Kanavan Royal Guard Symbol

Emblem of the Kanavan Royal Guard.

The Kanavan Royal Guard is an elite group intended to protect Kanavan and its citizens, especially of higher orders. They are led by Ronan, the Royal Guard Master.

Known MembersEdit

Ronan ErudonEdit

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Ronan is a member of the Kanavan Royal Guard and is their current leader. He entered the Kanavan Royal Guard when he was 12 years old and was promoted by Queen of Kanavan when she ascended to her throne.

Harpe NoirEdit

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Harpe is another member of the Kanavan Royal Guard. He served as a direct subordinate of Ronan as well as an informational agent during the war of Bermesiah. Later, he joined the Erudon family's intelligence unit, Existor, to look deeper into matters concerning Kaze'aze. During the events of the Monster Train 301, Harpe sacrificed his life to block Ashtaroth's attack directly aimed at Ronan. The Grand Chase was then sent into the Underworld Express Train in an attempt to save his soul but failed in the end as the train fell apart.

Karina ErudonEdit

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Karina was a former member of the Kanavan Royal Guard, in which she entered at the age of 14. She was corrupted by Ashtaroth's attack and eventually fell into darkness after being wrongfully accused.


  • The Kanavan Royal Guard has no interaction whatsoever with the Ruby Knights, another guild in Kanavan. This explains why Elesis and Ronan don't know each other.
    • However, they are aware of the reputation of the Ruby Knights, as shown by Ronan's conversation with Harpe talking about how great Elscud was.