Emblem of the Kounat Royal Family.

The Kounat Royal Family were the Celestials responsible for the development of Kounat civilization. They were the only people capable of withstanding the "Geas" which came with the ability to control the Soul Stone and the Aernas Hammer.


After the creation of Kounat, many of the deities fell in love with humans and their children were born with distinguishable abilities unlike mortals with human parents. As their population grew, the Celestials accelerated the development of magic in Kounat with the gods. Eventually, they chose a person of excellence among the Celestials and was hailed the king of Kounat.

Hundreds of years after the First Demon War, Mari Ming Ornette was born in the Kounat Royal Family.

Known Members

Mari Ming Ornette

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Mari Ming Ornette was a princess in Kounat and is the only living heir of the royal family. In the last minutes of Kounat, Mari was secured in an escape pod in accordance to evacuation procedures of the royal family, however, the pod failed to receive requisite power due to the explosion already proceeding.

She was saved by Duel, who was observing her for his own purposes.

King Arsad

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Arsad was the king of Kounat around the Year 1800 of the Holy Power. He would be caught up in Baldinar's schemes, corrupting him with ancient demonic energy. Arsad met his demise in the hands of Esnar Din Kanavan in accordance with his blessing.

Hadunak Myu Ornette

Hadunak Myu Ornette was a grand duke in the Kounat kingdom. He was the younger brother of King Arsad and Mari's father. There is nothing else known about Hadunak and was presumably caught up by the Great Explosion of Kounat.





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