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Jewel Boxes are basically boxes that contain various items in them. There are three different Jewel Boxes, one for each Continent with the exception of Silver Land.

Note: As of Grand Chase Season 3, Jewel Boxes no longer exist.

How to Obtain

One may obtain jewel boxes by completing a dungeon while in Champion Mode. Players will obtain one per completed run, no matter what dungeon they play. The continent the dungeon is on determines what Jewel Box will be obtained. Bermesiah Jewel Boxes are obtained by completing a dungeon from Outer Wall of Serdin to Gaikoz's Castle, Ellia Jewel Boxes are obtained by completing a dungeon from Partusay's Sea to Battle for Bermesiah, and Xenia Jewel Boxes are obtained by completing a dungeon from Xenia Border to the Temple of Destruction. As of now, there are no Jewel Boxes for Silver Land.

Sometimes, Jewel Boxes will drop from a non-Champion Mode dungeon due to an event. Very rarely, a newly released dungeon will sometimes be obtained upon completion of the dungeon.

Items Inside

Jewel Boxes will commonly contain either jewel dust, jewel fragments, or refined jewels, from Bermesiah, Ellia, and Xenia Jewel Boxes respectively. However, there are, rarely, equipment or weapons that can be obtained from the boxes. The equipments (or accessories) that can be obtained depend on the Jewel Box opened.

Bermesiah Jewel Boxes can contain permanent equipment that is normally timed that appears on the Bermesiah Continent. The same is with the Ellia and Xenia Continents, but with their own timed accessories, equipments, and weapons.

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