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The Opposition Strikes Back


"There are still thousands of imprisoned people in the Purgatory who are opposed to Heitaros. Rescuing them will be a huge blow to the Heitaros' army."


Veigask.png Veigas: Anti-Heitaros Alliance?
Diok.png Dio: Yes. The strength of the New Hardliners led by Heitaros is too strong.
Diok.png Dio: Now the old Hardliners and Moderates have no choice but to join forces.
Veigask.png Veigas: Haha! Now that's a funny idea!
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: You brat...
Veigask.png Veigas: I'm sick of being with you guys, almost as much as how sick I am of Heitaros.
Veigask.png Veigas: I want to twist your head off, like right now.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: I should not have rescued this brat.
Diok.png Dio: What can you do when the power is sealed?
Veigask.png Veigas: Augh...
Diok.png Dio: Plus, many of your men have already been purged.
Diok.png Dio: If you want, you can fight Heitaros alone and die like a dog.
Diok.png Dio: Of course I'm betting you won't be able to get out of here. Ever.
Veigask.png Veigas: ......
Diok.png Dio: But, I do not think that you are that stupid.
Veigask.png Veigas: Damn it...
Veigask.png Veigas: Alright then! I will cooperate until I regain my strength.
Veigask.png Veigas: But once we've dealt with Heitaros, it's going to be your turn.
Diok.png Dio: Try it if you can..
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: I have a bad feeling about this.

Diok.png Dio: There are still many people here who can be our strength.
Diok.png Dio: We can't sneak out of here together with all of them.
Diok.png Dio: Let's break them all out and start a revolt in this prison.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Great, it's just getting better and better. I am sick of you two demons already!
Veigask.png Veigas: I am willing to help you, how about I help you die?
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Ha! Try as you wish.
Diok.png Dio: Both of you should stop talking about such useless things!
Diok.png Dio: It seems like they are not ordinary guards, but Heitaros' armies. We must be careful.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Do not give orders as if you were a captain, you disgust me!

???: Hey!
Randy: I've been watching you from here, you guys smash and destroy everything in your way.
Veigask.png Veigas: What are you?
Randy: Me? I am a bounty hunter for the prison.
Diok.png Dio: What is a bounty hunter like you doing locked up in prison?
Randy: Are you asking a prisoner to confess his crime? You truly don't want a pleasant answer, do you?
Randy: If you continue to smash around like this, the safety device of purgatory will be activated soon.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Safety device?
Randy: It is a device that grants a reinforcement spell upon the prison guards.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Reinforcement spell... sounds.... annoying...
Randy: Well, if you release me, I'll stop them from activating.
Randy: And I may be able to steal one of them.
Diok.png Dio: I was going to release all the prisoners anyway.
Diok.png Dio: There's no reason to not release bounty hunters.
Randy: Alrighty then! I shall give you a gift as a token of my gratitude!

Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Is that...?
Randy: These are the reinforcement spells that will be used on the guards.
Randy: You can only take one, so think twice and choose wisely.
Randy: Make it quick, you won't get any of them if you're too late!

Randy: So, let's start over.

Limek.png Lime: If you all have faith, hope will surely come.
Limek.png Lime: Justice must win by the power of the Goddess.
???: Yes, we can do it!
???: The Goddess..
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: What is she doing here?
Diok.png Dio: Uh..., Prideful demons seek salvation from the Goddess...
Limek.png Lime: Oh! Sieghart!
Limek.png Lime: Everyone!! Finally an emissary of salvation has arrived!
Limek.png Lime: He is one of the Grand Chase seniors that I have mentioned.
???: Our Savior is..
???: Thank you, Goddess.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Why the heck are you being held captive here?
Limek.png Lime: Ah... I arrived here in this Demon World, alone, from the Dimensional Chasm and...
Limek.png Lime: I tried to spread the grace of the Goddess while waiting for the others.
Limek.png Lime: They said these are illegal religious activities or something... Yeah...
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Typical...
Veigask.png Veigas: Are we in a circus? We have a bounty hunter, and now a Goddess...
Veigask.png Veigas: I'm already looking forward to what's coming next.
Limek.png Lime: No way, are you?
Limek.png Lime: Senior... What's going on?
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Ah... I feel lazy to explain...
Limek.png Lime: You're kidding...
Limek.png Lime: Even this villain is impressed by you!
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Ah... not that...
Veigask.png Veigas: Yeah, this is getting crazy.
Diok.png Dio: We don't have the luxury of time. Let's move on to the next.

Tekarion: Rebellion? That's quite unexpected.
Beholder of Oblivion: That's right. Intruders from the outside are letting the prisoners free.
Tekarion: Then, why not just clean them all out?
Beholder of Oblivion: We- well.. It's... as more time passes, more prisoners are being released free...
Tekarion: I think we should set the Fire Dragon cannons at the top of the Purgatory.
Tekarion: Well... We could just wipe them all out here.
Tekarion: Please don't, it is too narrow here and you might destroy everything.
Tekarion: What a shame. It would have been nice to get a taste of blood again.
Limek.png Lime: Why is he talking to himself?
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Rather, look, is he...
Diok.png Dio: Yeah. I can feel tremendous power from him. I see.
Veigask.png Veigas: Of course, he's the master of the purgatory.
Diok.png Dio: Are you talking about Tekarion?
Veigask.png Veigas: Yes. One of the Spirit Lords, the Dragon of Fire and Ice, Tekarion.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Dragon? Like Innadril, the Spirit Lord of the Storm?
Veigask.png Veigas: What? You're telling me that you didn't know that the Spirit Lords are dragons?
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Y- yes! Of course I knew that.
Limek.png Lime: Yes! Of course! 600 years worth of wisdom!
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Ugh... you should not talk about...
Diok.png Dio: Huh? Are you only 600 years old?
Veigask.png Veigas: 600 years, are we talking about a time for nap?
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Shut up! Age doesn't matter!
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: But why is the Spirit Lord possessing the prison of the demon world?
Veigask.png Veigas: Originally this is the boundary between the spirit world and the demon world.
Veigask.png Veigas: There were owners on both sides...
Veigask.png Veigas: 10,000 years ago, Duel killed the demon master in this place.
Veigask.png Veigas: Since then, Tekarion is the only one remaining here.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Duel...

Vegak.png Vega: Ah... My Altair-ing. You are awesome today as well.
Vegak.png Vega: Seems it was a great shooting session.
Altairk.png Altair: Ah... it's too chilly and there is nothing to do here.
Altairk.png Altair: At first, it was good cause it seemed a prison-concept shooting session.
Altairk.png Altair: I wish I could go back soon.
Vegak.png Vega: No, no way...
Limek.png Lime: Oh?! Over there! I found the weird people!
Vegak.png Vega: What? You guys...
Vegak.png Vega: I don't care who you are, just do not disturb me and my Altair-ing's precious time!
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Oh, well, I appreciate you setting me free.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Then should I tell you to have a wonderful time...
Altairk.png Altair: Oh! That's Veigas!
Veigask.png Veigas: What? You guys are the men working for Heitaros!
Veigask.png Veigas: Good. I'll throw your heads in front of Heitaros!
Altairk.png Altair: Magical! Miracle! Guilty Seven Pink of Lust! Altair!
Vegak.png Vega: Guilty Seven Blue of Jealousy, Vega!
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: What are you guys doing all of a sudden?
Altairk.png Altair: It's a shout for when you encounter enemies, it's a rule!
Altairk.png Altair: I do not know how you managed to escape, but I will not be defeated against a person who is sealed and can not use his strength!
Veigask.png Veigas: Even if I am sealed, it is a piece of cake to deal with insects such as you guys.
Vegak.png Vega: How are you saying such harsh words against my Altair-ing...
Vegak.png Vega: I will have no mercy on you!

The Shape of Human


"Trip to Purgatory."




A Tip you must know while playing!


Select one out of 4 buffs. The selected buff will be applied to the heroes during the next section. All unselected buff will be applied to the Enemies.

Beholder of Oblivion

The Beholder of Oblivion has high Magic Defense and attacks through a summon. Try to defeat the Beholder directly instead of struggling with a summon.


  • Spirit Lord (정령왕) is the recurring term used to describe beings such as Tekarion and Innadril. However, the translation uses two different terminologies, 'Lord of the Spirit' and 'Spirit King'. For consistency, 'Spirit Lord' is preferred by this Wiki.


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