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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Clear with 3 heroes or less
  • Clear with 0 hero deaths
  • Use Party Skills 0 times
  • Clear Dungeon without Assault Hero
  • Clear within 2 min(s) 30 sec(s)



"An eerie shriek from faraway... There must be one more!"


Asink.png Asin: Once again, it's a familiar opponent. Isn't that Rin's style? You have elegant hobbies.
Rink.png Rin: Who said I liked that kind of monsters?
Edelk.png Edel: What is this sound of a cry? Be careful. There are more of those things!
Asink.png Asin: I guess we've got to guard all sides.

Copied Beings




Rink.png Rin: Wow, you are skillful Edel! You dealt the same wound to two of them.
Edelk.png Edel: Huh? What are you talking about... These wounds... It wasn't mine. It seems like the wound was from long ago.
Rink.png Rin: Oh really? That's interesting. They have the same wound.
Iok.png Io: It's an actual wound. These monsters are copies.
Asink.png Asin: Copies?
Iok.png Io: It's the same as this tower. You asked me how the Tower of Disappearance was summoned so easily? This isn't the newly summoned Tower of Disappearance. This is a copy of the Tower of Disappearance that was previously summoned in this world. Well, given the twisted dimension, it looks like the attempt to make a complete copy failed.
Rink.png Rin: A copy... is that even possible?
Iok.png Io: It isn't that incredible or anything.
Edelk.png Edel: I mean you can copy the Tower of Disappearance and monsters... Are you saying it isn't that incredible?
Iok.png Io: It's merely the False Creator's Power.
Edelk.png Edel: False... Creator's Power?
Iok.png Io: Ah! D-Did I say it like that? Sorry, Edel! Please pretend you didn't hear that! I can't believe I made a slip of the tongue... Thank goodness we are in the seal, or it could have been big trouble.
Asink.png Asin: I never knew you had some senses. I thought you only act according to your mood. You should silence not only Edel, but also... silence Rin and me?
Iok.png Io: I know Rin won't go around and tell others. And I also know nobody would pay attention to someone like you, so don't you think it's going to be okay?
Asink.png Asin: Sure, sure. Whatever. I wasted our time with the nonsense. Just keep leading the way.
Iok.png Io: How dare you to treat me like a guide!

A Tip you must know while playing!

Back Up

Let out another eerie shriek to call for back up to other Dark Gorgos.

Dark Matter

Dark Gorgos drops Dark Matter on all sides. Lure the enemies to the Dark Matter and make the Dark Matter explode on them!

Contaminated Area

Dark Matter can create a contaminated area by permeating through the ground. Contacting the contaminated area will increase attack damage received.



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