Official artwork of Gaia (BRGC)

Gaia (sometimes referred as Lady Gaia) is one of the Xenia gods who resides in the Forest of Life. Her attributes include Nature (plants, trees, water, etc), Life and Death.

Gaia attempted to seal her powers away by merging herself with her tree, Rukkha. However, that failed when Thanatos corrupted it. The tree and the goddess begin to connect together even more, and Perseo fears this. He immediately dispatched the Chase to her forest in order to free her. She grants the Chase the Orb of Life, and wishes them luck against the epic battle with Thanatos.
It is suggested that Gaia and Perseo are a couple. Elesis also tries to ask Gaia about this, but she quickly drops the subject.


Perseo and Gaia

Gaia's death

  • Ryan is Gaia's follower as he is to protect Nature itself.
  • Gaia is the only Deity does not make an in game appearance, only an appearance through the storyline text.
  • Gaia is the only Deity that actually poses two different images from two different servers.
  • Gaia and Starkiln are the only deities that does not have their own soundtrack. In Gaia's case, it is due to the fact that she is never fought.
  • According to the Naver Blog, Gaia will die sometime in the future and Lord Perseo is willing to sell his own soul to revive her.
  • In the Greek mythology, Gaia, along with the Sky, created Giants, Titans, the Ocean and all the creatures that surrounds the world, which resulted in the creation of the earth.
    • According to the cosmogony, Gaia symbolizes the material side of the world.