The Highlanders were a special group of immortals who revived and recruited Sieghart. They also formulated an organization called the Prime Knights who specialize in not only battle but also channeling power that can rival gods.


There is nothing else known about the Highlanders other than their source of immortality which is said to be a sphere that contains their soul and when destroyed will end a Highlander's life.

All Highlanders except Sieghart were annihilated by Ashtaroth a hundred years after Kounat's destruction. The blood and spirits of the deceased Highlanders also inadvertently created Uno.

Known Members

Ercnard Sieghart

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Ercnard Sieghart was a Gladiator from Kanavan Kingdom. History archives of him took place about 600 years ago including specific stories such as staving off a hundred goblins. When he went into an unknown ruins, it was said that a horde of monsters attacked him and was declared dead.

Before he lose his life, the Highlanders saved Sieghart and trained with them until he came back to Kanavan.


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Graham was the leader of the Highlanders and Sieghart's friend. During the events in Kounat's Collapse, many of them were resurrected as relics with pieces of their former personalities trapped inside their armor.

Graham's consciousness was revived but trapped within the relics of his armor and forced to fight the Grand Chase.

12 Swords of Light

The 12 Swords of Light were supposedly the commanders of the Highlanders fought by the Grand Chase during Kounat's Collapse.


Highlander Leader in Grand Chase 2.

  • The Highlanders are inspired by the 1986 film Highlander.
    • The film depicts immortal warriors fighting to the death for centuries and the film's tagline "There can be only one" describes Sieghart's affiliation to the Highlanders within the Grand Chase universe accurately.
  • In Grand Chase 2, there was an NPC named "Highlander Leader". It is not known if the elf and Graham are the same people or if he even belonged in the same group.
  • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, it was said that the Highlanders disappeared from Kounat thirteen days before the Great Explosion.
    • Whether if they somehow have foreseen the future or if they got the information from someone else is unknown.




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