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I'll show you the gates of Hell...

— Gaikoz

Gaikoz was a ghost knight that is fought as a boss in Gaikoz's Castle.


Gaikoz was once a warrior who lost his lady love in the war and then lost his own life when he fell into a trap. Later on, Kaze'aze resurrected him and all of his resentment from the tragedy and hatred for humans built a body, turning into the specter that he was.


Gaikoz's Castle

When Gaikoz himself was confronted, he mocked the Grand Chase by saying that they were resisting what could be a "bright future" and creating such a thing called for great sacrifices as Lady Kaze'aze taught him so. The ghostly samurai was eventually slain by the Grand Chase.

Sanctum of Destruction

Gaikoz was one of the monsters fought in the shrine who did not appear to have souls according to the elves and seemed to be wrapped in some evil, otherworldly fog.

Tower of Disappearance

The vengeful Gaikoz was once again encountered as the Grand Chase ascended the tower.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Epilogue 7.3: Tower Gatekeeper

After Stellar called for the gatekeeper, Rin noticed that the enemy troops were that of Gaikoz's. Then they learned from Io that all of the monsters encountered since entering the Tower of Disappearance were not illusions, struggling to defeat the vindictive spirit who had gathered so much energy in just a short amount of time during the battle.


Gaikoz's attacks are that like a ninja and samurai. He occasionally teleports to a party member while accompanied by a ching sound to attack them from behind before sweeping his sword to hurl 3 rocks. He can also hurl the rocks without teleporting. When the player is far away, Gaikoz will often generate 2 ranged energy waves that have an infinite range in front of him. Sometimes he will do a dash attack. Finally, Gaikoz has a DANGER attack where he rapidly attacks the area in front of him, covering it in calligraphic writings that if not dodged will usually kill players who pose weak Defense or Vitality. He is invincible throughout this attack.

In Gaikoz's Castle, Gaikoz has 2 Ghost Bladers guarding him and he is capable of summoning more if any die. When summoned from the Boss Gate, Gaikoz retains all of his attacks in Gaikoz's Castle. However, he is more dangerous in the sense that he is more likely to perform his teleport technique when attacked.

Vengeful Gaikoz

Vengeful Gaikoz in the Tower of Disappearance.

4 of them can spawn in the Sanctum of Destruction, becoming more powerful. The Vengeful Gaikoz can throw weaker but directional energy waves in an arc radius in front of him and has 2 DANGER attacks where he either makes a unique but powerful frontal slash or that he dashes and slices at strong damage and speeds, cutting all in his linear range.

Vengeful Gaikoz reappears in the Tower of Disappearance in a more menacing form.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Gaikoz in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.

Vindictive Spirit Gaikoz can be fought as a boss in Epilogue 7.3: Tower Gatekeeper.

In the entire dungeon run, Gaikoz will become stronger and deal great damage each time he retreats after taking a certain amount of damage. Whoever gets targeted by him will also be stunned for 2 seconds.


Princess Meiling in the manhwa.

  • In the manhwa, it was shown that the lover of Gaikoz was a princess who bears a striking resemblance to Arme in appearance and that her real name has then been identified to be "Meiling" (메이링).
    • The game never specified which war Gaikoz lost his lady love. However, it is said that they both died 700 years ago in the manhwa.
  • Striker may have been inspired by Gaikoz as the ability to switch behind an opponent and rush forward with a powerful cut was first displayed by Gaikoz.
    • The weapons that both Striker and Gaikoz use are alike as well. However, Gaikoz holds his with both hands.
  • When Gaikoz uses his DANGER attack, a Japanese symbol appears on the circle that means "death".
    • Meanwhile, the Japanese symbol on his flag does not seem to read anything significant as the letter simply means an ee sound.
  • There is a pet modeled after Gaikoz called Squire Gaikoz.
    • His attack is similar to Gaikoz's DANGER attack where he can be seen moving around.
  • In Korea, a poll was held to decide on what would be Dio's name. Oddly enough, Gaikoz was the other choice despite the character already existing.
    • Gaikoz might have been planned to become a playable character at some point.
  • In North America, the 2nd server created was named "Gaikoz".





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