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KurtzPel (Korean: 커츠펠, lit. KurtzPel), also known as KurtzPel -Bringer of Chaos-, is an upcoming 3rd person anime-inspired action battle game developed by KOG Studios which uses Unreal Engine 4 and their own system called Toonline that generates an outline based on bump map, lightning and the model itself. It offers a diverse character creation and combination based action combat applicable to their wide selection of PvE and PvP contents.

According to Director Gwon, the game takes place in a parallel universe of Grand Chase after a certain point wherein major events and stories are depicted differently.[1] However, it is not a direct sequel to their previous title although it may seem to fit the bill.

Plot SummaryEdit

In the world of Erthesia, KurtzPel is a "bringer of chaos", a disaster that has been wrought upon the world and is highly feared and hated by the eyes of society.


A demo of the game, which was still under development at the time, was presented at the G★STAR 2017 trade show. Amidst a market that is aggressively migrating to mobile, Director Gwon answered that the decision to stick with PC was based on the will to uphold KOG's name in action games and the belief that quick and concise controls were essential to do so. They also chose to work with an engine suitable for multiple platforms.

When asked what kind of game KurtzPel is, the director said that it has KOG's proven action formula improved and claimed to cut out any Pay-2-Win systems. He stressed that the game is an action PvP game at the core and that related contents will be developed first.[2]


The North American CBT was hosted in a KurtzPel booth at G-Star 2018 from November 15 to 18.[3]


KurtzPel is an online game where the player's character consists of three things: Soul (lore), Body (appearance) and Karma (class). A character can have two active Karmas at a time and switch between them during combat with the TAB key anytime, a function similar to Dual Wielding System in Grand Chase.

The character has a base set of 3 special skills for each weapon, bound to E/R/F keys and has a "rage skill" that activates when using Q key. The character can deliver various combos if the player chain up the base combos with skills and also have a dodge ability on Shift.[4]

Karma SystemEdit

The player's character inherits and hones the eternal experience passed down generations. While it is similar to what classes are in other games, Karma isn't limited to individual skills but the overall powers a character possess.

Initially, there are five known Karmas in Kurtzpel: Sword Taliah (greatsword), Dance of Wind (longbow), Diabolic Witch (staff), Dual Souls (dual swords) and Blazing Fist (fist knuckles). Players can choose two of the Karmas they have at their disposal to engage in battle. Setting up the right Karmas will be an important strategic decision for premade teams. Karmas and Karma Shards which can be attached to weapons are obtained through an improved "relationship" with the Quest NPCs who own them. Karma Shards attached to a character's weapon will decide their usable skills.

Karma is something that can be shared with other users. This means it is possible to possess all existing Karmas which can be trained further.[5]

Quest NPCsEdit

The players can obtain quests from the Chase, an organization their characters are part of. The difficulty of quests given out is determined from each 'Chase' ranking.



  • The organization where the Quest NPCs belonged to in KurtzPel is called "Chase" and composed of members that resemble or were directly taken from Grand Chase.
  • In a released cinematic video[6], Lire and Amy from Grand Chase have appeared to furthermore demonstrate the connection between the two worlds.
    • The same video even used the Battle of Honor soundtrack from Grand Chase.
  • In the Probatio clip[7], other Grand Chase characters such as Elesis and Arme seemingly in their Sword Master and Battle Mage jobs respectively have also appeared.
  • KOG refers to the fans of KurtzPel as "chasers" which is also used by the Grand Chase community.
  • KurtzPel has created controversy upon Elsword fans because of similar assets, setting, and characters. They also claimed to have found recycled old animations and game effects for the new game.[8]
  • KurtzPel is occasionally mislabeled as an MMORPG when in fact the game just has some elements of a traditional MMORPG in it.


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