The Kanavan Trackers were a team of warriors sent by the Queen of Kanavan to hunt down Kaze'aze but never came back from their mission.

After the Grand Chase defeated Kaze'aze, she revealed that the Tracking unit was sent in a dimension rip.


When Anyu regained her true personality after awakening from the enchantment, she sent a letter to Elscud explaining the current situation and requesting his aid in defeating Kaze'aze. Upon receipt of the letter, the former head of the Ruby Knights gathered his troops and launched an expedition to pursue Kaze'aze.

After the plan failed, Queen Enna would resort to her last best hope and form a group comprised of brave souls from the kingdoms of Kanavan and Serdin to succeed the mission of the lost Trackers.

Known Members

Elscud Sieghart

Main article: Elscud

Elscud Sieghart is currently the only known member of the Kanavan Trackers. During the battle against Red Gorgos, a dimensional rift formed and he disappeared through the crack between dimensions.


  • While Elscud came out alive, the fate of his comrades in the rip remains unknown.



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