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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Clear with 3 heroes or less
  • Use Party Skills 0 times
  • Use Hero Skill 80 times or less
  • Defeat the Boss within 3 min(s)
  • Clear with 0 hero deaths

True Value of Guilty Seven


"I will end you all here!"


Kavk.png Karp: This... these guys! Are in the engine room!
Bfk.png BF: Huff, huff. C, CEO are you sure it's this way?
Kavk.png Karp: Of course!
Kavk.png Karp: Who else would be attacking the train right now?
Kavk.png Karp: These terrorists!
Kavk.png Karp: For the peace of demon world,
Kavk.png Karp: and for the peace of demon world's allies!
Kavk.png Karp: I will end you all here!



Transform, Guilty Seven!


"We will fight you with all we've got! Transform!"


Kavk.png Karp: Did you think you can run away?
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: Where did they come from?
Ryank.png Ryan: It's too crazy right now...
Ryank.png Ryan: But crazy people are making it even crazier.
Kavk.png Karp: You thought wrong if you thought we were going to withdraw.
Kavk.png Karp: Now we will show you what we're worth!
Juliak.png Yulia: De, demon weapon transformation! Annihilate enemies as quickly as possible! Sloth of Yellow!
Fabiank.png Favian: Demon Weapon Transformation! My wrath finally exploded! Wrath of Green!
Altairk.png Altair: Demon Weapon Transformation! Catching your heart! Pink of Lust!
Vegak.png Vega: Demon Weapon Transformation! Altair-ing... Heart Catch! Blue of Jealousy!
Bfk.png BF: Demon Weapon Transformation! Gather my popularity here! Gold of Greed!
Carnellok.png Carnero: Demon Weapon Transformation! I am above everyone! Silver of Appetite!
Kavk.png Karp: Demon Weapon Transformation! The red star that leads the Guilty Seven! Red of Arrogance!
Limek.png Lime: Is this demons' new tactic?
Limek.png Lime: A mental attack? Or mental contamination?
Armek.png Arme: They're just weird.
Marik.png Mari: If we don't handle things fast, we won't be able to stop the raging train.
Elesisk.png Elesis: Okay. Let's hurry and dominate them!

When using Guilty Buster

Juliak.png Yulia: G, Guilty... Buster Ready...
Fabiank.png Favian: Guilty Buster Ready!
Altairk.png Altair: Guilty Buster Ready!
Vegak.png Vega: Guilty Buster Ready!
Bfk.png BF: Guilty Buster Ready!
Carnellok.png Carnero: Guilty Buster Ready!
Kavk.png Karp: Guilty Buster Ready!

Blood Tie







A Tip you must know while playing!


Guilty Seven transforms from the beginning and fights. This transformation cannot be cancelled.

Guilty Buster

Guilty Seven gathers in one place and shoots out Guilty Buster if the energy is filled. At this time, all the collapsed Guilty Seven members are resurrected.

Guilty Seven's Swamp

The Guilty Seven uses power every time Guilty Buster is used. Damage received increases by 7% per stack.



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