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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Clear with 0 hero deaths
  • Use Party Skills 0 times
  • Slay the boss within 3 min 30 sec
  • Use less than 80 Hero skills
  • Place 2 Mage Hero

The Master of the Purgatory


"Here comes the Master of the Purgatory. Stay focused. He is one of the Spirit Lords from the Spirit World."


Tekarion: I will give you a comfortable solitary confinement room.
Tekarion: You will never be able to escape.

True form of Tekarion


"No choice left but to show you my true form...!"


Tekarion: You are better than I thought.
Tekarion: No choice left but to show you my true form...!



A Tip you must know while playing!


Fire does not get along well with Ice. The two same attributes appearing at the same time will bring crisis, but the two different attributes will give you an opportunity.

Domination of Fire

Fire engulfs the whole area. The fire dragon knight becomes stronger as well as Tekarion's attack. Players will receive 2% more damage each second.

Domination of Ice

Ice engulfs the whole area. The ice dragon knight becomes stronger and Tekarion's movement and attack speed will increase. Player's movement/attack speed will decrease by 2% each second.


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Act 14.1: Demon World Welcome Party | Act 14.2: Unexpected Reunion | Act 14.3: Take over the Power Supply! | Act 14.4: Pitch-Black Station | Act 14.5: Station Escape | Act 14.6: The Escape | Act 14.7: Outer Station | Act 14.8: How the Gate Works | Act 14.9: Power Supply Returns
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Act 15.1: Betrayers of the Mansion | Act 15.2: To Father's Room | Act 15.3: Betrayer's Identity | Act 15.4: Dark Mansion | Act 15.5: The World of Politics | Act 15.6: Sloth of Yellow Appears | Act 15.7: The Crimson River Bridge | Act 15.8: Bridge Battle | Act 15.9: At Dawn
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Epilogue 4.1: The Labyrinth of the Purgatory | Epilogue 4.2: The Opposition Strikes Back | Epilogue 4.3: Into The Fire | Epilogue 4.4: Shadow Swordsman | Epilogue 4.5: Stop the Bombardment | Epilogue 4.6: The Master of the Purgatory | Epilogue 4.7: Between Calm and Passion
Kounat Burning Canyon
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