Eluna is the younger sister of Elena in the Violet Mage guild. The shy Magician seemed to lack confidence in herself until she fought alongside the Grand Chase against Kaze'aze.

She appeared in the game as a Quest NPC for the Ellia region.


There is nothing else known about Eluna other than being a member of the Violet Mage guild.


Although she doesn't appear in the story dialogues, Eluna interacts with the Grand Chase and, at times, to the players themselves in the mission board.

Partusay's Sea

Under the sea, Eluna meets the Grand Chase and introduces herself. She explains how she ended up in the area by following the dark mana and tells them to get out quickly before they incur the wrath of the ocean god Partusay.

Kamiki's Castle

As they arrive in an abandoned castle, Eluna and Lire felt how dark the energy that was enveloping the area thus the Grand Chase investigated.

Temple of Fire

Before passing through the temple, Eluna swears to take revenge on Kaze'aze and make her sister's dreams come true.

Hell Bridge

Alarmed by the opening of Hell Bridge, Eluna insists that the Grand Chase seal the pathway. As she suspected, a Lich was sent along the hellish forces to keep the group from going forward, warning them about his deadly power.

Kaze'aze's Castle

Kastulle Ruins Lower Floor

Eluna expressed her gratitude towards the Chase for helping her avenge Elena's death and that she became a bit braver after traveling with them. Later on, she has grown interested in the various artifacts from the old civilization of Kastulle and asked the group to collect them for her.

Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor

Battle for Bermesiah

Eluna caught herself mesmerized by the presence of the Black Fairy Queen as she thought their kind is beautiful.


  • Despite her supposedly shy demeanor, Eluna was shown to be fearless based on her dialogues in the game.
    • The fact that she went alone deep within the Partusay's Sea for a period of time and has no qualms about challenging Kaze'aze to avenge her sister suggests that Eluna is confident enough about her strength.
  • Oddly enough, Eluna only started mentioning her sister in the Temple of Fire and has no reaction whatsoever during the events that took place in Kamiki's Castle.




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