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Humans are a species found in Grand Chase and its sequel Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser. They reside predominantly in Aernas and Kricktria. There are two subspecies of humans in the series thus far: the Celestials and the Highlanders.



People born of the union between Deities and humans, Celestials were born with more capabilities than ordinary humans and showed prominence amongst humankind. They helped the deities lead the humans and made haste on the development of the magical civilization in Kounat. The Celestials also communicated with and influenced the culture of the elves and dwarves living on the Archimedia continent, greatly advancing their civilizations as well. The Celestials eventually settled in Kounat with the most capable of them becoming the king, and additionally created alliances with the elven and dwarven kingdoms. As beings with bloodlines stemming from the deities, they had the ability to interpret the Claire Bible.

It can be assumed that most of the Celestials have been wiped out with the explosion of Kounat. Currently, the only known Celestial that is still alive in the current timeline is Mari.


Main article: Highlanders

A group of humans that gained immortality by containing their souls in spheres. They were once the strongest fighting force of the Kounat Kingdom. Highlanders can grant humans their immortality, turning the human into one of their own. The Highlanders disappeared thirteen days before the explosion of Kounat, and were killed off by Ashtaroth hundreds of years later.

The only remaining Highlanders are Sieghart and Uno.