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Gilberta is the Queen of the dark elves in Zeruel. She was one of the only people who knew the truth behind Kounat's destruction.


There is nothing else known about Gilberta other than her sovereignty in the kingdom of Zeruel.



Gilberta confronted Dahlia and revealed the traitorous dark elf's true intentions to support Ashtaroth whom she called "Baldinar" as he strived to recreate Aernas in his image and gain power that would make the gods shiver. The Special Force leader summoned the demon Quoronnos as a parting gift and left the Queen to fend for herself.

Gilberta was weakened and struggling against Quoronnos by the time the Grand Chase reached her chambers, but she had enough strength left to conjure a shield that protected the Grand Chase from the demon's fire breath. She then cast a barrier that negated the damage the Grand Chase would have otherwise taken from the cursed rain that Quoronnos soon summoned.

After successfully defeating the demon, Gilberta thanked the Grand Chase for their assistance but quickly informed them of Baldinar's plot to use the Aernas Hammer located in the old capital of Kounat. She lent them an airship and stated that she would follow them as soon as she was healed.

Kounat's Collapse

Gilberta reappeared along with Arawn to help hold off Veron and Drawl as the Grand Chase made their way to confront Ashtaroth.


Gilberta at half-life after getting poisoned.

Gilberta appears in Zeruel as an NPC that assists players in their fight against Quoronnos. Though she does not attack, Gilberta will constantly cast a water shield around the players that will protect them against the damaging effects of Quoronnos' cursed blood rain for 30 seconds, after which the shield dissipates.

Depending on the route the player took to reach the boss room, Gilberta will either be at full life or half-life and survive the poison for 200 seconds and 100 seconds respectively, after which players will lose the protection of her water shield.


  • There is a concept artwork of Gilberta that shows her eyes to be bright blue.




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