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Highlander's Soul

Highlander's Illusion is a monster found in Kounat's Collapse. The Highlanders were exterminated by Baldinar during Kounat's destruction, but were later resurrected by him as relics with pieces of their former personalities trapped inside their armor.

The source of a Highlander's immortality is a sphere that contains their soul which is destroyed after three hits, thus ending their life. If the sphere is not destroyed after a short amount of time, the Highlander's Illusion will revive with full health.

God Ashtaroth will also keep summoning three of them to attack Kassias Grandiel, in order to prevent him from attacking God Ashtaroth; if their soul is destroyed, Grandiel will absorb them and his attacking gauge bar will rise by a small amount.


The Highlander's Illusion has three attacks: he can slash five times forward generating a five-point star which immobilizes the player, then after he does a sixth slash which knocks down; or he can launch a small but quick shockwave that inflicts the shock status, drags players, and launches them at the end; lastly, he can perform eight wide slashes in front while going forward.


  • The shockwave attack is similar to Sieghart's Flame Sword, with the exception of a smaller shockwave, and how the shockwave's last hit is performed: The Highlander's Illusion thrusts his sword in the ground, when Sieghart, instead, stomps one foot on the ground.
    • The shockwave attack could be a commonly used attack among the Highlanders.
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