Karina Erudon was a Kanavan Royal Guard pointed as a participant in the genocide of the royal families and thus banished from Kanavan for eternity. Her descent to darkness led her to become the evil queen that is Kaze'aze.


Karina of the Erudon family was born on the same date and time as Princess Enaruv and Princess Anyumena. At the age of fourteen, she was already a Kanavan Royal Guard becoming their youngest member. Karina then became friends with Anyumena and as part of an exchange training, they traveled together to Serdin where they met Enaruv. The three of them participated in the training and they all became close friends.

On their way back to Kanavan after the exchange training, they ran into Ashtaroth who had quickly disposed of the royal families that had traveled with them. Though the princesses survived, Ashtaroth put Karina under a demonization spell which led to her being ruled as the main culprit of the royal family massacre and was exiled from the Kanavan Kingdom.

The hatred for humans grew in Karina and she decided to follow the traces of evil energy that led her to Ashtaroth. Through him, she was reborn as Kaze'aze and learned how to use demonic powers and evil magic.


Tower of Disappearance

When Ronan caught the eye of Kaze'aze, she reminded him of her dark past as a Kanavan Royal Guard who became a sorceress due to a certain incident and for revenge control the Queen of Kanavan which lead to the five-year war between the two kingdoms in Bermesiah.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Act 7.9: The Final Battle

As they started to realize her identity, Decanee told the Grand Chase a familiar story of a girl who became a general and made a promise to protect the princess but was pegged as the culprit in the incident of the royal family massacre no matter how many times she told them she hadn't done it.

Raid 7.?: ???


Karina can be fought as a boss in Raid 7.2: ???.





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