The Highlanders were a special group of deities who revived and recruited Sieghart. They also formulated an organization called the Prime Knights who specializes in not only battle but also channeling power that can rival gods.

All Highlanders except Sieghart were exterminated by Ashtaroth after Kounat's destruction. Many Highlanders, including their leader Graham, were resurrected as relics with pieces of their former personalities trapped inside their armor in Kounat's Collapse. The blood and spirits of the deceased Highlanders also inadvertently created Uno.

Known MembersEdit

Ercnard SieghartEdit

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Sieghart is a gladiator from Kanavan. History archives of him take place about 600 years ago, including specific stories such as staving off a hundred goblins. When he went into an unknown ruin, it was said that a horde of monsters attacked him and was declared dead. Before he lost his life, the Highlanders saved him and trained with them until he came back to Kanavan.


Graham was the leader of the Highlanders and Sieghart's friend. Long ago, he and the other Highlanders were killed by Ashtaroth. During Kounat's Collapse, his consciousness was revived but trapped within the relics of his armor and forced to fight the Grand Chase.


  • The source of a Highlander's immortality is a sphere that contains their soul which can be destroyed, thus ending their life.
  • The Highlanders are a reference to the 1986 film Highlander. The film depicts immortal warriors fighting to the death for centuries, and the film's tagline, "There can be only one", describes Sieghart's affiliation to the in-universe Highlanders accurately.