Sieghart's Gladiator Blade as a Sieghart#Evolution|Highlander.

The Gladius (also known as Gladiator Blade) is a weapon utilized by Sieghart for his Gladiator job in Grand Chase. It is a sword that he wields when attacking.


The Gladius held by Sieghart, in particular, was crafted by a famous blacksmith. With years of use, he felt like the blade became an extension of his body and claims that it is the sword that brings out his full potential thus becoming a legend with the genius Gladiator.


  • The term gladius was one Latin word for "sword" in the time of ancient Rome.
  • In the official North American site of Grand Chase, it is said that the short sword in Sleaghgrim, the pair of weapons utilized by Sieghart for his Warlord job in the game, is also known to be a Gladius.
  • The famous blacksmith that has forged the blade Sieghart uses possibly refers to Arthur's father which is a blacksmith in a well-known group that is the Ruby Knights.



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