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Lord Jason is the commander of the Serdin Knights' security team.


There is nothing else known about Jason other than his authority over the security guards in the Serdin Kingdom.


Act 23.2: Guarantor

Jason was led to Rin, Asin, and Edel who were accused by his grunts of attacking the Serdin Knights. He quickly recognized Lord Frost among them and realized the trio are members of the Grand Chase.

Seeing all his fallen soldiers, Jason was informed by Edel that someone suspicious had been wandering around the city and those who came in contact with him seemed to lose their consciousness which angered the commander. He left after receiving a new report about the right attacker.

Act 23.3: Capture Suspect?

The trio came across Jason who was with whom they thought could be the suspect. However, the commander also became infected with the contagious phenomena and so they proceeded to take him down.

Act 23.8: One Who Wants a War

The trio found Jason who was embarrassed about his current situation. Edel planned to free the commander but he said that Stellar made all knights into her puppets to reenact the Kingdom War and cannot leave the place. Jason then requested to tell Knight Master Isolet of the Violet Mage's plan.


Jason can be fought as a boss in Act 23.3: Capture Suspect?.


  • The mask that Jason wore when fought as a boss is a reference to Jason Voorhees of the massively popular American horror franchise, Friday the 13th.
  • Oddly enough, Jason's armor has symbols that resemble the Kanavan Royal Guard emblem instead.




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