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Crazy Envoy


"The worst underworld king resurrected. He wants to fix the mistake he made when he was alive. You must stop him!"


Voidk.png Duel: Someone who shouldn't exist resurrected. Those who challenge the creator's strength should disappear.
Diok.png Dio: Including ancient demons?
Voidk.png Duel: ...... That's right.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: No matter who the opponent is, we can't let Baldinar come back again.
Rufusk.png Rufus: I will be on your side this time.
Elesisk.png Elesis: Duel! Follow us!
Voidk.png Duel: Okay.
Elesisk.png Elesis: We block him here!
King of Underworld Pluton: I am the god of death! Sacrifice that soul!

King of Underworld Pluton: I waited thousands of years to resurrect... I can't let a human kill me!!

A Name You Should Not Forget


"Please remember these names."


Cindyk.png Cindy: Kyle... I can't see Kyle!
Veigask.png Veigas: He's so sly... He disappeared before the fight with Heitaros started.
Cindyk.png Cindy: No way!
Voidk.png Duel: Is Edna sleeping?
Diok.png Dio: Yes. And it's Ley, not Edna.
Voidk.png Duel: ...... Yes, Edna will no longer be here once she wakes up. Is it over? That took a long time. I... want to rest now.
Oz: ......
Zerok.png Zero: ......


Pino: Hello, Heitaros. I guess things didn't work out the way you wanted it to.
Heitaros: There was a trap. It would've been hard even without them.
Pino: But you don't have a lot of energy to waste.
Heitaros: This boy will cheer me up.
Kylek.png Kyle: ......
Pino: Oh, sword saint! Do you want to do it now?
Heitaros: No, it's a waste to absorb it now. I will...

Pino: Hm. That's interesting. Alright. I will bring you to the Demon World.
Heitaros: Let's go back.

Neliak.png Nelia: So this is it.
Hanoutk.png Hanout: Weren't you expecting this?
Neliak.png Nelia: Mostly except for the encounter with Veigas. Foolish guy. Having that much power when his power is sealed... He killed my clone and Haggler. How is it? Can I resurrect Haggler?
Raselk.png Rasel: After the Tower of Memory lost its function... The books also lost their functions.
Neliak.png Nelia: Really? That's too bad. I never had a slave that loyal before.
Raselk.png Rasel: I'm sorry we can't protect you.
Neliak.png Nelia: I don't need you. Just try to persuade Veigas. Remember. You guys should make a new flow in the Demon World. Before I go back.

Hwarink.png Hwarin: Everyone, the demon who wanted the Underworld is gone. But we have a more dangerous situation. We lost our control over soul slaves. But they were never ours to begin with. We got our wealth in an unfair way. And we didn't share our wealth. The base has fallen. So now we have to stack it again. We, who were divided by rocks. It's our last chance to become one again.
Underworld First Lord: But... the laws are really strict...
Hwarink.png Hwarin: Who's more precious and who's not? When the demon reached out his hand... And when you guys grabbed his hand,who wanted to resist?
Underworld First Lord: Um.
Hwarink.png Hwarin: The Haros Justice Army. And, soldiers from the material world. Grand Chase, I would like to thank you.
Elesisk.png Elesis: We just did what we were supposed to do. I just hope everything went back to place.
Hwarink.png Hwarin: Yes. Everyone who is alive today and everyone who will live tomorrow! Please remember this moment! And... please remember one name. Legis Wilde. He was the person who resisted first.
Russell: Legis.
Marcus: General!



Elesisk.png Elesis: Hey!
Deep Ocean: H-Hiikk!
Elesisk.png Elesis: Tell me! Where is my father?
Deep Ocean: I-I don't know! After the Tower of Memory collapsed... All the soul slaves disappeared.
Elesisk.png Elesis: To where?
Deep Ocean: I don't know! The gate knight and underworld soldiers all disappeared!
Elesisk.png Elesis: Father...

Decaneek.png Decanee: I knew this was going to happen. That boy is in Heitaros' hands now. Well, I guess he didn't want to go back empty handed. The Underworld and the Creator's power... They all went to waste.
Elscud: You look happy.
Decaneek.png Decanee: I was kind of happy. It would've been better if ancient demons resurrected and created a big chaos! Duel was a lot more useless than I thought. Losing his friends when he tried so hard to resurrect them...
Elscud: I see...
Decaneek.png Decanee: You don't agree? I guess stupid guys have a connection. Don't think. You just follow me.
Elscus: ...... Where are we going?



A Tip you must know while playing!


Plouton continuously destroys the Tower of Memory and summons a magic square. If someone gets hit, the magic square will not be summoned.

Summon Soul Knight

Plouton selects a card and summons soul knights. If a red card is selected, the soul knight receives hardly any physical damage, and if a blue card is selected, it receives hardly any magical damage.

Clone Dash

Plouton summons a magic square near him and summons clones. When the clones arrive at the body, the clones become real.



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