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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Use Hero Skill 50 times or less
  • Defeat the Boss within 4 min(s)
  • Use Party Skills 0 times
  • Clear with 0 hero deaths
  • Deploy 2 Mage Heroes

Underworld Ambassador Lord Gui Lang


"Not all Haros are same."




Kavk.png Karp: Wilde?
Kavk.png Karp: Oh oh!
Kavk.png Karp: The group that got kicked out to the wilderness because there was no use for them in the underworld?
Lord Gui Lang: Yes, they're the lower classes.
Lord Gui Lang: They can only bring back souls that have run away.
Lord Gui Lang: Or sometimes they get a request from a collector and take the life away?
Kavk.png Karp: Are all bounty hunters from the wilderness?
Lord Gui Lang: Yes, they're called hunters but they don't really hunt.
Lord Gui Lang: Thanks to the demons who are destroying the material world...
Lord Gui Lang: Do you see all these dead people everywhere?
Lord Gui Lang: It's not called hunting but rather sweeping.
Kavk.png Karp: Hahaha. We've been helping them without realizing it.
Lord Gui Lang: Yes, so the underworld is in a peaceful reign because of overflowing number of souls.
Lord Gui Lang: This is all thanks to the Demon God, Heitaros.
Kavk.png Karp: As an ally, I'm happy to help.
Hydek.png Hyde: Ambassador, there's a problem!
Lord Gui Lang: Hm? What's wrong? Can't you see that I'm in the middle of a conversation?
Hydek.png Hyde: Uh, um... a problem has come up...

Underworld Ambassador


"Pro-Heitaros group? Does Heitaros have a friendly power in the underworld?"


Kavk.png Karp: Who is this?
Kavk.png Karp: Hahaha, this body is full of luck.
Kavk.png Karp: The prey I was going to hunt after I take the ambassador to the underworld...
Kavk.png Karp: Is right in front of me?
Lord Gui Lang: Do you know them?
Kavk.png Karp: They've been causing trouble after they entered the demon world recently.
Kavk.png Karp: Hehehe, I guess they were going to cause trouble in the underworld.
Veigask.png Veigas: What's that arrogant rookie saying?
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Well, from what he's saying, he looks like an agent of Heitaros?
Kavk.png Karp: A, agent? So arrogant!
Kavk.png Karp: I'm Demon World's authoritative noble Karp Dryfield!
Veigask.png Veigas: Dryfield?
Veigask.png Veigas: Oh, the red head from the north... are you the son?
Veigask.png Veigas: Then you can't say that you don't recognize me as a demon of the hardliners.
Kavk.png Karp: Hm, hm...
Lord Gui Lang: I will offer my hospitality.
Kavk.png Karp: No, ambassador. They're my prey.
Lord Gui Lang: No. Don't say that.
Lord Gui Lang: From the moment that the train left, it's the territory of the underworld.
Lord Gui Lang: Karp, you can just sit still.
Lord Gui Lang: I, Lord Gui Lang the ambassador of underworld, will take care of it.
Lord Gui Lang: Please think of it as a small present to Heitaros.

Lord Gui Lang: No, no way...
Lord Gui Lang: I... Lord Gui Lang, will never... forget this grudge even after I die...!
Limek.png Lime: Can't believe I'm hearing death grudge from a citizen of the underworld...
Amyk.png Amy: Isn't it very uncomfortable?
Jink.png Jin: He's not just a citizen of the underworld.
Jink.png Jin: Underworld ambassador...? Doesn't that mean he's high ranked in the underworld?
Lirek.png Lire: I guess there is a conspiracy with Heitaros in the underworld.
Ryank.png Ryan: A conspiracy with a guy who's trying to invade their land...
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: There are people who only want their gain even if the world comes to an end.
Lassk.png Lass: Let's not jump to conclusions.
Lassk.png Lass: If we find Rufus... we'll be able to find out more information.

Shameless Villains


"Atrocious creatures!"


Kavk.png Karp: Harming the ambassador... you atrocious creatures!
Kavk.png Karp: So shameless and wicked!
Limek.png Lime: Sh, shameless... wicked...
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: The words came out of a demon's mouth, right?
Kavk.png Karp: If you wish, I will say it as much as you want. You guys are evil!
Kavk.png Karp: You guys are the root of evil that block the great work of the demon world.
Kavk.png Karp: I will punish all of you when my soldiers arrive!
Leyk.png Ley: When your soldiers come? But you're alone right now?
Kavk.png Karp: Oh no! Le, Ley?
Leyk.png Ley: Oh? You know me?
Leyk.png Ley: Did you say Dryfield a while ago?
Kavk.png Karp: Of course I know you.
Kavk.png Karp: I've never forgotten that moment of humiliation!
Kavk.png Karp: Always... always... waiting for the moment of revenge...
Armek.png Arme: This pattern... again?
Leyk.png Ley: Hmmm. Dryfield... Where have I heard it before?
Kavk.png Karp: Hmph! Don't, don't know!?
Leyk.png Ley: Well, I'm sure it wasn't a big deal!
Kavk.png Karp: No, no way!
Jink.png Jin: Huh? What's happening?
Amyk.png Amy: The train is stopping.
Kavk.png Karp: Whew. Looks like we arrived at a stopover.
Armek.png Arme: Stopover?
Kavk.png Karp: That's right. The underworld train that goes around the life world has a circular railway.
Kavk.png Karp: You have to transfer at a stopover to enter the underworld.
Kavk.png Karp: You guys are on the underworld train without knowing that?
Kavk.png Karp: You have no plans!
Leyk.png Ley: How should we know when we've never died before?
Kavk.png Karp: That's good.
Kavk.png Karp: My soldiers will come since the train stopped.
Kavk.png Karp: Then the battle between this body and you guys will finally begin...
Ryank.png Ryan: Look out the window! There's Rufus!
Armek.png Arme: Indeed! Kyle and Cindy are there too!
Ronank.png Ronan: Let's hurry. Looks like they're going to get on a different train.
Kavk.png Karp: H, hey! Are you ignoring me!?
Kavk.png Karp: Keuk. It's my first getting humiliated, no it's been a long time!
Kavk.png Karp: It's payback time.
Kavk.png Karp: Guilty Seven! Go!!

A Tip you must know while playing!

Power of Underworld

Lord Gui Lang receives less damage through Power of Underworld. Attack using clones.

Pain of Soul

Lord Gui Lang and his clones deal damage to nearby enemies over time. Subdue them by using long distance range attack.

Dark Wave

When Lord Gui Lang brings darkness, clones chase after an ally from the party. Also, every time there's darkness, Underworld Touch stacks up and reduces allies' recovery rate.



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