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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Clear with 3 heroes or less
  • Use Party Skills 0 times
  • Deploy 2 Assault Heroes
  • Clear within 4 min(s)
  • Clear with 0 hero deaths

Stop the Train!


"We're going to end up in the underworld like this. There is no other choice. We have to stop the train."


Hard Rock: Hey! Work faster!
Hard Rock: Burn coal! Coal!
Hard Rock: Can't you see that the heating furnace is starving?
Hard Rock: I will feed the slowest person to the heating furnace instead of coal!
Hard Rock: Kehehehehe. Work faster, work!
Mechanic Worker: Relocating the fastest route.
Mechanic Worker: An obstacle in the fastest route, an obstacle.
Hard Rock: Obstacle? Punks! Are you saying I'm an obstacle!
Mechanic Worker: Locating a detour route.
Hard Rock: Tsk tsk. There's no fun in bossing around machines.
Hard Rock: It will be more fun with soul servants.
Marik.png Mari: Using manpower to move an electrically powered machine...
Marik.png Mari: That's very unscientific.
Hard Rock: Who are you guys?
Hard Rock: How dare you come into the engine room without a permission from the chief!
Elesisk.png Elesis: I'm sorry but you're gonna have to stop this train.
Hard Rock: What?
Hard Rock: Kehehehe.
Hard Rock: Sorry but this train never stops...
Hard Rock: or slows down until it arrives at the last stop!
Elesisk.png Elesis: Yea, I knew you wouldn't stop it without making us use force.
Lassk.png Lass: We'll stop it ourselves.
Hard Rock: Why don't you try if you can?
Hard Rock: I will make you guys into workers that burn coal to the heating furnace!

Ryank.png Ryan: Now, is the train going to stop?
Jink.png Jin: Ahhhhh! I feel like it's going faster.
Lassk.png Lass: Damn it... is it too late?
Marik.png Mari: I will take a look at it.
Elesisk.png Elesis: Okay. Please try your best.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: We can only trust Mari here.

Contract Terminated


"This too will become an element to our conflict."


Randy: Since it's noisy outside...
Randy: I think you got caught?
Rufusk.png Rufus: ......
Randy: You are late and only brought one?
Randy: Isn't it such a disappointment?
Rufusk.png Rufus: Shouldn't you be thankful that I even brought one?
Rufusk.png Rufus: Should I release him as well?
Randy: Hey? Why are you including feelings into the request?
Randy: Shall I see the condition of this thing?
Kylek.png Kyle: Don't treat me like an object!
Randy: Hahaha. He has a good spirit.
Kylek.png Kyle: Why did you want me and Cindy?
Randy: Are you curious? You would know in a while even if you don't want to know.
Kylek.png Kyle: Augh...
Rufusk.png Rufus: Stop wasting time.
Rufusk.png Rufus: I'm pretty sure his condition is not that important?
Rufusk.png Rufus: Doesn't 『his』 existence make it meaningful?
Randy: Hehehe, Rufus! You have good eyes?
Randy: You caught on.
Rufusk.png Rufus: It wasn't hard to notice because it's such a unique case.
Randy: If you knew that he's rare, then why didn't you treat him preciously?
Randy: You work rougher than I thought?
Rufusk.png Rufus: It doesn't matter if you don't like it.
Rufusk.png Rufus: I don't care if I have to give you a penalty fee or cancel the contract.
Rufusk.png Rufus: I can just find another person who would buy this...
Randy: Do you like it? Are you satisfied with the condition...?
Rufusk.png Rufus: You!
Randy: Hey hey, what are you doing?
Rufusk.png Rufus: Did you think I wouldn't recognize your disguise?
???: You have good eyes, don't you?
Rufusk.png Rufus: Didn't you just hear?
Rufusk.png Rufus: I have to have good eyes as a bounty hunter.
Rufusk.png Rufus: Also, I recognize enemies that were once my target.
Randy: Lower your gun.
Rufusk.png Rufus: No. A request from a person I shouldn't take money from...
Rufusk.png Rufus: I am going to cancel this contract.
Randy: Is there money you shouldn't take from this world?
Randy: I'm pretty sure you didn't only take clean money?
Rufusk.png Rufus: Well, I can't help your plan to destroy this whole world.
???: I thought you were only interested in money...
???: But I'm guessing you have a lot of regrets left in this world?
Rufusk.png Rufus: I don't care if this world gets destroyed...
Rufusk.png Rufus: But don't you think the world has to be in one piece for me to use my money?
Randy: I don't think he will listen to me.
Randy: Well, to protect my client...
Randy: I'm going to terminate our contract.
Rufusk.png Rufus: It's not terminating, it's cancelling.
Randy: This too will become an element to our conflict!
Rufusk.png Rufus: This way...
Randy: Tsk... no point in running away.

A Tip you must know while playing!

Heating Furnace Upgrade

Mechanic Worker's energy supply makes the heating furnace get stronger.

Call Mechanic Worker

The conductor will periodically call Mechanic workers if the heating furnace doesn't break down.

Access Prohibited

Explodes if you go near the heating furnace. Attack the heating furnace by using long distance range attack.



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