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Enaruv Vi Serdin[1] is the Queen of Serdin in the present time.


Princess Enaruv was born on the same date and time as Princess Anyumena and Karina of the Erudon family. She met the two in an exchange training they participated together and all became close friends.

On their way back to Kanavan after the exchange training, they ran into Ashtaroth who had quickly disposed of the royal families that had traveled with them.


Years later, Princess Enaruv ascended the throne as Queen Serdin. However, Queen Kanavan would be possessed and used by Kaze'aze to wage war against her kingdom for five years.

The Queen nearly lost her life when the Kanavan swordsmen used the lightning war to attack the palace. With her wits and that of Grand Mage Serre, they moved the command into the Violet Mage guild. When Queen Kanavan was sent on the battlefield, Queen Serdin took advantage of the opportunity and placed an awakening spell on her.

After the Kingdom War, she had hoped Queen Kanavan would be able to catch Kaze'aze but was disappointed to learn that the plan had failed as her personality had been sealed perfectly. In desperation, the Queen would resort to her last best hope and formed a group comprised of brave souls from the kingdoms of Kanavan and Serdin known as the Grand Chase.


Sword Master Elesis

Acting on behalf of the Serdin Kingdom, Queen Serdin would bestow the title of Sword Master but not before passing several tests to which she claimed only Elesis was capable of completing.

Talin's Revenge

After the battle that took place in the lost kingdom of Kounat, Queen Serdin ordered the Grand Chase to return immediately. She wished to discuss the discovery of the new continent within the tears of the dimensions.





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