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Heitaros Cratsus is the Asmodian general who erected and led a demonic army in attempts of destroying civilizations including the ancient kingdom of Kounat.

In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, Heitaros has created a new organization and is working behind the scenes.


Wanting to avoid a new war in Elyos, Heitaros decided to erect an army, emphasizing that the demonic tribes were threatened by the existence of other civilizations outside of their world and therefore should act first by destroying these other beings.

Heitaros began focusing on the destruction of other dimensions. He led his army of demons through Dimensional Portals and headed into Aernas. The largest portal appeared to the east of Kounat, and the demonic tribe marched for the capital of the city. Although not all the inhabitants of Elyos agree with the invasion, they had no time to try stopping it since Heitaros acted very quickly. The raid also surprised the Kounat King who, desperate, invoked the help of the three goddesses, Ernasis, Lisnar, and Amenias, and thus they led the forces of Kounat against the demonic army in a wild and terrible battle on the Artione Field.

The number of victims increased every moment, until the ultimate weapon created by Kounat, the Aernas Hammer, was finally activated. It was a weapon that united magic, technology, and even the divine power of the gods. Heitaros suffered serious injuries and fled back to Elyos through a portal. Without a leader, the rest of the army began to scatter across the continent.


Heitaros neither appeared nor mentioned in the original game. However, information about himself and the First Demon War was published in the Naver blog.

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