Lady Gaia is the Goddess of Life and Death from Xenia that is encountered in the Forest of Life and held the Orb of Life. Her attributes also include Nature.


There is nothing else known about Gaia other than that she seemingly has an intimate relationship with the God of Destruction, Lord Perseo.


Temple of DestructionEdit

Gaia attempted to seal her powers away by merging herself with her tree, Rukkha. However, that failed when Thanatos corrupted it. The tree and the goddess begin to connect together even more, and Perseo fears this. He immediately dispatched the Grand Chase to her forest in order to free her.

Forest of LifeEdit

After getting saved, Gaia grants the Chase the Orb of Life and wishes them luck against the epic battle with the Ascendant God.



Alternate concept art of Gaia.

  • Despite appearing in the dialogues, Gaia was not shown in the game itself.
  • Gaia has an alternate concept artwork that resembles her counterpart in the Grand Chase Manhwa.
  • Along with Starkiln, Gaia is the only deity that did not have a personal soundtrack.
    • In Gaia's case, it is due to the fact that she is never fought.
  • It is suggested that Gaia and Perseo are a couple. Elesis also tries to ask Gaia about this, but she quickly drops the subject.
    • According to the Naver blog, Gaia will lose her life sometime in the future and Perseo is willing to sell his soul just to revive her.
  • Gaia was named after the eponymous Greek god.




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