For the playable character whose last name is Isolet, see Lass.

Lothos Isolet is the Knight Master from the Serdin kingdom and one of the founders of Grand Chase, recruiting Elesis, Lire, and Arme to their guild.

As of Season V, she also appeared in the game as a Quest NPC for the Serdin region.


Isolet is Serdin's guardian and a master swordsman who fought remarkably in the Kingdom War era. Endowed with burning passion and soaring confidence, she led the Knights in the front line and to this day her warlike appearance evokes prime when commanding her army. A paragon of knighthood, Isolet strives to reinforce the power of Serdin kingdom as a commandant and is doing her best to train new soldiers.

Speaking to Lass, she does not judge him by his past and does not hold him responsible for his actions while possessed, giving him a chance to start over.


Trial Forest

Trial Tower

Outer Wall of Serdin

Kerrie Beach

Orc Temple

Gorgos' Dungeon

in Grand Chase M


  • Like Sieghart, the Knight Master is called by her surname.
    • Though similar in spelling and pronunciation in English, the hangul for Lothos's surname (이솔렛) is different from that of Lass's (이솔레트) and thus Lass does not share his surname with the Knight Master.
  • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, Isolet returns as a mascot in the Guild Annihilation mode of the game and Battle System's Trial Tower and Hero's Tower.
  • In Grand Chase M, Isolet supposedly has a rivalrous relationship with someone known as the "Legendary Hero of Serdin" to which she deemed a "blue novice".
  • In the Grand Chase Comic Guide, Isolet helps a newbie named Aimee to start the game.




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