expunge: both skills make use of all their weapons at the same time.
    • Chibi Edna's pet attack was based off Eve's Space Wrench, which is based on Magnus Dan's Blinding Cross as well.
    • Mari's Final Judgement was based off on Eve's Psychic Artillery.


  • Some of Chung's attacks share the same name as Elesis' and Lire's attacks, although they are performed differently.
    • Chung's Leap Attack causes him to launch himself at enemies and slam his cannon down at opponents.
    • Chung's Shooting Star fires twelve or fifteen homing missiles.
    • Chung's Head Shot fires a single shot that pierces through enemies.
    • Chung's Artillery Strike was based on Magic Missile.
    • Mari's Nuclear Strike was based on Chung's Artillery Strike - Quantum Ballista.


  • Ara's synopsis resembles Rin's. Both of them saw their native villages destroyed by dark forces, both of them are the last survivors of their respective villages, both of them have supernatural entities that empower them (nine-tailed spirit fox Eun for Ara, spirit of goddess Agnesia and incarnation of the Malevolent Horde for Rin), and both of them come from oriental-based cultures.
    • Both characters can react and transform with their supernatural entities, with Ara sprouting nine white colored fox tails (and fox ears too in her Asura job path) and assimilating Eun's powers in Celestial Fox Mode, while Rin can transform herself into a Goddess via either Agnesia's powers or the Malevolent Horde's.
    • Both can side between either light and darkness when they advance jobs: Sakra Devanam/ Yama Raja for Ara, Dawn/Twilight for Rin.
    • Ara's Energy Cannon was based off Dawn Rin's Final Flash of Light.
    • One of Ara Haan's classes is named Asura.
      • In this class, Ara has a technique called Specter Walk where she turns invisible.
        • However Specter Walk works differently: while active, Ara is invisible, she gains a speed increase and super armor and she can pass through enemies and obstacles until the skill's effects run out or she attacks. Getting attacked won't remove the skill's effects. Also if Ara passes through her target then the target's defense decreases for 5 seconds.
          • Also while midair, Ara can throw up to 3 "Specter" Kunais at the enemy.
    • Ara searches for her older brother Aren Haan who turned into a demon similar to Edel who searches for her brother Adel.


  • Add's has a psychopathic, perfectionist, and obnoxious personalities, like Asin or Veigas. His obsession on Eve meanwhile is similar to Mari's interest on Sieghart's immortal body.
    • In addition, his art shows he smiling intensively while his pupils are standing out in the same way as Asin.
    • Add's main weapon, the Nasod Dynamos was based on Geas's Soul Taker.
      • But his fighting style involves firing rays of electricity and energy blasts produced by his Dynamos by either using his hands or kicking.
      • In his Lunatic Psyker class branch Add reinforces his limbs to perform powerful punches and kicks, like a brawler, further improving his resemblance to Asin.
      • However, in his Mastermind class branch, he is able to attack with cubes projectiles in a similar fashion as Veigas does.
    • Add's Apocalypse summons a cube that assists him, similar in how Deus Ex Machina assists Veigas. The difference is that the former is treated like a summoned monster: it has its own HP, attacks the enemy by his own, and disappears if is destroyed or its duration expires. On the other hand, the latter must be commanded by Veigas in order to attack.
    • Add's Paranoia was based on Starlet's Elegant Flow: both skills inflict a multitude of debuffs on the opponents.


  • Lu and Ciel's gameplay style is based on off the Grand Chase's Tag PvP Mode, where the player could switch between two characters via a button. In Lu and Ciel's case, switching characters will enable them to make the best use of their Combination Mode.
  • Lu was based on Ley; Both have a loyal and powerful servant (Jeeves and Ciel), both are Asmodians, humanoid demons, and both demon girls attack with spells.
    • However, her synopsis resembles Dio's, as both Asmodians have lost a great deal of their powers to reach Elrios/Aernas: Lu's power was mostly sealed by a traitor vassal, but she managed to teleport herself to Elrios with the remaining powers she had; however, transferring between dimensions without appropriate magic power may lead to unpredictable consequences. Thus, when Lu reached Elrios, an accident occurred, where her appearance was changed into one of a small child.
    • Dio, on the other hand, sealed most of his power willingly when going to Aernas in order to avoid being spotted by the Extremists, as their senses are able to pinpoint the source of high demonic power with precision.
    • In addition, Lu's 2nd job Noblesse is the equivalent of Ley's 4th job Dark Matriarch: both have mastered their magic potential and adopted a noble and prepotent attitude.
  • Lu's weapon, the Demon Gauntlets, was based on Ley's Ultima, although the size and shape of her Gauntlets resemble more Dio's Rake Hands instead.
  • Ciel's appearance resembles Uno's.
    • They both have dark hair with lighter colored streaks, pointy ears and a tattoo/symbol on their chests.
    • Ciel also has a four-pointed star on his forehead like Veigas.


  • Rose, while inspired from the classes in Dungeon Fighter Online, share similarities with Rufus as well, seeing how both wield dual pistols in their first job and acquire more arsenal and gunfire as they advance in jobs. The difference is that the former has to pick a job from 4 choices, while the former goes through 3 job advancements instead.
    • Rose has 4 sets of pistols, each one of them with slightly different combos and range and she can change guns during combat like MP characters and Dual Wielding System.
    • In her Optimus job path Rose summons robots, like Mari, that she created by examining the Nasods but they have no free will and lack a core (all Nasods have a core) and their designs are crude, making them a little more than just machines.


  • Ain is based off Zero, as both are creations.
    • Ain was an angel created by the Goddess Ishmael, while Zero is an ancient demon created by Oz.
    • Ain's 3rd job path is called Lofty: Wanderer.


  • Laby is similar to Edel and Veigas in terms of storyline as they both follow a set of independent dungeons to clear instead.


  • Lime is an Elven PvP NPC (called Epic NPC in Elsword) who is a self-proclaimed "forest ranger", mostly powerful physical kicks with long combos, a grappling hook and really rarely archery (to throw her hook usually if the player is far).
  • Edel may have perhaps been based on Raven's Sword Taker/Blade Master job path.
    • Both characters are labeled as fencers.
    • Both possess a technique that involves striking the feet of the target, hampering their movement.
    • Both have a special that unleashes a shockwave that causes multiple hits.
    • Raven's Hyper Active and Edel's 4th skill share some similarities, most notably delivering a slash from above.
  • In Elsword there are two NPCs called Edel and Adel.
  • Uno's design and playstyle are similar to that of Elesis' Dark Knight/Crimson Avenger job path, while his Blood Dancer attacks are functionally and visually very similar to Raven's Veteran Commander technique Fatal Wound.
  • The Night Savers Guild was based on the Silver Cross Thieves.
  • Elsword and Aisha tend to quarrel with each other often as Elesis and Arme do. Lire/Rena is the one who breaks up the fight.
  • Jin's Burning Mode and Sieghart's Rage Mode was the base of Elsword's "Awakening Mode", where the characters engage a form that provides a colored aura and increases their attack power. Awakening Mode is achieved by obtaining up to three Awakening Beads, which is by hitting enemies and getting hit. The more beads, the more Awakening Mode lasts.
    • Chung's three Bead Awakening Mode and Ara's three Bead Awakening Mode alters their appearance similar to Rin's Goddess Mode.
      • Chung's three Bead Awakening is called Berserk Mode. Based on his class, he changes into his promotional clothes and wears a helmet, also his portrait and skill cut in have the helmet on.
        • Aisha's skill Magical Make Up changes her into the promotional clothes of her class similar to Chung's Berserk Mode.
      • Ara's three Bead Awakening is called Celestial Fox Mode. Eun (a nine-tailed fox spirit) lends her power to Ara so Ara becomes more fast and powerful and grows nine white fox tails, her eyes turn red, she has red marks on her face and her hair turns white.
        • Since in Celestial Fox Mode Ara uses Eun's powers, she lacks the awakening aura. Instead, she has Eun's aura which looks orange thunder aura.
          • In one of her classes, Ara uses Eun powers so her 1 bead and 2 beads Awakening gives her 3 tails and 6 tails respectively and has Eun's aura while Celestial Fox Mode features fox ears too.
    • Both Chung and Ara yell the skills' name while in Berserk and Celestial Fox Mode.
  • Elsword uses a Skill Tree to build up the character's abilities, which was later used by Grand Chase.
  • Grand Chase's Action Point System was based from Elsword, though Grand Chase uses five commands (A S D F G) instead of Elsword's usual four (A S D C).
    • Also, the Action Point users, Dio, Zero, and Ley, have their jobs "stack" just like in Elsword where they have access to all their skills from previous jobs and use the same weapon, instead of having four separate jobs.
    • After the introduction of Transcendence in Elsword, the number of commands was risen to also be five with the addition of the Transcendence slot (F).
  • Elsword Hyper Actives were based on Grand Chase's fourth MP bar specials, as both of the skills feature insane damage along with cool eye-blasting effects. The difference is that the Hyper Actives cost 300 MP, have 180 seconds of cooldown and require an item called El Essence to consume upon each application instead of the 130 MP and 45 seconds cooldown in Grand Chase.
  • Dark Nephilim was loosely based off of Dark Anmon. Both are demonic Nephilims with powerful dark magic, had attacked a kingdom, and are in some way related to gods.
  • Shadow Stinger is a name of a demonic enemy that uses its spikes on various parts of its body to attack.
  • The Ents found in The Whispering Woods provided a base for the Ents found in Elsword as they were corrupted and attacked travelers against their will, and when defeated, would go into hibernation.
    • The old Ents' designs found in Elsword used to bear a physical appearance similar to Treant. This, however, is no longer the case after a dungeon revamp.
  • Victor is a name of a demonic brute who also affected a certain place's water. He was also a pawn to a greater evil.
  • Demonic forces have invaded both game's settings through the use of Dimensional Portals. Though in Elsword, while they do cause ceaseless destruction, the demons have been known to take over kingdoms as opposed to outright destroying them.
  • The Dark Elven Rider's steed is very identical to the Cockatrigles.
  • Dahlia is based on the Elsword enemy Chloe. Both are recurring dark elves who had betrayed their own race and aided the demonic forces. Both are also exceptionally skilled in archery, physical combat, and strategic retreat, have used daggers and bows in combat, and have fought the heroes more than once with more than one form. They also summon a behemoth demon to attack a kingdom and the protagonists.
    • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, there's a character named Rose whose appearance is identical to Chloe's during the CBT phase.
      • However, Rose's design was entirely changed in the official release, although her background remained similar to Chloe.
  • Lanox's final boss, Scar, resembles Ashtaroth's first from in Kounat's Collapse, both sharing about the same height, both wielding sword and magic to attack, and both being final bosses of their respective continents.
    • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, a character named Belile bears a striking resemblance to Scar although their backgrounds seem to differ.
  • Demon Ashtaroth's appearance and attacks resemble King Nasod's.
  • Special Active abilities are identical; they delay/freeze the area around the character with a darkened background followed by an image of the character/class.
  • The Counterattack system functions similarly to Grand Chase; by holding down the attack (Z/X) buttons, the character will receive the attack as a knockdown, allowing them to perfectly escape the attack. This requires at least 100 MP or one bar.
  • Some status ailments are named similarly but work differently.
    • Freeze reduces the opponent's defense by a certain percentage while slowing their movement speed in contrast to freezing the opponent ice solid while reducing their HP.
    • Petrify will encase the opponent in solid rock while increasing their defense, although they can be attacked until the effect ends, where the enemy will continue what action they were doing or causing a knockdown in PvP, in contrast, to slowly petrifying the opponent before large damage is dished out.
    • Confusion works the same way; the left/right controls are reversed.
    • Burn works the same way; the character is on fire which reduces their HP, although in Elsword the opponent can become defeated with Burn.
    • Poison reduces the opponent's attack speed by a certain percentage while reducing their HP in contrast to reducing the opponent's movement and attack speed while reducing their HP.
    • Super Armor works the same way; the monsters/characters gain a red outline and is unable to be knocked down by any means necessary.
      • Like in Grand Chase, monsters throughout Elsword sometimes possesses an attack which gives them Super Armor for the duration of the attack.
    • Bleed works the same way; the enemy bleeds out which reduces their HP.
  • Like in Grand Chase, if the monster has a property, then it has increased vitality.
  • Underwater Combat is essentially the same, although oxygen nodes are replaced with air bubbles and attack, movement, and jump speed is greatly affected.
  • Previously, the difficulties in Grand Chase Chaos (Normal, Hard, and Very Hard) are the same as those in Elsword.
  • Voicing for "Fight" and "Win" is used in both games. In Elsword, it is also used in Dungeons as well.
  • The "DANGER" sign for when an enemy uses a special attack is used in both games. In Elsword, however, the voicing is not used, the word appears in red outlines rather than yellow letters, the word is placed in at the top middle of the screen rather than fully centered, it is not accompanied by a blue bar that spans the entire screen length, and the sign is accompanied by the name of the attack and how to dodge it. It is also used when encountering a mini-boss/boss.
  • The arcane circles in Frosland's and Trivia's dungeons are based off on Elsword's arcane triangles, which also block dungeon progression until all the monsters in the section of the room the player is in are cleared.
  • The manga-styled dialogue found in Asin's and Lime's Trial Forest introduction, Monster Train 301's introduction, and Kounat's Collapse's ending are similar to those of the Elsword character introductions.
  • Several soundtrack fragments in Grand Chase appear to be remixed and reused in Elsword's soundtracks.
  • The pet Archangel was taken straightforwardly from Elsword's Mount Ramiel.
  • Elsword's Raid Boss Perkisas bears a strong resemblance of Berkas, since both of them are two humongous fire dragons. However the former is fought in a method similar to Harkion's, as he has ??? HP bars in the stage, he just flies away after the battle, and players get a reward depending on how much damage they inflicted to Perkisas. Also, like Harkion, Perkisas has a total amount of HP points which is decreased for every party who challenges him.
  • Elesis's (Elsword) Dark Knight job path appears to be the inspiration of Elesis's Dark Executor coordi in Dimensional Chaser.






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