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Haggler was a subordinate of the Demon Queen Nelia Ironwood.


There is nothing else known about Haggler other than being a loyal servant to Nelia since the ancient times of the Demon World.


Act 22.3: Underworld Transfer Station

Haggler noticed Nelia already awake and urged her to sleep more. Knowing that the First Lord had a nightmare, Haggler determined that it was about the battle when Nelia fought for the leader position. She stated that he did not have to follow her to the Underworld but Haggler insisted on doing so. While thankful for being loyal, Nelia wondered why he was not sleeping yet to which Haggler claimed that he had to deal with people who wanted to see the First Lord, thinking they were confused by how Heitaros came with his army. She demanded him not to deal with them since it is a waste of time and focus on finding Duel instead and although he did not have any evidence, Haggler believed the ancient demon hid in the Tower of Memories which alarmed Nelia. She decided to take action however Haggler advised not to waste her strength and leave the search to him. Before he left, the First Lord instructed Haggler to see her if he finds Duel and not try anything as the demon is not someone he can deal with.

Act 22.9: Dignity of Demon God

As Haggler stood in the way of the Grand Chase, he was recognized by Veigas and vice versa. Despite the threats onto his master, he shut Veigas from bluffing and taunted him that he does not have power like he used to. Haggler was convinced he might be able to fight him nevertheless Veigas still prevailed. Before dying, he reflected on how could this happen when Nelia's seal still works where Veigas belittled Haggler by saying he should not think he is stronger than the Demon King.

Epilogue 6.6: Casted Shadow of Greed

Haggler was given one more chance by Nelia and fought, side by side, against the Grand Chase.

Epilogue 6.7: Crazy Envoy

Nelia asked Rasel if she can resurrect Haggler. As the First Lord learned that the books also lost their functions after the Tower of Memories lost its function, Nelia thought it was unfortunate since she never had a slave that loyal before.


Haggler can be fought as a boss in Act 22.9: Dignity of Demon God.

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Dimensional Chasm

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