Jeeves (roughly translated as Jibeuseu or James), also known as the Blood Red Slayer, is a Demon Butler of the Crimson River Family. He is fiercely loyal to Ley, much like how Alfred is very obedient to Dio. Jeeves, like his other fellow servants, tries to do everything in his power to please Ley. Jeeves is known to be physically powerful.

Jeeves appears in Kerrie Beach, along with Ley, to search for the head of the Burning Canyon Family, Dio, under orders of Peter von Crimson River, Ley's father. The duo appear again in King Guang's Fen and encounter the Grand Chase, asking them if they had seen Dio, but are disappointed when they find out they haven't, and leaves.

Ley also uses Jeeves to attack for her amusement. In Jeeves Etiquette, the butler appears behind his mistress and rushes forward to punch the enemy, sending them flying across the field. In Jeeves Power Bomb, the butler spawns in front of his mistress to punch the ground a few times. In both scenarios, after the attack, Jeeves disappears in a large puff of smoke, but not before flexing his muscles.

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