Guild System, also known as clans, parties or companies, are usually groups of people who are working toward a common goal in a game. In every game, communication is one of the key for the fast levelling and gaining lots of knowledge in certain games. Many players wanted to create guilds or groups that will last long and represents top strong players in one guild. Some guilds may also be created just for fun. All players complete quests and fight their way through stages while often carrying on multiple conversations. 

Guild Tournament & Wars

Guild Wars are how Guilds engage in combat with each other. The fighting system is PVP based, however there are some differences. Members are limited to attacking twice and the number of points gained by individuals counts to the overall points gained by Guild. The Guild with more points wins the war.

Guild Tournaments are the overall matchups of Guilds battling against each other. The limited number for Top match-ups is 64. Additional rewards are given depending on the ranking achieved.

Rewards for Guild Tournaments and War are: Prana, Guild points, and Guild Activity points.

Guild Boss

Guild bosses can only be summoned by the Guild Master and the Co-owner. Aernas Three Goddesses' Grace is exclusive to Guild boss drops and there is no other sustainable way to get them.

Guild bosses share the same gameplay as Dimensional bosses. However, they are stronger than regular Dimensional bosses and can vary slightly gameplay wise.

Rewards for Guild boss: Arenas Three Goddesses' Grace, Gold, and Guild Activity points.

Evostone Exchange

Guild members can exchange evostones with each other in this function. The limit for request xchange is 5 evostones, however, members can exchange with other Guild members for up to 10 evostones. The buff, "Guild Evostone Exchange Doubled" occurs every Monday; it doubles the limit of request exchanges. Along with trading evostones, choosing to exchange with another Guild member can reward bonus prana.

Other Services

Guilds also provide other benefits such as buffs and extra missions.

Guild missions can be found in the Guild Office. Alongside gold, evostones, and monster cards, they offer Guild points for rewards. Guild missions are reset weekly. Ruby acts as the NPC for the Guild Office.

The Buff Office is where Guild Activity points is exchanged for buffs. Only the Guild Master and Co-owner can spend these points. Each buff has a level cap of 10 and runs on a time limit. The Buff Office itself can be leveled up. Jade acts as the NPC for the Buff Office.


  • Adventure Dungeon Gold- Gold increases in dungeons
  • Adventure Dungeon Hero EXP- Hero experience increases in dungeons
  • Dimensional Boss- Attack damage increases in Dimensional boss
  • Raid Attack- Damage increase in Raids
  • Raid Defense- Reduces damage received in Raids
  • Altar of Time Attack- Damage given in Altar of Time increases


Guild members can communicate exclusively to each other using the Guild chat.

Guild shop

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