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Karina Erudon was a Kanavan Royal Guard pointed as a participant in the genocide of the royal families and thus banished from Kanavan for eternity. Her descent to darkness led her to become the evil queen that is Kaze'aze.

Karina has to be protected in Epilogue 7.2: To the Shadow of Corruption to proceed.


Karina of the Erudon family was born on the same date and time as Princess Enaruv and Princess Anyumena. At the age of fourteen, she was already a Kanavan Royal Guard becoming their youngest member. Karina then became friends with Anyumena and as part of an exchange training, they traveled together to Serdin where they met Enaruv. The three of them participated in the training and they all became close friends.

On their way back to Kanavan after the exchange training, they ran into Ashtaroth who had quickly disposed of the royal families that had traveled with them. Though the princesses survived, Ashtaroth put Karina under a demonization spell which led to her being ruled as the main culprit of the royal family massacre and was exiled from the Kanavan Kingdom.

The hatred for humans grew in Karina and she decided to follow the traces of evil energy that led her to Ashtaroth. Through him, she was reborn as Kaze'aze and learned how to use demonic powers and evil magic.


Tower of Disappearance

When Ronan caught the eye of Kaze'aze, she reminded him of her dark past as a Kanavan Royal Guard who became a sorceress due to a certain incident and for revenge controlled the Queen of Kanavan which led to the Kingdom War in Bermesiah.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Act 7.9: The Final Battle

As they started to realize her identity, Decanee told the Grand Chase a familiar story of a girl who became a general and made a promise to protect the princess but was pegged as the culprit in the incident of the royal family massacre no matter how many times she told them she had not done it.

Act 24.6: Fight Against the Strong

After Edel declared herself to arrest the magician, Vice started to recognize her two other companions, Rin and Asin, and wondered why the number of Grand Chase members was different in Karina's story, insinuating that their comrades were already dead.

Act 25.9: Under the Queen's Name

When she overheard Anyumena and Elscud, Kaze'aze interrupted their conversation only for the Queen to address her as "Karina" which angered the sorceress, claiming that she was the one who denied that name. With Kaze'aze announcing her desire to resume the Kingdom War, Anyumena truly lost her pity for her old friend.

As Vice caught up to the Grand Chase, she asked Karina a chance to fix everything but the fake Queen said to not be attached to small things and reminded the magician that she had something else to do.

Epilogue 7.1: Seal in Illusion

In a flashback, Karina explained to her fellow royal guard that it was the first time a magician's talent has been discovered in the Kanavan Royal Family through Anyumena. However, she learned that it was the reason why Vice was upset. Karina then asked her friend to stop comparing herself to Anyumena and pointed out that their role was to assist her, adding that she completed their mission perfectly. They proceeded to prepare the small banquet for the princess with Vice saying that Karina needed to prepare for a bigger banquet next time.

Trapped in the magic seal, Io's squad started seeing strange illusions showing the massacre of the royal family with Karina telling Vice to save Anyumena and get away from the place. She insisted on not leaving her alone but the royal guard believed that they would not be able to defeat Ashtaroth with just the two of them and she should only think about their allegiance with the princess. Eventually, Vice went ahead and she waited for Karina. Alas, Ashtaroth afflicted Karina with his demonic essence as to challenge her belief.

Epilogue 7.2: To the Shadow of Corruption


A desperate Karina, when she was already cursed, appeared in a cutscene that took a peek at her past. She was seen denying her part in the genocide only to be shunned, with the hatred starting to consume her.

Continuing into the illusions of the past, Karina continued to defend herself from the accusations and begged to let her meet the princess. However, the Kanavan Army was beyond persuasion and commenced her execution. Karina was able to hold herself against the knights of Kanavan but their unceasing denial of her innocence led to the royal guard giving in to evil. Then, Vice was seen pleading for Karina to take her but Ashtaroth asserted that she was doing something useless as her friend belonged to him already.

Epilogue 7.3: Tower Gatekeeper

Shortly after Stellar left, Decanee revealed herself and asked if there was a specific appearance Vice liked with the court magician responding that it did not matter, adding that the important thing was that Karina was in front of her then.

Epilogue 7.7: Dream of a Butterfly

Finally confronted by the opposition, Vice dismissed the idea of being tricked and claimed that she knew about Karina's plan more than anyone else even when it dared to challenge the Creator's rule. Hearing that they would never give up even if it was the smallest chance, Vice passed the question of why the people of Kanavan gave up on Karina so easily and why was she targeted alone among all the criminals in the world.

When Decanee found the dying Vice, the demon thanked her for the hard work and said that if the court magician were to be lucky in the old Underworld, she may meet the "Karina" she kept speaking of. However, Vice told Decanee to stop denying herself because no matter what anyone says, even if the demon does not believe it, she will always be her Karina.

The magician spent the final moments in the arms of her precious friend, uttering her first name for the last time.





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