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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Clear within 4 min
  • Use Party Skills 0 times
  • Clear with 0 hero deaths
  • Clear with 3 or less party members
  • Place 2 Ranger Hero

Stop the Bombardment


"The enemies are blocking the way to the upper part of the Purgatory. There is no other way. Let's head to the top while dodging bombardment!"


Altairk.png Altair: Magical! Miracle! Guilty Seven Pink of Lust! Altair!
Vegak.png Vega: Idol Group Guilty Seven, Blue of Jealousy, Vega!
Altairk.png Altair: Uhhhh! They even came here!
Altairk.png Altair: But the Devil of Love should not be defeated by this!
Vegak.png Vega: Ha... My Altair-ing, that looks so cool!
Altairk.png Altair: Stop it! Call the bombardment support!
Vegak.png Vega: Do not worry. Soon they will be here! Do not worry.
Veigask.png Veigas: Well, I will not fail this time!

Altairk.png Altair: You will pay for this, I promise!
Vegak.png Vega: Wait for me, Altair-ing!
Veigask.png Veigas: Running away twice? What a joke.
Veigask.png Veigas: I'll tear them apart next time!

The Master of Purgatory


"Well well... The mighty ones are here."


Tekarion: Well well... The mighty ones are here.
Tekarion: It is my honor to see the two of you, the heads of the Moderates and Hardliners here.
Diok.png Dio: You were originally contracted by the Demon Congress.
Diok.png Dio: Why did you betray the Demon Congress and take Heitaros' side?
Tekarion: Did I betray the congress? Are you sure? Because the Demon Congress is now taken over by Heitaros!
Tekarion: Strictly speaking, aren't you the opposition of the Congress?
Veigask.png Veigas: I did not think conversation would work anyway.
Veigask.png Veigas: Let's bring it on!
Tekarion: I was hoping for that too. Let it begin.

A Tip you must know while playing!

Fire Support

Watch out pouring Fire Support during battle.

Take control of the heights

Break through Enemies and destroy Fire Dragon Cannon to proceed to the next area.


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