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Gunslinger (Duelist in Brazil) was an ancient title bestowed upon a particularly active legion during the First Demon Wars. The only extant record from that time, the Chronicles of Klayah, reveals that although the title "Gunslinger" had fallen into obscurity, it was indeed used by the most powerful kingdom of the time during the First Demon Wars.

The Rune Casters of Kounat displayed much power and influence during the First Demon Wars and invested a great amount of magical and mechanical resources; however as the war drew on, they realized it was going to be impossible to sustain their efforts for much longer. To solve this problem, the most esteemed Rune Caster in the kingdom, Jean-Sanque Gulio, invented a powered gun designed to fire magical rounds while conserving the operator's own energy. The elite legion trained to use this weapon was called the "Gunslingers." The weapon proved to be a success. The First Demon Wars ended with the surrender of the Demons.

However, Kounat came to an untimely end with a mysterious explosion. The secrets of the Maverick and the secrets of building them were lost forever. It is believed by scholars that the rifles used today by the Dwarves of Archimedia are based on the ancient design of the Maverick.

The Maverick-wielding Gunslingers have a variety of unique magic and machines at their disposal that can induce their enemies to walk right into thermal traps, allowing for effective mid-distance attacks. The Gunslinger's Triple Missiles attack compensates for the fact she has a weak long distance attack by enhancing the Maverick's inherent strengths. The Gunslinger continues to use the Rune Caster's Mana Shield and Dash Jump; however the Gunslinger's version is stronger than that of the Rune Caster's, who has always been weak when it came to close quarter combat, and the summoned W.D.W. has also been enhanced. The Gunslinger's many skills can be confusing at first, but with practice and training she is a force to be reckoned with on the battle field.


Gunslinger Mission
It is necessary to be level twenty (20) to be able to participate in Second (2nd) Job Promotion.


(Cost 200 GP)

Part 1

  • Run the Marsh of Oblivion once. Even if you don't successfully pass the dungeon, you'll still complete the mission.
    • Entering the dungeon and leaving immediately does not count as "running". It only counts if the dungeon is completed or failed.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

  • Slay 100 monsters within the range of ± 2 above or below level monsters.


(Cost 6500 Cash)


Game Start

"Target analyzed. Neutralizing..."
"Weather conditions optimal."


"Shock Wave!"
"High Power Rush!"
"Chaos Beam!"
"Ultimate Weapon!"


"You're not very efficient."
"Are you on standby mode?"

Game End

"Suffer and learn."
"I can rest now."

Basic Movments

Overheat Meter


The Overheat Gauge, empty as no shots have been fired.


The Maverick has Overheated. 7 seconds are required for heat to vent completely.

Displayed below the MP gauge is a bar that may seem similar to the Charging Meter used by Jin and Sieghart. However, this the "Overheat Meter". Using eight consecutive shots from the Maverick will overheat the gun, preventing it from firing for 7 seconds.

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZ Basic Combo

Mari fires her Marverick thirce: its bullets travel about a little less than mid-screen and explode on impact. The shots can be aimed up or down with the arrow keys.

ZZ+Arrow RArrow R Critical Attack Mari spins and fires one bullet forward. (Note: contrary to Lire's Critical Attack, Mari will shot in the direction designated by the arrow key, and not the opposite).
ZZZ+Arrow RArrow R Double Attack Mari spins and fires one bullet forward. (Note: contrary to Lire's Double Attack, Mari will shot in the direction designated by the arrow key, and not the opposite).
Arrow U+(Z Jump Attack Mari fires her Marverick downwards.
Arrow U+(Overheat)+Z Jump Attack (Overheat)

Mari jumps and slaps her hand downward, summoning three small magic bursts to hit the opponent. This attack can be used only when the Maverick is in cooldown.

Arrow RArrow R Dash Mari leaps forward.
Arrow RArrow R+(Pause)+Arrow U Rocket Boost Mari conjures runes from her hands, which propel her above.
Arrow RArrow R+Z Dash Attack Mari performs a high kick.
Arrow RArrow R+Arrow L+Z Turning Shot Mari quickly spins and fires on the opposite side.
Arrow R+Z Grab

Mari climbs onto the opponent, points the muzzle of the Maverick to the opponent's head, and performs a contact shot while jumping backwards.

(Note: Both players are invincible throughout the animation.)
(Note: Only works in PvP; Dungeon monsters cannot be grabbed.)
(Note: Due to lag, it may not work, or may intercept the opponent's attack/skill.)

Machinery Summons

Keystrokes Name Effect
C + Arrow L Push Board

Mari creates a small blue construct that triggers a push board when an opponent touches it. The construct can be destroyed by opponent's attacks and will expire after few seconds.

(Note: only two constructs may be deployed on the field at the same time. Attempting to deploy a third one will remove the first one.)

(Note: there is a cooldown of 10 seconds in  PvP after creating the machine.)

C + Arrow R Triple Missile

Mari creates a small white turret that fires a missile in the air which splits in three smaller missiles that drop down and explode on impact with the ground. The turrent can be destroyed by opponent's attacks and will expire after 3 shots have been fired.

(Note: the first missile neither deals damage nor can hit opponents; and only two turrets may be deployed on the field at the same time. Attempting to deploy a third one will remove the first one.)

(Note: there is a cooldown of 10 seconds in  PvP after creating the machine.)

C + Arrow U Summon W.D.W. Mari attracts screws to summon the Wing Drive Weapon. However, when she is charging, she is a sitting duck as she can only cancel the charging pose with a skill.

Stance Change


Gunslinger's Push Board

Keystrokes Name Effect
X+X Stance Mode Mari changes pose, allowing her to use numerous abilities by a combination of buttons.

(Note: This ability will wear off if a command is not used)

XX+Arrow U Mana Shield Mari evelopes herself in a shield made of blue flames that cause damage to be taken from MP instead of HP. The shield last 10 seconds, although there is no cooldown and thus it can be summoned again to create a new one or to refresh the cooldown of the old one.(Note: Ironically, MP does not drain while the ability is active, despite it intending to use Mana for protection.)
XX+X+(Full Duration) Load Ice Cartridge Mari charges runic energy by doing a gesture. After few moments, a runic symbol will appear over her head, meaning that the charge is complete. Mari will load the orb into her marverick upon completion. The orb is stored forever until is used to fire the Freezing Bullet or a map transition has occured. When she is charging she is vulnerable, but she can just move or dash away at anytime she wishes.
(Ice Cartridge)+A Freezing Bullet Mari fires a freezing round from her Marverick: the bullet freezes the opponent on impact.

W.D.W. Basic Attacks

Wing Drive Weapon (W.D.W.) is an array of blades which follow behind Mari and improve her attacks. The blades are usable for 20 seconds, after which they will disappear.

Note: Regardless of the Maverick overheating, the W.D.W. can continue shooting its beams and performing it's swift attacks.

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZ Basic Combo The Wing Drives flank Mari and fire lasers when she is shooting. At Mari's third shot, all the four Wing Drives thrust forward like a spear.
ZZZ+Arrow RArrow R Double Attack After the thrust, the Wing Drives will spin on their current position before  returning to Mari.
Arrow U+Z Jump Attack Mari jumps and swings her Wing Drives in an arc fashion: two of them going upwards and the other two going downwards.
Arrow RArrow R+Z Dash Attack Mari thrust her Wind Drives in a upward arc fashion.


Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic

Shock Wave

Mari fires in the ground, causing two bursts of fire to come up from the ground.
LVL 2 Basic

High Power Rush

Mari summons a missile box, and releases the missiles by stomping on the button. The missiles perform an aerial arc movement before exploding on the ground forward Mari.
LVL 3 Basic

Chaos Beam

Mari conjures a highly destructive blaster supported by a Red Power Ranger and a Yellow Power Ranger that carries the blaster. Mari then inserts her Maverick into said blaster and fires a rainbow colored beam, then the Power Rangers strike a pose and leave in a puff of smoke.
LVL 4 Special

Ultimate Weapon

Mari gains a 15 second buff that allows her Maverick to fire without overheating. Her bullets are also able to travel the whole length of the map, give off an electric discharge upon contact, and cannot be blocked.


  • Previously, the Gunslinger had to place craters (denominated "Sectors") before creating the machinery.
    GS placing Sectors

    Mari holding a Nerf weapon with the same name and general style as her own.

  • "Shock Wave" shares the same name as a monster's property, one of Magician's basic movements, and Druid's 2nd grade skill.
  • The Gunslinger's Maverick seems to be based on the Nerf Maverick.
  • Strangely, the foreign name for this job ("Duelist") is also used by Sieghart.
    • In Brazil, the job Gunslinger is named "Duelista" while the name of Sieghart's Duelist job is named "General".
  • A Helper Bot is used in the Gunslinger's taunt.
  • The characters summoned during Chaos Beam are references to the 'Super Sentai' or Power Rangers franchises. Hero teams in these series often include red, blue, and yellow costumed members, and a number have used similar large cannons as full-team attacks. Much like with Chaos Beam, there is typically at least one member of the team simply posing during such sequences.
    • Interestingly, the words "OK" and "GO" appear when preparing and firing the beam, respectively.
  • Gunslinger is Mari's only job that has an asymmetrical costume.
  • Gunslinger's Chaos Beam resembles the beam from Spell Knight 's Ray Freeze skill.