Kastulle Ruins Lower

Kastulle Ruins Lower Floor

Kastulle Ruins Upper

Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor

Kastulle Ruins is a set of two dungeons that the Grand Chase explore after Kaze'aze's defeat. Legend has it, the area was once a prosperous civilization that hosted the most advanced magic during the historical Magic Era. Because the historical archives were not properly recorded, Kastulle's history only comes down in the form of a legend. A village, likely Silver Cross Town, rests somewhere within the ruins.

The dungeon is divided into two sections: a Lower Floor, and an Upper Floor. Inhabiting the ruins are Skeleton Knights, Skeleton Archers, a Fire Golem, a Cyclops, Paraminimies, a Paradom, and a Giant Stone Golem.

The civilization of Kastulle was said to possess weapons infused with immense magic, and usable weapons and shields are rumored to be lying around the ruins. These legendary weapons are the Ancient Relic Weapons, once used by the warriors of ancient Kastulle.


  • Although Arme claims that the ruins was once an ancient magic civilisation, and that the weapons used by the Kastulle civilization were embedded with immense magic, the Skeleton Knights and Archers encountered do not possess any magic at all.
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