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Recommended BP/TAP: 90,000

  • Clear with 0 hero deaths
  • Clear within 1 min 10 secs
  • Slay the Boss within 20 secs
  • Clear with 3 heroes or less
  • Deploy 3 Ranger Heroes

Back to Teroka...


"Please help! The enemy is suspiciously planning something."



Lassk.png Lass: I'm still weak. I need to get stronger.
???: Mm... Hey you!
Lassk.png Lass: Is there something wrong?
Kylek.png Kyle: Yes... I mean no, nothing's wrong... It's not a big deal, but... With the moon shining brightly...
Kylek.png Kyle: How about setting aside a time to discuss swords together...
Kylek.png Kyle: Ah, no... That's not it...
Kylek.png Kyle: I will allow you to give this sword saint counsel on his sword... No, wait not counsel...
Lassk.png Lass: Heh, are you asking me to teach you?
Kylek.png Kyle: Urk... That wasn't what I was trying to...
Lassk.png Lass: Unfortunately, our sword styles are very different.
Lassk.png Lass: Even if you were to learn from me, it would not benefit you at all.
Lassk.png Lass: Though if it was Elesis...
Kylek.png Kyle: Ele...sis?
???: Excuse me...
Cindyk.png Cindy: There's an emergency...

Lassk.png Lass: What's wrong?
Kiwi: We have a guest from Teroka.
Ronank.png Ronan: Now that everyone is here, you can start.
Ronank.png Ronan: Please explain what is going on.
Armek.png Arme: The citizens are still inside Teroka...
Ryank.png Ryan: Damn... Because we escaped...
Ronank.png Ronan: We must quickly go and save them!
Ronank.png Ronan: Even at this moment, there must be people suffering.
Swordsman: Though rescuing them is necessary...
Swordsman: It seems that the demons are working on something massive.
Grandielk.png Grandiel: Something massive... What could you possibly mean?
Swordsman: I don't really know the details...
Swordsman: However since a few days ago, they seem to have been calling upon mysterious beings and preparing for some kind large scale ritual.
Swordsman: Once I realized what was happening, I knew that I had to tell someone and risked my life to escape.
Kiwi: If they're doing a large scale ritual that most likely means that they're trying to use the avatar's powers!
Ronank.png Ronan: But a long time has passed since we retreated from Teroka.
Ronank.png Ronan: Why now...?
Grandielk.png Grandiel: They may have ran into difficulties in trying to extract the power.
Grandielk.png Grandiel: If they had already used the power then they would have either left Kricktria or destroyed it...
Grandielk.png Grandiel: Or some sort of incident would have happened.
Armek.png Arme: Then that means, they haven't extracted the avatar's powers just yet!
Ryank.png Ryan: Okay! We still have a chance.
Kylek.png Kyle: Alright then! Since we've become strong enough, we can take down Decanee.
Apple: No that's not possible. You guys are still not strong...
Lassk.png Lass: I'm going to go.
Lassk.png Lass: It will be completely over when Decanee extracts the avatar's power.
Lassk.png Lass: Either way, if we don't do it now, we'll never have another chance.
Lassk.png Lass: If that's the case then, we don't have a choice. I'm going to go.
Armek.png Arme: Lass...
Ronank.png Ronan: I see. There is no other way.
Kylek.png Kyle: Okay then. Let's go to Teroka!

Snow-Covered City


"In order to enter the enemy's castle, the city needs to be cleared once more. Be wary of the Catapults..."


Cindyk.png Cindy: I know I thought the weather was cold, but for it to be snowing...
Grandielk.png Grandiel: This was not created by natural means.
Grandielk.png Grandiel: It means that the prana in this area was polluted when the avatars of god became corrupted.
Grandielk.png Grandiel: New life will no longer be able to grow here for the time being.
Grandielk.png Grandiel: If we just leave it like this then all of Kricktria...
Kylek.png Kyle: Who says we're going to leave it like this?
Kylek.png Kyle: This time for sure we'll defeat Decanee!
Kiwi: Though that ambition of yours is great, we must deal with these guys first.
Apple: Be careful of the catapults as you fight!

Rosek.png Rose: Finally the time for revenge is here.
Cindyk.png Cindy: You... You're the one from the mines...
Kylek.png Kyle: Weren't you the one that was severly beaten by us?
Rosek.png Rose: How dare you...
Kylek.png Kyle: I thought you were important because Decanee herself came to save you, but...
Kylek.png Kyle: Seeing as how you're appearing at the begging, you must just be some simple small fry.
Rosek.png Rose: Though the thought of saving you never crossed my mind, but...
Rosek.png Rose: I'll make you beg for me to kill you.

Captainboark.png Captain Boar: Don't take one step further!
Armek.png Arme: Be careful! The catapult troops are behind them!

The Observer


"Hehe. I knew you'd be back."



A Tip you must know while playing!

Goblin Catapult

There are goblin catapults inside the dungeon. They have a very long range with high damage, so you must be careful.


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