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For the upper armor accessory obtained in Thunder Hammer, see Eclipse.


The End of the World Eclipse refers to the saga or collection of events released by Level Up! Games Brazil that serve as supplementary to Archimedia's story, mainly around the events that occurred in the Relics of Kounat dungeon which are not shown and properly explained in the game.

The series centers on the catastrophic eclipse that signals the end of Aernas which assimilates the characters Duel and Rin into the plot. It also further tells the aftermath of the events when Mari awakened her Geas.


Part 1

Ancient prophecies say that one day an ancient evil would try to return to Aernas... a very powerful evil, which has only been defeated in the past thanks to one of the greatest sacrifices ever made by the Creator Goddesses. He would return the day a special eclipse took place in the skies of Aernas. During this eclipse, if the light were defeated, the sun would never shine again and darkness would have its ultimate victory: the destruction of the world!

Could it be that it is time for the end of the world in Grand Chase?


Duel: So it began...
Dark Acolyte: Yesss! It isss time for you to achieve your goalsss...
Duel: And you assure me that this way I will get what I want?
Dark Acolyte: Our massster hasss the power of a god... He jussst needs to be releasssed.
Duel: Then I'll take care of the young heroes...
Dark Acolyte: (Fool... Keh keh keh... all our massster will give you will be the end of Aernasss...)
Duel: (Disgusting insect... See how far your plans go, but if I see that they're going to get in my way, I'll help those kids and that girl myself... again...)

Part 2


On the Outskirts of Kounat, an ancient Wanderer stared up at the sky, watching the darkness slowly cover the sunlight. His pilgrimage in search of more power apparently could wait no longer. It was time to take action!

Zeroj.pngZero: Gran, what's up with the sun?
Grandark: It's called an eclipse, Zero. Hmm... Funny, I remember Oz even mentioned something about what happened during the eclipses in Aernas. Something about a maiden's sacrifice...
Zeroj.pngZero: ...
Grandark: But don't worry about it! I feel our enemy is very close! Maybe it's time for you to finally face Duel.
Zeroj.pngZero: You think I'm ready?
Grandark: Only one way to find out!
Zeroj.pngZero: But, Gran, what about this story about the sacrifice? Could it be that any of those girls we saw in the city of dwarves be in danger? What if it's that redhead who recognized the technique of...
Grandark: Blah! Blah! Blah! But is it the time you start talking like a parrot? It's time to act! Eclipse is so close, we've got to destroy it! Don't worry about that whole sacrifice thing. It's not like the end of the world is going to happen or anything, is it?

Little did Grandark know that this time he was SORELY mistaken...

Part 3

In the skies of Aernas, a strange and unexpected eclipse was taking place. The Grand Chase decided to split up the group to investigate the problem, as Mari still wanted to further investigate the Relics of Kounat, while other members decided to return to the continent of Bermesiah for more information. Lass, shaken by his recent encounter with the Nightmare Circus, decided to go back to Ellia alone. Had he made a mistake?

Ringmaster: Bwahahaha! Are you scared of the dark, Lass?
Lassj.pngLass: What? Where am I? Why is it so dark in the middle of the day? Ah yes, the eclipse...
Ringmaster: I'll finally have my revenge! It's time for the world to burn! I'll see you in the Underworld soon!
Lassj.pngLass: Zidler? Huh? The sky... is on fire? NO!

Lass woke up exhausted. The constant nightmares were starting to take their toll.

Lassj.pngLass: Huff... Huff... (calm down, Lass, take it easy...)
Kaze'aze: Don't worry, my dear... don't listen to the clown.
Lassj.pngLass: WHAT? YOU? You are n-not real... get out of my head!
Kaze'aze: Soon we'll be together again, dear. When "evil" returns and covers Aernas, I may return to your side and reign again. Smack!
Kaze'aze Lass: Grrrr... I... said... GET OUT... OF MY... HEAAAAAAD!!!
Kaze'aze: AHAHAHAHA! That's right, Lass! Help us perform the sacrifice! Head back to Kounat! Destroy the girl! AHAHAHAHAHA!
Kaze'aze Lass: NO! ARGH... I NEED... MYSELF... CON... trolargh...
Lassj.pngLass: N-no... Arf... Arf... Can't lose... control... it was all a dream... it was all... BY THE GODS! THE SKY...


Part 4


While Lass battled his inner demons in Ellia, a girl from another dimension finally approached the Kounat Border, looking for an old childhood friend. Unfortunately, she was not the only one looking for someone in that region...

Leyj.pngLey: Hmm... interesting... I can feel ancient traces of Elyos in this region. Does that blue light I saw coming from here a while ago have any relation to my world? If it was an explosion, is he okay?
Bastion Mary: Grrrr! Raur! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!
Leyj.pngLey: Hmm... what? What's all this noise? Jeeves, have you returned? Found any pis... huh? You're not Jeeves...
Dark Disciple: Ahum * Ahum * Iz it you? Ahum * Ahum * Look, brother... I think I found her...
Leyj.pngLey: ? ...Who are you, ugly? Bit your tongue or something?
Dark Acolyte: Surrrre this time, brother? Hadn't we agrrrreed that the girl with the Goddesses' essence is the heirrrress of Kounat who arrrroused Duel's interest? Isn't that why we were going afterrrr her?
Leyj.pngLey: Hey, there's one more scum? W-wait... Why? Why is that name familiar to me?
Dark Disciple: Ahum * Ahum * Don't you zenze it, brother? Look clozely... Ahum * Ahum *
Edna: Du-el? Y-you're planning something against him? What?
Dark Disciple: Ahum * Ahum * Zense it! There's another prey inzide her! Ahum * Ahum *
Dark Acolyte: And if you'rrrre wrrrrong?
Dark Disciple: Well... let'z kill her juzt in caze...
Leyj.pngLey: Oh huh, zit over there, Claudia... oops, I mean, sit down there! If you guys wanted to piss me off, you did it!
Dark Acolyte: Really? And what arrrre you going to do, little girrrrl?
Dark Acolyte: ARRRRRRGH!
Dark Disciple: NOOOOOOOO... MAZZZTER...
Leyj.pngLey: Humph... pathetic creatures...
Jeeves: Forgive me for the delay, milady. I encountered several of these creatures along the way and... traces of members of the demonic tribes. They seem... seem to be destroying everything in their path...
Leyj.pngLey: Dio?!
Jeeves: Young Dio does not appear to be involved in these attacks, milady, but I fear it has become too dangerous for us here. Wouldn't it be better if we look elsewhere?
Leyj.pngLey: NO! I-I... am sorry, Jeeves. But I feel like he came here... He could be in danger and... (...and Duel too?)
Jeeves: Milady? Are you all right?
Leyj.pngLey: I... I don't know, Jeeves... It seems the more the sun here hides, the more my heart tightens. As if something terrible is about to come up... I... think I'm scared, Jeeves... (Dio, be all right, please, you idiot!)

Suddenly, all forces begin to converge on Kounat. And now, which of the girls will be in danger?

Part 5


In the kingdom of Serdin, Commander Lothos had met with Arme, Lire, and Elesis to discuss the strange eclipse that covered Aernas' sun:

Knight Master: So, girls, what did you find out about this eclipse? It seems that because of it the monsters have gotten wilder, and pieces of the sky are falling!
Lirej.pngLire: Commander, it's terrible! According to the older elves of Eryuell's council, there are indeed reports about the legend of an eclipse that will bring the end of Aernas if not stopped!
Elesisj.pngElesis: Err... I didn't find anything... Damn it! How are they expecting us to stop an eclipse?
Armej.pngArme: Lire's right! Grandfather said there was a book about it in the Great Library of the Violet Mage Academy! He said that, according to ancient legends, there would be an eclipse that would not pass. And when the darkness has not given way to light, Aernas will be destroyed. But the book was stolen many years ago and no one remembers the details... What do we do? Sniff!
Lirej.pngLire: Calm down, Arme. Perhaps there's still a chance! The elves say that last time, the fourth Creator Goddess saved the world, but in doing so, she ended up losing her divinity and died. They also had a book with this story, but strangely enough, it also disappeared...
Armej.pngArme: Huh... fourth Goddess? There weren't three?
Elesisj.pngElesis: Ah, that's great! So we just need to kill a goddess to save the world! Perfect... And what are we gonna do? Take out Gaia?
Armej.pngArme: Noooooo! Poor thing, Elesis! You meanie! ç_ç
Elesisj.pngElesis: Oh, heavens... I was just being ironic, Arme! But seriously, girls, how are we going to save Aernas this time if it takes a Goddess' sacrifice?
Lirej.pngLire: I-I... do not know... I'm getting scared, guys.
Knight Master: Hmm... girls... Hadn't you told me that this new member of the group, Mari, absorbed the energy of a stone with divine powers? And that it left her with powers close to those of the gods?
Elesisj.pngElesis: You can stop there! If you're thinking of hurting any member of the Grand Chase, you're going to have to run over me first!
Lirej.pngLire: Elesis...
Armej.pngArme: Ah! o_o
Knight Master: Calm down, girls! Elesis, always heated up... didn't even wait for me to finish... I just think that if other people know anything about it, like Ashtaroth, Mari could be in danger. After all, if he wants to take over the world, he won't want to see it destroyed, right? And to save the world this time, he'd have to...
Elesisj.pngElesis: Grand Chase, we need to get back urgently to Kounat!
Lirej.pngLire: Huh... Elesis? I still think there's something wrong with this story. Legend has it that the fourth Goddess sacrificed herself to defeat evil. Not that she was sacrificed by someone else. If only we could find one of these books...
Amyj.pngAmy: Hmm... ladies. I defeated a weird priest earlier today, who looked like he had swallowed a frog and spoke very strangely, and he dropped what appeared to be a torn page out of a book...
Ronanj.pngRonan: And that's not all! It seems that these evil priests are all over the place!
Ryanj.pngRyan: Yes, I found them in the Elven Forest, and they seemed to be after some girl.
Elesisj.pngElesis: Guys! Well, we'll deal with that later! First, let's gather everyone together! Then we deal with the eclipse or whatever destruction or evil it is bringing! Onwards, Grand Chase!

The warriors of the Grand Chase then rushed to find their comrades. But the end is drawing nearer, and none of them had the power to defeat the darkness that now covered the world of Aernas... Will this truly be the end of our heroes?

Part 6


High in the rubble of an ancient tower in Kounat, a young girl watched the dark sky as huge flaming meteorites crashed into the earth on the horizon.

Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Mari! Finally found you! We've got to get out of here! The Relics of Kounat are not a safe place to be now that these meteors have started to fall.
Marij.pngMari: He is here... in Archimedia...
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: He? He who?
Marij.pngMari: Duel. He's been deceived. This will just bring the end of it all...
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Huh? Do you mean this is his fault? And where's the damn thing?! I'll finish him off if I have to!
Marij.pngMari: It's too late... The end is near. If only we could use the power of the fourth Creator Goddess...
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Fourth Goddess? But, Mari, there are only three Creator Goddesses: Ernasis, Lisnar, and Amenias!
Marij.pngMari: No. In Kounat there were always four Goddesses. There's also Agnesia...
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Who?
Marij.pngMari: Agnesia. The Goddess sacrificed herself and died to save Aernas. We need to find proof that she existed to find out where her seal is.
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Seal? What seal?
Marij.pngMari: The seal that can unleash an evil far greater than we've ever faced... The eclipse, the destruction of the world, this is all just to destroy the seal and free the darkness upon the world... forever.
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Don't worry, Mari. I know we'll save Aernas again!
Marij.pngMari: You do not understand. None of us can stop this eclipse. The only way... the only way is to find and protect the seal!
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Ok! So let's do it! Don't you have any idea where this seal is? (Damn, if only we had the Klara Libri it would be easy to find the answer...)
Marij.pngMari: The seal is here... in Archimedia. It's coming to Kounat...
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Huh... How is that possible? Unless... This evil is not sealed within one place... It... is evil sealed in a person?
Marij.pngMari: Look. They're on their way here too. Coming to destroy the seal. Coming for us to destroy.

Looking down to where Mari was pointing, Sieghart caught a glimpse of the shadows of hundreds of creatures moving across the plains and valleys of Kounat. Even without being able to make out their forms in the darkness, his vast experience in combat told him they were monsters. Demonic creatures ran toward the ruins where they were.

At this very moment, the last ray of sunlight went out and Aernas was covered in darkness. The only light now came from the flames of the large boulders destructively falling from the sky. Then, Sieghart thought he caught a glimpse of a small spot of light moving on the ground, leagues away from where they were. A small beam of light amid the darkness. But it was interrupted before he could see straight.

Dark Acolyte: I found... the girl with the divine essssence...
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: What? Back off, ugly!
Kaze'aze Lass: ...
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Huh? (Is that Lass back there?)

Suddenly, a great earthquake was felt throughout Archimedia as deep crevices opened on the surface of Aernas. Before anyone could react, what remained of the tower collapsed...

Marij.pngMari: AAHHH... SIEG!
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: MARIIIIII!!! ....ARGH!

The terrifying shock wave has spread across the rest of the world. The end is near...

Part 7


Darkness covered Aernas...

Somewhere near the Thunder Hammer...

Leyj.pngLey: What about this one now? Why is this eclipse taking so long to pass through? Usually, they last a few minutes at most, but this one looks like it's never going to end. I can't see much of anything...
Rufusj.pngRufus: Well, well... what do we have here? Yet another fugitive from the Underworld in Aernas?
Leyj.pngLey: Huh? Who? Fugitive? Do you know whom you're talking to? I'm heiress to the Crimson River clan!
Rufusj.pngRufus: Well... I really can't stand these fugitives from the demonic tribes. They think they're superior just because they've left Elyos.
Dioj.pngDio: Have I happened to hear about Elyos? Are there any more invaders around here, human?
Rufusj.pngRufus: Well, well... is there one more? Trying to get me from behind, aren't you? Glad I have an Eyetooth for each of you!
Dioj.pngDio: What? Grrrr.....
Leyj.pngLey: What? Is there someone else behind him? This voice... HEY YOU!
Dioj.pngDio: Huh? (This voice? Can't see whom he was talking to...) AAAAAHHHHHH!
Rufusj.pngRufus: Enough talk... ARGH!

At that very moment, a strong earthquake shook the region, opening a huge crater where the warriors were, taking Dio and Rufus into the abyss...

Leyj.pngLey: AHHH! What? What happened? Ahhh they... they're gone... Could it be... I couldn't get a good look... No... It shouldn't be him... (Please don't be him!)
Dark Acolyte: Found it! There's something ssssealed inside you! You musssst die!
Leyj.pngLey: Huh? AAAAAA!

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Hammer's Reach.

Jinj.pngJin: Found it! Lire was right, they are pieces of the scroll that tells the story of the fourth Goddess and the eclipse!
Amyj.pngAmy: So if we find them all, maybe we'll figure out how to save the world!
Ronanj.pngRonan: There is no... there is no salvation... ARF... ARF...
Armej.pngArme: Huh... Guys... Has anyone noticed something strange about Ronan?
Ryanj.pngRyan: No... no... Aernas is... UGH!
Lirej.pngLire: Oh no! Elesis! Ryan passed out! His connection with Nature is too strong because of his Druid training! He's being affected by this catastrophe!
Ronanj.pngRonan: ARGHHH!!!!
Armej.pngArme: AHHHH! Guys, guys! Ronan! What...
Amyj.pngAmy: Where did so many monsters come from? I can barely see, but there seem to be hundreds!
Jinj.pngJin: Amy, get back! Goddamn! What an unfit time to be attacked!
Amyj.pngAmy: You're right! Things couldn't be wooOOOOOHHHHrse...
Jinj.pngJin: AMY! AAAARGHH!

At that moment, the earthquake's shock wave struck everyone, devastating the battlefield and giving even more advantage to the monsters, who seemed not to care about the destruction around them or the comrades they lost in the disaster...

Meanwhile, east of the Relics of Kounat...

Rinj.pngRin: No... no... all dead... sniffs... sniffs... I can n-not believe... Gaon... destroyed... I wonder... is Kounat still far away? It's so... so dark... I feel so weak.
Rinj.pngRin: What? N-no, please...
Dark Disciple: Give it up, human... We've got you! Your time has come! Aernas' time has come... THIS IS THE END!

Part 8


Darkness fell upon the world of Aernas and all seemed to be lost. Would this be the end?

Dark Acolyte: Now, as darknesz covers the world, we muzt deztroy the veszel while it iz still weak...
Rinj.pngRin: What? No! After everything you've done...
Dark Acolyte: Finally, the great Evil will return and darknezz will reign forevermore!
Dark Disciple: Brother... there is something wrong...
Dark Rin: Damn you! It's all your fault! Gaon... All... MY FRIENDS... ALL DEAD! YOU WILL PAY! AAAAAAAAHHHHH!
Dark Disciple: AAAAARGH!!
Dark Acolyte: NOOOOOO!!! MAZTER, WHYYYYYYY.....?
Rinj.pngRin: W-what happened? What did I... do?
Black Flame: (Hu hu hu! That's right, kid... give yourself over to the dark side!)
Rinj.pngRin: What... I do not... not understand... Sniffs... Gaon...
Black Flame: (Yes... it's so hard, isn't it? They're all gone. They've all abandoned you! And now you're so full of hate, of sadness... it'll be so much easier if you just give up. Let ME take care of everything now. Let me get revenge on everyone for you! Just... give up...)
Rinj.pngRin: Huh? Everyone... abandoned me?
Black Flame: YES! Doesn't that make you furious?!
Black Flame: HA HA HA! Then hate me! In any case, victory will be mine!
Agnesia: (Rin, calm down.)
Rinj.pngRin: Huh? ARF... ARF...
Agnesia: (Yes. You have darkness within you, and this is a heavy burden. I understand it better than anyone else. But you also have the light within you. Because you have me!)
Rinj.pngRin: A... Agnesia? It's like I can feel her... I...
Agnesia: (Remember: even in the darkest of times, there will still be hope as long as there is the force of light in the world.)
Dark Acolyte: Yessss, massster... Y-you're not going to dessstroy ussss like you did our brotherssss, are you?
Agnesia: (Rin, feel it. The forces of light are still fighting, against all odds!)
Rinj.pngRin: Hunn...

On the outskirts of Hammer's Reach...

Lirej.pngLire: GUARDIAN ATTACK!!! Ryan, are you sure you're all right?
Ryanj.pngRyan: GRRRR! POWEEEER STRRIIIIKE! D-don't worry, Lire! I... hhg... I can handle it! I won't let down my friends right now! Thanks for healing me, Arme!
Armej.pngArme: You're welcome! METEOR!
Ronanj.pngRonan: Just wanted to understand... Huf... Huf... because you... RAH!... healed Ryan, but with me... NHG... you hit me in the head with the staff...
Armej.pngArme: I told you it was an accident because... because of the earthquake! RIGHT! Fight more and talk less! LIGHTNING BOOOLT! (I'm glad he got better too...)
Amyj.pngAmy: I told you I'm fine! I know to... TEARS OF THE GODDESS... take care of myself... TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT!
Dark Disciple: Aiiiii... gahhh...
Zeroj.pngZero: RAAAAA! Hey, Gran... GRAN X! Aren't they... RYAHH!... the young people we saw fighting in Thunder Hammer? RUH!
Grandark: They're... Behind you... Now! Better not... to the left... let them see you... two ahead... We don't have time to explain to them right now, but at least you saw they're okay.
Zeroj.pngZero: ORCHID!
Grandark: Where did so many monsters come from? Just when we were this close... ZERO, DESTROY ALL THESE MONSTERS!

Back to the east of the Relics of Kounat...

Rinj.pngRin: I... I can feel it! Somehow, Agnesia's teachings are right! I can carry the darkness within me, but I also have the light in my heart!
Black Flame: (Oh no...)
Rinj.pngRin: I WON'T GIVE UP! I'm sure as soon as I arrive in the great kingdom of Kounat, their wise King and the army of Rune Casters there will be able to help me!

And just like that, a large beam of light emerged from the darkness!

Will this be the end of Eclipse?



On the edge of a large crevice, near the Thunder Hammer...

Big Eye: Priii! Priiii priiiieeeee!!
Leyj.pngLey: What do you mean no sign of them? Sure you looked right down there, Big Eye?
Big Eye: Pri? ¬_¬
Leyj.pngLey: Hmm... really... what a question of mine. Thank you, sweetheart, you can go. Well, Jeeves, apparently we only have our "friend" left here.
Dark Acolyte: You'll never get me to ssssspeak, damn... GAH...
Jeeves: Show more respect when addressing milady, you filthy dog!
Leyj.pngLey: Jeeves, don't squeeze his neck so tight. Now, you scrawny one, just tell me what you did to those two before I lose my temper and feed you to Mary!
Dark Acolyte: COUGH... Ghn... I-I don't know what you are... COUGH... talking about... Pity... GAAAAAHHHH THE LIGHT!!!
Leyj.pngLey: Huh? He... did he disintegrate? Jeeves, what do you... AAAAHHH, IT'S SO BRIGHT!
Jeeves: Forgive me, milady. I think this light is what finished him. It's coming from that direction.
Leyj.pngLey: Oh... What a beautiful ray of light... Sniff...
Jeeves: Milady? Are you okay?
Leyj.pngLey: Huh? Oh yeah, Jeeves... just a speck in my eye. It's just that... it's just that all of a sudden, I feel like everything will be all right... HU HU HU! Let's go! Let's go back and find that idiot! (Hmm... but where did those two end up? If I find out he was Dio... oh he's going to pay me dearly! u_u )

Meanwhile, not far from there...

Dioj.pngDio: Hmmm? Ouuch! Ahh, my head! What? Where am I? I think... guess I hit my head? I remember falling and before... before... Damn! Shouldn't be important. (Huh? I feel a presence...) Who's there?!
Rufusj.pngRufus: (Fool, you're looking the wrong way. So easy to hide... But... Why did I save him? Am I getting soft? No, not that. Although I hate his race, he doesn't strike me a fugitive from the Underworld. Huh? What's this light all of a sudden?)
Dioj.pngDio: What flash of light is there on the horizon? Is it that girl from Kounat again? Well, I better go back and look for those kids. After all, I think I am now part of the Grand Chase too...
Rufusj.pngRufus: (He said... Grand Chase? Humph... it doesn't matter, I'm going to resume and also enjoy my hunting. I still have to find him and test his new strength...)

On the outskirts of Hammer's Reach...

Armej.pngArme: Elesis, you fool! POOF! POOF! They're not running away! POOF! That flash of light crumbled them all! Barely standing on your feet and you're still boasting?
Elesisj.pngElesis: Now... you... you... get off the ground before saying the others can't stand up! >_<
Lirej.pngLire: My goodness, you two drive me crazy!! ARF... ARF... Even when we win by a close call you guys won't stop fighting?!
Elesisj.pngElesis: That for a close call what? ARF... I still... I could still hold out at least two "close calls"!
Armej.pngArme: And me three! Hmm... as long as I could do magic, sit here where I am! AHAHAHAHAHA!
Elesisj.pngElesis: You idiot! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Lirej.pngLire: HIHIHIHIHIHI! You guys are hopeless! That's why I love you, girls!
Jinj.pngJin: They never change, don't they? Hehe...
Amyj.pngAmy: Hope not! Allow me to help! Loving You!
Ronanj.pngRonan: Hehe, me too! Kanavan's Blessing! Ahhh, I suddenly started to feel so good!
Amyj.pngAmy: Guys, what was that flash of light?
Ryanj.pngRyan: REVITALIZING TOTEM! I don't know, Amy, but I felt a lot better all of a sudden. I agree with Ronan, I'm feeling so happy...
Elesisj.pngElesis: Well, guys, let's get some rest and go after the others. It seems it was just a normal eclipse that coincided with an attack by monsters. We still have other issues to worry about, like Duel and Ashtaroth!
Ryanj.pngRyan: (No, Elesis... that wasn't a normal eclipse... But is the danger gone now? At least I'm feeling good already! ^_^ )
Amyj.pngAmy: Was that beam of light Mari's doing?

Meanwhile, in the Relics of Kounat...

Lassj.pngLass: Mari, are you all right?
Marij.pngMari: I... hmm... I am, Lass. Thanks to you. Thank you for saving me when it all came crashing down. Huh? But... What about Sieg? WHERE...
Lassj.pngLass: Don't worry, he's right there.
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Ghn...
Marij.pngMari: AH! SIEG! SIE... hmm, I mean... Sieg, are you all right?
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Aiii... apart from the headache and some scratches, yes. Hehe. You didn't think a simple little turret falling on us would stop Sieg here, did you?
Marij.pngMari: Why, you fool... Don't play around with these things! I... We care about you!
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Sorry. I guess if it wasn't for Lass here this time...
Lassj.pngLass: It was nothing. You'd do the same for me, wouldn't you? I was lucky to have seen that priest enter the tower and come after him.
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Yeah. For a moment you even scared me. In the dark, I thought that...
Marij.pngMari: Hehehe...
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Huh? Mari? You're... laughing?
Marij.pngMari: We can hope after all...
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: What are you...? Lass? Why are you smiling there like a fool too?
Lassj.pngLass: Look, Sieg... Isn't it a beautiful day? ^_^
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: Oh... The Eclipse... Huh? Mari? What?
Marij.pngMari: Shhh... Let me hold your hand just a little bit and enjoy a few minutes of this peace... The Eclipse has passed, but the world is still in danger.
Sieghartj.pngSieghart: ...
Marij.pngMari: Good to know Agnesia still protects us...
Lassj.pngLass: Who?

And in the center of the beam of light...

Dark Acolyte: AIEEEEEE!!!!!! GAHHHH...
Dark Disciple: NOOOOO... MAZTEEEEER... GAHH...
Black Flame: (Hu hu hu)
Rinj.pngRin: My... huh?
Black Flame: (You may... have won this time, Rin. But you're still weak... You are still alone... Sooner or later my servants will catch you off guard. And the next time the darkness returns, it will never leave Aernas again!)
Rinj.pngRin: You may come! I will be waiting! I'll get stronger and stronger! And once I find Kounat, I'll have the help of Aernas' most developed population! Evil will never stand a chance!
Black Flame: (Ahhh, you don't know it yet... Hu hu hu. There's no point in trying to escape, Rin. I'll ALWAYS be with you!)
Rinj.pngRin: I know. And as long as you're with me, the world will be safe! I've accepted my fate! I am... the new heroine of Aernas!

What about you? Are you ready to embrace this tragic fate alongside Rin?


  • In chronology, the Grand Chase did not immediately proceed to Zeruel Border and were about to be transported to Wizard's Labyrinth at this point of the story.
    • Mari also seemed to have disappeared once again sometime after the Eclipse as it is implied that she was not with the Grand Chase anymore shortly before the events that took place in Monster Train 301.
  • In chronology, it is implied that Nightmare Circus took place either before or after Relics of Kounat in the game.

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