For the mobile game developed by KOG Studios, see Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.

Grand Chase Lite was the first known mobile spin-off of the original game. The players would start as a knight who will explore and battle the forces of Kaze'aze in hopes of restoring the light in Bermesiah.



Grand Chase Lite was a free-to-play fantasy turn-based RPG that condensed the PC game experience in the mobile platform. Players could choose between three characters with their own unique classes, each had 20 skills waiting to be unlocked.

The game had three difficulties: Normal, Challenge and Epic. There were 15 bosses to defeat, each dropped Special Rewards in the Epic difficulty. Furthermore, a diverse selection of 92 items could be collected in the game.


  • Many of the weapons and armors do not match the ones in the original game.
  • While there was another Grand Chase Mobile ARPG game that featured Elesis and Sieghart, it was only made available in Korea.