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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Clear with 0 hero deaths
  • Clear with 3 or less party members
  • Slay the boss within 3 min
  • Use less than 40 Hero skills
  • Clear Dungeon without a Tank

Shadow Swordsman


"No matter how this seems, I can't think of any reason to be defeated?"


Diok.png Dio: Is this the way to the top?
Randy: Yes! We came to the right place at the right time. And here comes my customer as well.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Customer?
Pino: I'm glad you look good today.
Veigask.png Veigas: Gahh... You foolish...
Pino: So... Randy... Good job!
Pino: Please talk to the military for your bill, they will take care of it in no time.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Customer, so... from the beginning...
Veigask.png Veigas: I had never dared to imagine that there would be a man who would cheat on me like this.
Randy: Oh, I didn't know I could do that too!
Randy: I thought someone would suspect me somehow...
Randy: Well, then...
Randy: Mr. Pino, our contract ends here.
Randy: I now have a new contract.
Pino: I can't help it. That's what mercenary work is.
Pino: I will kill you with as little pain as possible, if we both meet in a fight.
Randy: Well, thanks for your kind consideration.
Pino: So, shall we begin our discussion?

Shadow Swordsman


"That guy, who is blocking the way to the upper Purgatory. Don't tell me he is..."


Pino: I hope you will challenge me all at once.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: What a brat.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: You're going to deal with all of us, alone?
Diok.png Dio: This is not self confidence, it's arrogance!
Pino: One of the Four Mighty Demon Kings! Who can barely use his sealed powers.
Pino: The head of the Moderates, who honestly just inherited his daddy's position.
Pino: And two humans, who I don't even know!
Pino: I can't think of any scenario in which I can be defeated.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: You must be off your rocker.
Diok.png Dio: I cannot forgive you for being rude.
Veigask.png Veigas: I will make you beg me to end your life!
Limek.png Lime: You guys are unleashing your fighting spirit!
Limek.png Lime: I will take my part as well!
Pino: So, shall we get started?

Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Damn it... It's disturbing! Move!! You!
Diok.png Dio: You are in my way!
Diok.png Dio: Would you mind backing off?
Veigask.png Veigas: You both keep annoying me.
Veigask.png Veigas: If you keep doing this, I will throw out everything you love, you know!
Limek.png Lime: Ahh... What should I do...
Pino: People who do not have enough skill are not entitled to be among us!
Pino: I am going to land the next attack.

Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Good! This time I will take care of the left side.
Diok.png Dio: That leaves me with the right side!
Veigask.png Veigas: Leave the center empty for me!
Limek.png Lime: It seems to be working now!
Pino: ......
Pino: You seem better than what I've thought of.
Pino: But you are not even close still!

Small Victory


"What a bluff..."





Veigask.png Veigas: Alright then! I might cut your head off next time!
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: This time I will take the right side.
Pino: ......
Pino: Huhu..
Pino: If you keep doing this, I will have no choice but to run away.
Veigask.png Veigas: Run away... Leave your head here.
Pino: I will see you again when I have a chance.
Pino: Then...
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: What a bluff...
Veigask.png Veigas: He did not show off all of his power.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: What?
Veigask.png Veigas: Maybe he just tried to test us.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Hmph! What a douche bag!
Limek.png Lime: It was an honor... to be able to join you in your wonderful battle.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Oh, well, yeah...
Diok.png Dio: Now there is no interference, so let's go upstairs.

A Tip you must know while playing!

Fatal wound

Pino's Charging causes Fatal Wound, which deals physical damage per second. The more it stacks, the higher the damage will be.

Pino's Shadow

Pino materializes his shadow. Dealing Damage or Remove Summons skills can defeat the shadow.


(On Normal Mode and Challenge Mode only)
Pino disappears for a moment. He targets one hero, stop the hero from using the skills and deals fatal damage. Set your invincible skills ready.


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