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Kelso is the captain of an organized pirate group in the continent of Bermesiah.


Kelso is a handsome pirate with a fiery personality who was a part of Lass's social circle. When Lass ran into him during his wanderings and became close friends, it led to the creation of their pirate crew. Although they fought all the time, with him always ending up beaten, Kelso is a sensitive, loyal man who always worries about the well-being of his friend.

As a child, the pirate boss was raised by a tribe of blue-tailed mermaids. The princess, his adoptive mother, wanted Kelso to walk the path of being a scholar, but he met a "bad friend" along the way and eventually became a pirate.

While Lass has been honored as a hero for his work against the evils of Kaze'aze, Kelso remained a wanted criminal pursued by the Bermesiah Maritime Police. In the present, he is accompanied by a trio of underlings. It is said that they are preparing to form an idol group.


Though not mentioned in the story, Kelso appeared briefly in the Korean server of Grand Chase as an NPC in the Serdin Park. He made his debut in Grand Chase: The Cellular Game.


  • Despite having an official Grand Chase artwork, Kelso's portrait has not been released by KOG Studios.
    • However, a concept artwork that depicted him and Lass was published instead.




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