Emblem of the Elven Corps.

The Elven Corps (also known as Eryuell Corps) is a band of elves located in Eryuell Island.


The elves of Eryuell try to avoid becoming involved in human conflicts. However, the Kingdom War expanded across Bermesiah and a series of bizarre incidents occurred. The elves decided to end their isolation and start cooperating with humans. Working together, they discovered that Kaze'aze was responsible for the havoc that was wrecking the entire continent.

To return peace to Eryuell Island, the elves decided to continue investigating Kaze'aze and formed the Elven Corps to combat her evil schemes.

Known Members

Lire Eryuell

Main article: Lire

Lire Eryuell is currently the only known member of the Elven Corps. After being selected by the Queen of Serdin, the Archer left the Eryuell Island for the outside world and joined the Grand Chase on behalf of her race.


  • It is said that the archery skills of Myrielle Ariaden almost rivaled that of Lire. However, there was no mention of her being a part of the Elven Corps.



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