The Kleiophone is a weapon utilized by Amy for her Siren job in Grand Chase. It is a crosier that she uses as a microphone to restore allies with her singing as well as crushing enemies on the battlefield.


The Kleiophone is a divine tool originally used by Sirens to convey the voices and intent of mortals to the gods but was no longer in use. It can direct the sound and amplify it through vibrations of this very rare sacred crystal attached to the tip of the staff.

As she wandered, searching for the fallen gods of Xenia, Amy came across a music fairy and discovered the Kleiophone. The spirit put her to the test to see if she is worthy of the instrument.


  • The Kleiophone is named after Clio whose name is also spelled as Kleio. She is the goddess of history and heroic poetry in Greek mythology. Clio is also one of the Muses, deities of the arts in ancient Greece.
  • The Kleiophone is said to be the ultimate symbol of the Sirens.



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