Graham's Souls. The darkened one indicates that soul is already been destroyed.

Graham's Illusion is one of the mini-bosses of Kounat's Collapse. He was the leader of the Highlanders and Sieghart's friend. He perished during Kounat's destruction but was resurrected by Baldinar, who trapped his consciousness within the relics of his armor, thus he is forced to fight the Grand Chase.

Graham has three souls instead of one of the Highlander's Illusion, and his souls cannot be destroyed by normal attacks. When fighting Graham, Kassias Grandiel will appear and every time Graham is defeated, he will conjure a lightning ball to destroy one of Graham's souls. Thus Graham must be defeated thrice.

If Graham kills a player, a soul of a Highlander's Illusion will spawn on his/her dead corpse's location, and after a few seconds the soul will revive.


Graham's Illusion has four attacks: He can slash five times conjuring a five-point star which immobilizes players and finish with a sixth slash, exactly like the Highlander's Illusion ones; either he can put together his weapons to conjure an energy cross; or he can summon a runic hole under each player that releases a burst of dark fire shortly after; lastly, he can fly to one side of the screen and generate several dark spheres which move down and can easily stun-lock the player if he/she is caught into the attack.


  • Graham is supposed to be a Warlord, as he wields a sword and a pike.
    • Strangely, his sword is bigger than his pike, instead of the Warlord's long pike and short sword.
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