Eryuell Symbol

Emblem of the Elven Corps.

The Elven Corps (also known as Eryuell Corps) is a band of Elves that live together on an island named Eryuell.

During the five-year war between Serdin and Kanavan, the elves were forced to go under hiding. After the war, the elves decided to end the isolation and joined forces with the humans. Working together, they come to an agreement that their great enemy is Kaze'aze.

Known MembersEdit

Lire EryuellEdit

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Lire is an archer who joined the Grand Chase on behalf of her race. Not much information is revealed about her, but she seems to be cheerful like Arme. She does have a kind taste and appears to have identical traits to Arme (except for magic), such as having a relationship with spirits. Of course, she seems to be fearful of monsters, but when she became the Nova, she only greets her foes warmly.

Myrielle AriadenEdit


Concept art of Myrielle


Myrielle and Lire.

Myrielle is Lire's childhood friend. Unlike Lire, she was carefree and wild. Her antics often get the both of them into scapes and accidents, but her archery skills almost rivaled that of Lire. Myrielle had always wanted to leave Eryuell Island and see the rest of the world, but when the chance first goes to Lire, she tells her to "see the rest of the world for her".


  • Although Ryan is an elf from Bermesiah, he is neither a part of the Elven Corps nor an Eryuell Island resident.