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For the miniboss in Grand Chase, see Graham's Illusion.

Graham was the leader of the Highlanders and Sieghart's friend. During Kounat's Collapse, many of them were resurrected as relics with pieces of their former personalities trapped inside their armor.


There is nothing else known about Graham other than being a personal friend to Ercnard Sieghart. All Highlanders except Sieghart were annihilated by Ashtaroth a hundred years after Kounat's destruction. The blood and spirits of the deceased Highlanders also inadvertently created Uno.


Kounat's Collapse

The Grand Chase was forced to kill the Highlanders by destroying the source of their immortality, though they were swiftly confronted by Graham's Illusion. Grandiel arrived and informed them that Graham's soul was much stronger than the other Highlanders and could not be destroyed by normal means. He employed the use of the Klara Libri, though he regretfully informed Sieghart that his friends could not be saved.

After Graham's defeat, the Highlander's consciousness returned and spoke to Sieghart. Recognizing his old friend, Graham managed to reveal that Ashtaroth was activating the Aernas Hammer to recreate the destruction that annihilated Kounat. However, Sieghart noted that the Aernas Hammer could not be complete without the key and that Ashtaroth did not have it. Sieghart swore vengeance as Graham's soul faded away.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser



Highlander Leader in Grand Chase 2.

  • In Grand Chase 2, there was an NPC named "Highlander Leader". It is not known if the elf and Graham are the same people or if he even belonged in the same group.




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