Grand Tale is an event dungeon in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.


Season 1

Week 1: Revenge to Sword Saint

Week 2: Noir in Mouspia

Week 3: Battle of Demon World Station

Season 2

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Side Stories

Running Match


Elesis and Arme's competition!


Armek Arme: Ta-da! This is the magical kingdom of Serdin!
Lirek Lire: Wow, what a beautiful place.
Elesisk Elesis: Serdin... we've come to a place I would've never thought to visit.
Lirek Lire: Isn't that what adventure is all about? It's always fun to be in a new place. There must be something interesting to see here, right?
Armek Arme: Of course! You can see the magical essence all over the city! I guarantee you because I'm a native here!
Elesisk Elesis: I thought you never stepped outside of the Violet Mage Academy before you joined the Grand Chase?
Armek Arme: What are you talking about? I know every corner of Serdin.
Elesisk Elesis: Well, I don't think so.
Armek Arme: Hmph! Then, do you want to bet?
Elesisk Elesis: A bet?
Armek Arme: Yeah, let's race to the Violet Mage Guild!
Elesisk Elesis: A race? You versus me? You're no match for me, Arme.
Armek Arme: Hmm, you think so?
Elesisk Elesis: You're pretty confident.
Armek Arme: At least I'm confident that I won't lose to a Kanavan!
Lirek Lire: You might pay dearly if you underestimate Arme, Elesis. Why don't you leave your sword and armor to me?
Elesisk Elesis: No, I should give Arme this much handicap.
Armek Arme: Isn't that an excuse for losing?
Elesisk Elesis: No more delay! Lire, start the count!
Lirek Lire: I understand. Three, two, one! Go!

Hidden Master?


Don't underestimate Amy's talent!


Asink Asin: Hut! Hup! Hiyaaaah!
Amyk Amy: Your discipline is plausible.
Asink Asin: You're disturbing me. Go away.
Amyk Amy: Hmm? I know that one! That's Asin Tairin's martial arts, right? It seems like you still lack training, Asin? Your hand movement is too sharp for a martial arts.
Asink Asin: Ha! You sound like you have an eye for judging my martial arts. Can you even see my fingertips?
Jink Jin: Don't ignore Amy, Asin. Amy's been with the Silver Knights for a long time. You shouldn't underestimate her eyes for discernment that she has gained over time.
Amyk Amy: Of course! And you think discernment is the only one? I guarantee you the Silver Land's best dancer is as strong as the Silver Knights! Like this. Hup~ Hiya!
Jink Jin: You're doing great, Amy! You're the best, Amy! Amazing! As expected, Amy is more of a dancer than a singer!
Amyk Amy: What? What's wrong with my singing!! It's true that I'm better at dancing, but I'm not bad at singing!
Asink Asin: If that's what you're good at, I can already expect your singing level.

Leaking Secret


Serdin wants to know the future!


Kanavank Kanavan: I can't believe that I will become the Queen... Is there nonsense more unbelievable than this?
Serdink Serdin: At least Nar is a general, so I'm sure you can lead people well? I can't believe I'm the Queen. That's nonsense.
Kanavank Kanavan: Well, I don't think commanding soldiers is a necessary qualification to be a Queen...
Ronank Ronan: Don't worry. Both of you will be the founding Queens of the kingdoms for thousands of years. I can guarantee you will be a great Queen.
Serdink Serdin: That story, umm... Can I hear it in detail? In what way, where do we settle and build our kingdom?
Ronank Ronan: Oh, I'm from the Kanavan kingdom, so I only have a little knowledge about the Serdin kingdom. But if that helps...
Kanavank Kanavan: No, don't say a thing. As soon as we hear your story, we're headed for a fixed future. I'd rather not follow the path that's fixed. So, Seri! Don't read too much into it.
Serdink Serdin: B-But... I have no idea what kind of kingdom to build? Just a little hint would be...
Kanavank Kanavan: Come on! It's all up to us to think about it, right? You may go now, Ronan.
Ronank Ronan: Yes, Your Majesty.
Kanavank Kanavan: Your Majesty... It's an awkward title, isn't it?

Ancient Battle


Werner persuades other to prepare for a Great War


Wernerk Werner: The Creator's order has been sent to give the end to... the Ancient Demons. Although we're not in a good relationship... I ask for your cooperation in this war.
Veigask Veigas: An oracle? How faithful. You look like a petty follower of the Creator, not a Demon.
Wernerk Werner: The oracle is absolute.
Neliak Nelia: "We have no choice but to obey the order." Would I have misunderstood your meaning if it sounded like this?
Wernerk Werner: ...... The Ancient Demons are shooting themselves in the foot. The moment they steer away from the Creator's order, they already expected their destruction. But I didn't expect that we would be the ones to sweep out the Ancient Demons...
Veigask Veigas: What's the surprise? We, the Demons, are the envoy of the end, and the enforcers of doom! If it wasn't for us, who would destroy them?
Neliak Nelia: You must be excited. Veigas, you just want to fight Duel, don't you?
Veigask Veigas: I want to fight Duel? That's not it! I want to trample on him! How dare he use the most mighty title, Demon God, without my permission?
Neliak Nelia: Hmm. The Demon God... you say? I think Heitaros also wants that title too.
Veigask Veigas: That old man's being too greedy!!
Wernerk Werner: The war against the Ancient Demons will be a war that has never been fought. I want everyone to follow my lead to minimize the damage to our troops.
Veigask Veigas: Hmpf. Who are you to give the order?
Neliak Nelia: Why? Isn't it at least better than a man who's blinded by his ambition and wants to act alone? All right, Burning Canyon. I'll give you the command of my Ironwood.
Veigask Veigas: Hmph!



Nobody can stop him!


Arsadk Arsad: Huhuhu. Muahahahahaha!
Guyank Gaian: You damn human! I tied up those enemies, and you've scattered them again! Didn't I tell you that if you do that one more time... I will make you regret?
Arsadk Arsad: Muahahaha! Kahaha!!
Grandielk Grandiel: I apologize, Gaian. Why don't we just leave Arsad alone and we work together? I'll support you with Time Distortion.
Guyank Gaian: That sounds like a plan. In one shot... we're going for a swift attack! Now, Grandiel!
Grandielk Grandiel: Okay! Here we go. Time Distortion!
Guyank Gaian: Fuhuhu. Come! Hand of Corrupted Anubis will...
Arsadk Arsad: Aha! Huaha! Wahahaha!!
Guyank Gaian: A-Again, you interrupted again? You did it on purpose, didn't you?
Grandielk Grandiel: I'm sure... he didn't do it on purpose? It's to protect us... right?
Arsadk Arsad: Kahahahaha!
Guyank Gaian: Don't try to persuade me when you aren't sure too. You wretch. If you're going to be corrupted, be corrupted graciously!
Grandielk Grandiel: Aren't you in the same boat? If it wasn't for you... who understands King Arsad?
Guyank Gaian: What are you trying to say!
Arsadk Arsad: Muahahahaha!!

The Mark


Since my face doesn't age, think of it as a mark.


Marik Mari: Let me take your blood sample, Sieghart.
Sieghartk Sieghart: Ugh, already? Didn't you say we only have to do it once a year?
Marik Mari: Yes, that means it's been a year. Put your arm up.
Limek Lime: Blood sample? Sieghart! Is there something wrong with you?
Sieghartk Sieghart: Not at all! I don't get sick for the full 365 days in a year. An immortal who succumbs to a disease... That's not cool at all!
Limek Lime: You're absolutely right! If you're terminally ill, you'll suffer forever, right? Just thinking about it makes me ache.
Sieghartk Sieghart: Of course! That would be a living hell. Inalterability in immortality is not a choice, it's a mandatory trait! Ugh, ouch! Mari! Can't you take it easy?
Marik Mari: I'm afraid there's no such thing as inalterability. If there's such a thing... you won't get a scar every time I take a blood sample like this, right?
Sieghartk Sieghart: Be careful if you know about that. How can I get a new scar every time? Can we stop now?
Marik Mari: Mm... No, I can't. We're still way short.
Limek Lime: Do you mean Sieghart's blood? Or... the wound?
Marik Mari: Well, which one would it be?

Magnets Repel the Same Poles


Do you hate your race?


Rufusk Rufus: How pathetic. You're having trouble with such an easy opponent like that. Is your sword only for looks?
Lassk Lass: There's no reason to hear that from you who's shooting from behind.
Rufusk Rufus: Why don't you use a gun? Not everyone can handle guns very well, of course. Shooting requires skill and technique. It doesn't mean you can go around swinging it like a sword.
Lassk Lass: The swinging sword has a great technique called swordsmanship. My swordsmanship, at least, is better than your marksmanship.
Rufusk Rufus: That's too much of a joke.
Lassk Lass: Whether it's a joke or not, you'll find out in a match.
Rufusk Rufus: Whew, I thought it was just a joke, not being a blockhead?
Lassk Lass: Stop talking and pull out your guns right now. At this distance, my sword will cut you before you can pull out your gun.
Ryank Ryan: There's a spark going on! I can see blue sparks in their eyes!
Rufusk Rufus: Don't even mention the blue flames!
Ryank Ryan: Why are you guys on each other's nerves? Why don't we be nice to each other?
Lassk Lass: Nice? Don't say such unpleasant things.
Rufusk Rufus: I couldn't agree more. Don't make unnecessary comments about getting along.
Lassk Lass: I feel the same way.
Ryank Ryan: Wow, you two are so... alike. You guys are actually close, right?

Be a Little Less Healthy


Don't you think it's okay to be sick sometimes?


Diok Dio: Hehe.
Zerok Zero: Uh... excuse me, did you just laugh now?
Diok Dio: Hmm. Yeah? What's wrong with that?
Zerok Zero: Yeah, I'm not good at reading the atmosphere, but... Wasn't this a serious situation?
Diok Dio: I'm sorry if I broke the ice.
Zerok Zero: No, I didn't mean that. It's just that it was unexpected.
Diok Dio: Unexpected, huh... Maybe that's the most appropriate expression to describe my feelings right now. I didn't think I'd ever see Ley fall sick again. I laughed away because it was a pleasant surprise to see the unexpected.
Zerok Zero: I don't understand. I can't believe you're laughing at Ley's illness... I don't...
Diok Dio: It's because you don't know my situation. I'm... Like, there are times when I wish Ley had been a little less healthy.
Zerok Zero: What?
Leyk Ley: Hey, Dio! What are you doing? You have to take care of me! How can you leave a patient like this? You better come quick. Aren't you afraid of the consequences?
Zerok Zero: ......
Diok Dio: Look at that. Even when I left Ley for a few seconds, it seems weird to think that she's sick.
Zerok Zero: Well, if I may... Are you shaking right now?
Diok Dio: U-Uh?? N-No, I'm not!

Do You Want to Have Lunch?


Io, stand by!


Rink Rin: What are you doing, Io?
Iok Io: I was watching over Edel.
Rink Rin: Oh? Why are you just watching over her? It's not like you.
Iok Io: I wouldn't know when she would need me. I am prepared to go as soon as Edel calls.
Rink Rin: What if she doesn't need it?
Iok Io: What?
Rink Rin: What if Edel doesn't need the help from Io? Then how long are you going to wait for her?
Iok Io: Uhh... Edel doesn't need my help... I would have never thought about that. If so, what should I do?
Rink Rin: It's simple. You find Edel first.
Iok Io: Pardon? But I do not need Edel's help either.
Rink Rin: Well, I think you need it. Like~ A lunch partner? Go and say it like this. Miss? How about an egg tart with me?
Iok Io: Wow, the egg tart! That sounds like a wonderful idea!
Edelk Edel: There you are, you two.
Iok Io: Oh, Edel!
Edelk Edel: Were you talking about something important?
Iok Io: Ah I was having a conversation about a topic I could have with Edel.
Rink Rin: That's a very straightforward answer... We weren't saying anything important. Anyways, what's going on, Edel? Is there something you want us to do?
Edelk Edel: Yes, I was looking for you two. It's nothing urgent, but... If you are not busy, would you like to have lunch together? I had to push back the schedule due to the business I had to attend. Unfortunately, the others have already eaten.
Iok Io: Lunch with Edel! Wonderful, would you like to get egg tarts?!
Edelk Edel: E-Egg tart's a bit...
Iok Io: Pardon? Do you not like egg tart, Edel? It is very delicious.
Edelk Edel: Yesterday, and the day before, have you been eating only egg tarts? Picky eating is a bad habit. I'll suggest today's lunch menu.
Iok Io: All right, I would like to have whatever Edel will recommend!
Rink Rin: Edel's recommendation... I'm looking forward to it.

Serdink Serdin:
Kanavank Kanavan:
Ronank Ronan:

Sieghartk Sieghart:
Rink Rin:
Limek Lime:

Rufusk Rufus:
Leyk Ley:
Jink Jin:

Lassk Lass:
Leyk Ley:

Ryank Ryan:
Rufusk Rufus:
Lirek Lire:
Armek Arme:

Asink Asin:
Amyk Amy:
Leyk Ley:
Jink Jin:
Sieghartk Sieghart:

Lirek Lire:
Armek Arme:
Elesisk Elesis:
Neliak Nelia:
Serdink Serdin:
Kanavank Kanavan:


  • The side stories for season 2 of Grand Tale features the avatar skins and some of the associated avatar stories for the various SR characters. The featured skins are as follows:
    • Ronan: Royal Milk Tea
    • Kanavan: King of Black, Royal Order
    • Serdin: Queen of White, Grand Fleet
    • Sieghart: Sieghart in Wonderland, Explosive Slugger
    • Lime: White Rabbit
    • Rin: Queen of Hearts
    • Ley: Pirate Queen, Mistress, Occult Maniac
    • Rufus: King of Greed, Singer
    • Jin: Navigator, Basketball Genius
    • Lass: Solver
    • Ryan: Guitarist
    • Arme: Bassist, Twinkle Star
    • Lire: Pianist, Golden Summer Week
    • Amy: School Idol
    • Asin: Transfer Student
    • Elesis: Summer Memory
    • Nelia: Division Commander



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