Rin's Goddess Wing fan.

The fan is a weapon utilized by Rin for all of her jobs in Grand Chase. It is a weapon of great power and can control the winds.


A fan serves as the standard weapon of choice by the priestesses in the Gaon Village. However, the fan held by Rin, in particular, is imbued with the power of Goddess Agnesia and was shaped alike to her wings hence its name being "Goddess Wing".


  • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, The description of Goddess Wing Fan implies that a fan is incapable of being a proper weapon despite any circumstances. However, it is shown in the original game just how as powerful it was among others, if not stronger, and that the fan itself can be a melee weapon as seen in her Twilight path.
    • Moreover, Rin's use of her fan doesn't seem to differ from a Magician wielding a staff.



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