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First Blade


"The silver Assassin with a dark past."

Main Info

  • Name: Lass Isolet
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Unknown
  • Likes: To be alone[1]
  • Dislikes: His past, circuses[1]
  • Weakness: Dogs[1]

Lass was born a half demon and half human to a father of unknown origins and a human mother. His father disappeared soon after he was born and his mother was ostracized even in exile for giving birth to an ominous child. She abandoned Lass after enduring all that she could and he was captured by a circus that used him as a monster attraction.

While still living his life as an attraction, he one day woke up to an unknown power that went out of control and burned down the circus. With his newly found freedom, he wandered Aernas until he met the one that would teach him the ways of the Assassin. Once he mastered the skills, Lass and his Assassin trainees created the Silver Cross Thieves. 

After the kingdom war, the half breed Lass had his body stolen by Kaze'aze which resulted in a battle between him and the members of Grand Chase. In losing the battle, Kaze'aze released her control over him and in doing so, he remembered all the evil deeds that Kaze'aze had done using his body and became consumed with guilt. In the end, Lass decides that he must take responsibility for his sins and joins the Grand Chase to vanquish the demons.


  • Cost: ??? USD

"Welcome to the inn."

A lady wearing luxurious clothes greeted Lass at the entrance of the inn. It's probably a nice inn. Lass who thought this was just a regular inn from looking at outside appearance regretted his choice. But he persuaded himself to stay at the inn by saying that he would have to sleep outside if he doesn't go to this inn.

"A cheap room please."

"Okay-! I'll take you to your room!"

The lady clapped and a servant guided him to his room. The blanket was soft with no weird smell, so it made him want to lie in bed right away. While he was fighting with his inner self, the servants let him know that his bath is ready. Nothing is better than a bath when it comes to relieving stress. Although I was surprised when the servants came and said that they would wash me.

"You don't have to do this..."

"This is our basic service. Service!"

"Oh, okay... Um, can I get the cheapest meal..."

"Okay! We will have your meal ready so you can eat right after your bath."

Lass asked for a cheap meal because he didn't have a lot of money. Lass looked very distressed after coming out of the bath. A table full of food was waiting for him.

Fresh rice cake smell was infiltrating his nose. An octopus was boiling into a bright purple color in a giant pot. Looking at juicy meat was making his mouth water. The Mistress offered him a seat who was looking at the table.

"Please eat before it gets cold."

"No... I don't think this is my dinner table...?"

"We provide the best service for travelers to relieve their fatigue. I won't charge you separately so don't worry."

"Wow! This place is better than I expected!"

Lass was amazed at the treatment that he was receiving. At first, he was very cautious, but he couldn't stop himself after taking a bite. To Lass who always had to eat dry food while he was traveling and had to eat cheap meals at places that he's stayed at, the power of dinner at the inn was great.

Cozy bed, bath to relieve his fatigue, and food that fueled him all felt like something from heaven. Lass felt like he's been living an abstinence life like a monk. Lass thought it was the best day of his life up until he was about to get in bed. A loud sound from outside disturbed his sleep.

"I'm sorry, guest. About that..."

"Bring me food before you make up any excuses, food!"

Lass walked out of his room with a sword around his waist. A young guy who looked like a knight was creating a fuss. Lass frowned.

"A wanderer like you should be thankful for the roof over your head!"

"What? How dare you!"

The wanderer took out his sword. Servants escorted the Mistress away from them. Lass walked a little bit to find a place where the wanderer can't hurt anyone. To Lass, he looked like a newbie. No one knows where he used to use his sword, but he still looked like a rookie. Instead of taking out his sword, Lass just hit him hard multiple times.

"Ahhh! Who are you? I've never seen a knight fight like you even on the battlefield!"

"You don't have a lot of knowledge."

"Y, you...! Do you even know who my father is...!?"

"Why would I be interested in your father when I'm not even interested in you?"


After Lass hit his head, he fainted. All the servants cheered as Lass got rid of the guy who was making a fuss. Lass smiled as his eye met with the Mistress. He felt good thinking that he got to repay them for their treatment.

"Thank you, knight!"

"No. I did what I had to do."

"You are strong. You sure did seem like a knight that goes around the battlefield!"

The Mistress praised Lass. Lass who's a wandering Solver didn't correct her when she said he's a knight on the battlefield. He just smiled back at the Mistress who was smiling at him.

  • Cost: 1300 Gems

A figure blocked the carriage of a Count that was returning from a ball. It was a dirty commoner boy.

The horseman yelled at the boy in anger.

"I-I'm sorry my lord, but my younger sister hasn't come home..."

"That is all right, I understand your trouble and I would like to help. Get in the carriage."

"W-What? But how could I..."

"Wandering around this time at night by yourself would be too dangerous. Do not worry and get in the carriage."

The Count smiled warmly and had the boy on board the carriage.

As the boy started to explain the appearance of his sister, the Count slowly smiled wickedly. The thought of doing unsavory things to both siblings had him excited.

The Count was a vampire and he had infiltrated the human society for his gains.

The vampire that became a Count was free to do as he please, sucking the blood of helpless victims and killing them.

The Count's mouth was watering at the thought of sucking the blood of his young victims. The boy facing the Count was smiling awkwardly. The boy was already charmed by the vampire and to him, the Count looked like he was smiling warmly at him.

The Count could no longer hold his appetite and closed his mouth toward the boy's neck.



At that critical moment, the silver pendant on the boy's necklace burned the vampire. The boy was freed from the vampire's charm and quickly yelled.

"Master! The target finally showed his true color!"

"All right, get to safety."

"Okay, I made sure to mark the insignia!"

As the Count was confused the boy jumped from the carriage and soon after a blade came down from the ceiling of the carriage.


The horseman transformed into a beast and jumped at the figure on top of the carriage. However, the only sound that was heard was the cry of pain from the beast.

As the horseman was taken out the horses attached to the carriage ran wild and the carriage flipped over to the side of the road. The Count barely made it out of the carriage and snarled looking for the Assassin. A figure gazed at the count with their back facing the moon.

The Count noticed the strange mask his attack was wearing and thought.

"That's the mask of a 'hunter'... But that can't be, they shouldn't exist anymore..."


A long time ago, some beings hunted monsters like the Count.

They protected the innocent from threats like vampires.

To the monsters, they were natural enemies and because of the monsters like the Count went into hiding amongst humans. The first thing those who infiltrated human society was to mark the hunters as dangerous beings to make sure they are no longer around. That is how all of the hunters no longer existed, but if that was the case, who is this strange man?

The silver-haired Assassin replied.

"If our enemies change, we should change as well. If you no longer run wild hurting innocents out in the open, we no longer have to carry the name of a hunter. If you decide to act like a noble, then we will act as an Assassin that kills the said nobles."

"This... cannot be..."

The Count suddenly remembered that the nobles were being assassinated. Even at the ball that was the biggest discussion.

However, the Count did not expect those Assassins to be hunters...


The Count slowed back away before he consumed by the shadows. Even in shadows, the Count was no longer safe as the boy's silver pendant left an insignia on him.

The silver-haired Assassin drew his sword and silently followed the insignia.


Burns and Gets Up


People who came to the circus laughed at my monster appearance.

Lassk Lass: I don't want to talk about it.

Unlock Requirements

  • Lass 1 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Lass 'Likability' Lv.0

Lassk Lass: I felt like I was reborn.

Mission Requirements

  • Achieve 100,000,000 Accumulated damage to Dimensional Boss with Lass
  • Clear Dimensional Chasm Dark Marjoram's Chasm 1 times


Likability Lass 01

Lassk Lass: I kind of remember... my mother's face. I don't remember my father's face. But everyone said my father is a monster... And pointed fingers at me for being a son of a monster. So I was used to people pointing fingers at me. The days in the circus were nightmares.

One day, someone visited me.

I don't remember who it was. But after he left, I was in great pain like something burning my body. I moaned after trying to endure the pain. At that moment, something that was burning inside me burst into the world.

The blue flame burned me and the circus. No, the flame didn't burn me. The flame burned the skin. I looked down at my hands. Blue flame was swaying. But something else caught my eyes. They were hands of an ordinary person. I felt my face with my hand that was still unfamiliar to me. I couldn't feel the rough skin that was covering my face.

I became a human.

Blue Flame


Monster appearance is gone. The blue flame burned it all.

Lassk Lass: I can't do it now.

Unlock Requirements

  • Lass 2 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Lass 'Likability' Lv.1

Lassk Lass: Why did that happen?

Mission Requirements

  • Defeat Healer boss in Adventure Dungeon 30 times with Lass and recommended BP 130,000 or higher
  • Clear Annihilation Rank 1 or higher

Elite Goblin Soldier: H-Human?
Goblin Archer: I didn't know there was a human!
Goblin Archer: I thought it was a demon!
Lassk Lass: ......

Lassk Lass: Did my demon blood call the monsters...
Lassk Lass: (I looked down at my hands.)
Lassk Lass: (Although there wasn't a blue flame...)
Lassk Lass: (I could feel the power within me.)
Lassk Lass: (At first, I thought this was the blessing from the goddess.)
Lassk Lass: (Unfortunately, it didn't take long for me to realize that it wasn't.)
Lassk Lass: (It was just my outside appearance that changed.)
Lassk Lass: (My monster appearance changed to human...)
Lassk Lass: (I was still the son of a monster.)
Lassk Lass: (The blood that circulates inside me helped me to not forget.)
Lassk Lass: (Is the blue flame my power?)
Lassk Lass: (Or is it power that filled me on that day?)
Lassk Lass: (Who was the person... that visited me that day?)
Lassk Lass: ......
Lassk Lass: I keep thinking of unnecessary things today.
Lassk Lass: I have to find out someday, but not today.
Lassk Lass: I have to focus on things I need to do now.

Assassin Master


Assassin Master looks at his successor who can't control hatred with worried eyes.

Lassk Lass: Am I going to be swayed by the power...

Unlock Requirements

  • Lass 3 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Lass 'Likability' Lv.2

Lassk Lass: The order of the dark world is like...

Mission Requirements

  • Search successful 8 times in Claire Bible with Lass
  • Acquire 6★ in Guild War

Back Alley Sailor 1: Are you not done yet? We don't know when the assassin is going to appear!
Back Alley Sailor 1: We might have to leave everything behind and run.
Back Alley Sailor 2: But... I just unloaded the supplies...
Lassk Lass: Are you ready to pay the price for ignoring the assassin's warning?
Back Alley Sailor 1: A-Ah! He's here! Assassin!
Back Alley Sailor 2: Crap! No. Let's run away!
Lassk Lass: ......
Lassk Lass: Can't believe I have to let them go... if it wasn't for my master's words...
Lassk Lass: (I didn't have anywhere to go after leaving the circus.)
Lassk Lass: (I found my hometown,)
Lassk Lass: (But nobody remembered the monster child and the mom that raised him.)
Lassk Lass: (I was a foreigner to them.)
Lassk Lass: (My master took me in.)
Lassk Lass: (Master trained kids like me to become assassins.)
Lassk Lass: (Kids couldn't easily adapt to the hard training because all they could do was steal and pickpocket.)
Lassk Lass: (But I was the opposite.)
Lassk Lass: (I trained thinking about this world that made me be in this situation.)
Lassk Lass: (It didn't take me long to become the best assassin from the guild.)
Lassk Lass: (Everyone from the guild said that the next striker is me.)
Lassk Lass: (But one person... assassin master didn't agree.)
Lassk Lass: (But everyone was on my side.)
Lassk Lass: (Although he's a master, he couldn't disagree with what everyone wanted.)
Lassk Lass: (『Your sword is full of hatred.』)
Lassk Lass: (『We protect the last of the last.』)
Lassk Lass: (『We only exist for the order of the dark world.』)
Lassk Lass: (『Hatred in your sword is too dangerous to keep order.』)
Lassk Lass: (『Control yourself.』)
Lassk Lass: (『Or else... You will become a leader of a group of murderers.』)
Lassk Lass: (Master kept telling me things that I should be worried about.)
Lassk Lass: (It's not like I don't understand him.)
Lassk Lass: (It's just...)
Lassk Lass: (I don't understand why I should show mercy to people that shouldn't live.)
Lassk Lass: Is he saying... not to slash people no matter how evil they are.
Lassk Lass: (Yes, I shouldn't take my anger out on them.)
Lassk Lass: (I think I dealt with low level criminals these days.)
Lassk Lass: (I keep getting information that monsters are moving suspiciously.)
Lassk Lass: (I'll have to focus on that for a while.)



Although I don't have any good memories, I stayed at my hometown. Not knowing that it will be filled with evil.

Lassk Lass: I eventually...

Unlock Requirements

  • Lass 4 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Lass 'Likability' Lv.3

Lassk Lass: Everything was Kaze'aze's scheme.

Mission Requirements

  • Clear adventure dungeon 50 times with Lass and recommended BP 220,000 or higher
  • Clear Annihilation Rank 1 or higher

Kaze'aze: Fuhuhuhu.
Kaze'aze: I can sense the darkness inside you, striker.
Lassk Lass: Keuk.
Kaze'aze: I can't understand.
Kaze'aze: Do you know why I made Ellia peninsula as my base?
Kaze'aze: Because it's worthless.
Kaze'aze: This barren ground is full of humans that are raised here and can't leave.
Kaze'aze: No one cares about this place.
Kaze'aze: Hm, are you the type to be caught up in your hometown?
Kaze'aze: I would've left a long time ago...
Kaze'aze: Did you want to fight me... to protect this place?
Lassk Lass: Keuk.
Lassk Lass: I wasn't really trying to protect it because it's my hometown.
Lassk Lass: In this Silver Cross town...
Lassk Lass: There's my assassin guild and soldiers that serve me!
Kaze'aze: Fuhuhuhu. You don't know how to lie.
Kaze'aze: Why is the master of an assassin guild...
Kaze'aze: so naive?
Lassk Lass: ......
Lassk Lass: Don't act like you can read my mind!
Lassk Lass: I can see your twisted mind too!
Kaze'aze: Fuhuhuhu.
Kaze'aze: Did we become that close?
Lassk Lass: Nonsense...
Kaze'aze: You have things that I lack.
Kaze'aze: Half human, half demon body is not easy to find in Aernas.
Lassk Lass: Eek!
Kaze'aze: I think that's enough.
Kaze'aze: I'll take this for bothering me.
Kaze'aze: I think there will be a day where your body will be useful.
Lassk Lass: Ugh,
Lassk Lass: Ahhhhhh!!

Revenge is my power!


Revenge sharpens me. Sharpens.. To make me into a sharp knife.

Lassk Lass: Move out of the way. Don't talk to me.

Unlock Requirements

  • Lass 5 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Lass 'Likability' Lv.4

Lassk Lass: I can't sharpen the blade again.

Mission Requirements

  • Defeat Assault boss in Adventure Dungeon 60 times with Lass and recommended BP 270,000 or higher
  • Clear Dimensional Chasm Dark Marjoram's Chasm 1 times
  • Clear Clear Siege of Teroka (Normal) Fire and Ice



Lassk Lass: I'm still weak. I need to get stronger.
Lassk Lass: (I was like a sharp sword that was thrown away.)
Lassk Lass: (A sword made up of resentment and vengeance at this world and my situation.)
Lassk Lass: (The sharpness was my strength.)
Lassk Lass: (I lost part of my power from passing Dimensional Chasm.)
Lassk Lass: (But it's okay.)
Lassk Lass: (I'm just revisiting the place I went to...)
Lassk Lass: (Let's sharpen myself again.)
???: Mm... Hey you!
Lassk Lass: What's wrong?
Kylek Kyle: Yes... I mean no, nothing's wrong... It's not a big deal, but... With the moon shining brightly...
Kylek Kyle: How about setting aside a time to discuss swords together...
Kylek Kyle: Ah, no... That's not it...
Kylek Kyle: I will allow you to give this sword saint counsel on his sword... No, wait not counsel...
Lassk Lass: Heh, are you asking me to teach you?
Kylek Kyle: Urk... That wasn't what I was trying to...
Lassk Lass: (I think this boy, Kyle, wants to be stronger.)
Lassk Lass: (Although people misunderstand him for his uniqueness...)
Lassk Lass: (I can see that he truly respects and likes swords.)
Lassk Lass: (I kind of envied him.)
Lassk Lass: (Would I have been able to have that attitude... if I encountered the sword with that pure heart?)
Lassk Lass: (I wanted to give him an advice.)
Lassk Lass: (But what can I teach him?)
Lassk Lass: (To have anger and revenge?)
Lassk Lass: (Will it be alright for him to walk the same path as me?)
Lassk Lass: Unfortunately, our sword styles are very different.
Lassk Lass: Even if you were to learn from me, it would not benefit you at all.
Lassk Lass: Though if it was Elesis...
Kylek Kyle: Ele...sis?
Lassk Lass: (He needs to learn something like Elesis's sword movements.)
Lassk Lass: (If I had the time, I wanted to fill myself the same way.)
Lassk Lass: (But that's my greed.)
Lassk Lass: (I need to regain my strength and fight enemies.)
Lassk Lass: (I'll burn myself with revenge and kill enemies.)
Lassk Lass: (That... is the only way I can forgive my sins.)

Dull Sword


I feel impatient because my strength isn't recovering fast enough. Why am I not as sharp as I used to be before?

Lassk Lass: But, why?

Unlock Requirements

  • Lass 6 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Lass 'Likability' Lv.5

Lassk Lass: Is my way... wrong?

Mission Requirements

  • Achieve 500,000,000 accumulated damage to Dimensional Boss with Lass
  • Acquire Dimensional Boss Summon reward 20 times
  • Clear Great Explosion of Kounat (Normal) The World's End

Elscud: I'm sorry Elesis.
Elscud: Elesis... Stay alive.
Elesisk Elesis: Father...
Decaneek Decanee: It's so wonderful to see your face in pain.
Decaneek Decanee: You and I go a long way...
Elesisk Elesis: ......
Elesisk Elesis: I won't forgive you.
Elesisk Elesis: I'll never forgive you!
Decaneek Decanee: That's if you ever make it out of here.
Decaneek Decanee: The preparation is complete.

Lassk Lass: (The thunderstorm let out a large noise.)
Lassk Lass: (White light and the loud noise covered the world.)
Lassk Lass: (I was standing behind Elesis and could see her shoulders shaking.)
Lassk Lass: (Elesis was trying so hard to get up.)
Lassk Lass: (『Will never forgive... never!!』)
Lassk Lass: (I could hear her scream from anger.)
Lassk Lass: (Elesis looked very serious.)
Lassk Lass: (But, why?)
Lassk Lass: (She looked like a beast who was crying from the wounds.)
Lassk Lass: (Elesis who never crumbled from fighting enemies...)
Lassk Lass: (Looked very weak and dangerous.)
Lassk Lass: (Anger was eating away Elesis.)
Lassk Lass: (I felt my heart sink.)
Lassk Lass: (I always believed that anger makes me stronger.)
Lassk Lass: (But in this moment, my faith was faltering.)
Lassk Lass: (Am I like Elesis?)
Lassk Lass: (The reason I became so weak isn't because I lost power...)
Lassk Lass: (I think it became dull because it was polished the wrong way.)
Lassk Lass: (......)
Lassk Lass: (If that's true, I can't let Elesis break down like me.)
Lassk Lass: Wake up, Elesis!
Lassk Lass: You are...
Elesisk Elesis: ......
Elesisk Elesis: ......
Lassk Lass: (I couldn't tell if she heard me from the loud thunder noise.)
Lassk Lass: (But Elesis looked at me and answered with a strong stare.)
Lassk Lass: (Elesis was strong.)
Lassk Lass: (She wasn't getting eaten away by anger, and was just silently angry.)
Lassk Lass: (She overcame the situation in a short moment.)
Lassk Lass: (I couldn't stop admiring her strong mentality.)
Lassk Lass: (Can I... become like that too?)



I can't sleep today from the guilt when I was getting controlled by Kaze'aze.

Lassk Lass: I did all this.

Unlock Requirements

  • Lass 1 'Transcendence' achieved
  • Reach Lass 'Likability' Lv.6

Lassk Lass: It's debt I have to repay until I die.

Mission Requirements

  • Clear adventure dungeon 80 times with Lass and recommended BP 345,000 or higher
  • Achieve Guild Boss accumulated damage 100,000,000

Ronank Ronan: I'm sorry for making you run errands.
Lassk Lass: I just brought you water.
Lassk Lass: I was going to patrol the area anyway so don't worry.
Lassk Lass: I'm sorry for making you wait for me.
Ronank Ronan: No... I couldn't sleep.
Ronank Ronan: Please wait a moment.
Ronank Ronan: I'll make you something warm.

Likability Lass 02

Lassk Lass: Smells good.
Lassk Lass: I'm glad there's no monsters around here.
Ronank Ronan: I'm making enough for other people too.
Ronank Ronan: Here, take it.
Ronank Ronan: It will warm your body.
Lassk Lass: Thanks.
Lassk Lass: ......
Lassk Lass: It's good. Why don't you leave the patrol to me and sleep?
Ronank Ronan: Oh, that...
Ronank Ronan: I have days when I can't sleep.
Ronank Ronan: I'll stay here a little longer.
Lassk Lass: I...
Lassk Lass: Alright then.
Ronank Ronan: ......
Lassk Lass: ......
Ronank Ronan: Um... Isn't your shift over?
Lassk Lass: I don't really want to wake someone up.
Lassk Lass: And I don't want to sleep...
Lassk Lass: I'll just patrol a little bit longer.
Ronank Ronan: Okay.
Ronank Ronan: ......
Lassk Lass: ......
Ronank Ronan: I can't fall asleep when I think about that moment.
Ronank Ronan: Although... It wasn't my will...
Ronank Ronan: It doesn't mean I didn't do it.
Lassk Lass: Yes. I don't know about other people...
Lassk Lass: But you can't deceive yourself.
Ronank Ronan: How can I ask for forgiveness?
Lassk Lass: If others say they forgive you, will you be able to accept that?
Ronank Ronan: ......
Lassk Lass: You don't need comfort or support.
Lassk Lass: You forgive yourself.
Lassk Lass: You can get rid of the burden when you can forgive yourself.
Lassk Lass: You can only rescue yourself.
Lassk Lass: Hm...
Lassk Lass: I think I talked too much.
Ronank Ronan: No.
Ronank Ronan: I could feel how hard you've been trying to find the answer.
Ronank Ronan: I'm sure you're going through a harder time...
Ronank Ronan: I feel embarrassed because I made a big fuss about it.
Ronank Ronan: It makes me realize once again...
Ronank Ronan: that you have strong mentality.
Lassk Lass: Stop praising me.
Lassk Lass: If I really had strong mentality,
Lassk Lass: I wouldn't have lost to Kaze'aze.
Lassk Lass: ......
Lassk Lass: I'm thirsty.
Lassk Lass: Can I have another cup please?
Ronank Ronan: Haha.
Ronank Ronan: Yes, of course.

Half Blood


Rufus introduced himself as Haros from Underworld. Maybe...

Lassk Lass: Not a demon?

Unlock Requirements

  • Lass 2 'Transcendence' achieved
  • Reach Lass 'Likability' Lv.7

Lassk Lass: Different world, different species...

Mission Requirements

  • Defeat Ranger boss in adventure dungeon 90 times with Lass and recommended BP 380,000 or higher
  • Clear Daily Defense 2 times with Lass

Lirek Lire: Lass!
Lirek Lire: I was worried about you.
Lirek Lire: Ah...
Lirek Lire: Are you hurt?
Lassk Lass: It's not that bad.
Limek Lime: Don't worry!
Limek Lime: The grace of a goddess can reach anyone!
Lassk Lass: Yes... It's a very clean fix. Thanks, Lime.
Limek Lime: You're welcome!
Lirek Lire: You used to avoid heal magic...
Lirek Lire: Are you really okay? Do you feel uncomfortable?
Lassk Lass: Not at all...
Lassk Lass: I'm surprised at how neatly I'm fixed.
Lassk Lass: (If half of my blood is demon blood,)
Lassk Lass: (I wouldn't be this fine after taking in holy power...)
Lassk Lass: Is my prediction right?
Lirek Lire: What? Lass, what did you just...
Lassk Lass: Nothing.
Lirek Lire: ......
Lirek Lire: Well, I'm glad you're okay.
Lirek Lire: Let's go. Our friends are waiting over there.
Lirek Lire: Lass?
Lassk Lass: I'm sorry but I will have to move by myself for a while.
Lassk Lass: I have to check something from him.
Rufusk Rufus: ......
Rufusk Rufus: I have nothing to say to you.
Lassk Lass: We will see about that.
Rufusk Rufus: This is an interesting experience.
Rufusk Rufus: I can't believe there is a person who is willing to follow Underworld Bounty Hunter.
Lassk Lass: You talk more than I thought you would.
Rufusk Rufus: ......
Rufusk Rufus: Do whatever you want.
Rufusk Rufus: If you just stay out of my business, I won't stop you from following me.

Path of a sword


Lass realizes what path he should take. He starts to walk forward again.

Lassk Lass: I've made up my mind.

Unlock Requirements

  • Lass 3 'Transcendence' achieved
  • Reach Lass 'Likability' Lv.8

Lassk Lass: I still love swords, but...

Mission Requirements

  • Achieve 1,000,000,000 accumulated damage to Dimensional Boss with Lass
  • Clear Wizard's Labyrinth 5 times

Lassk Lass: The situation didn't change. The world couldn't escape the shadow of evil. If I got rid of a hand of greed, another hand of greed appeared and tried to take over the world. Kaze'aze appeared again like she was trying to fool me. It was as if she was whispering me to fight her again. But... I don't want to let my anger take over my body again. It's nothing more than a delusion. Nothing will change like that. If the situation doesn't change... I have to change.

Likability Lass 03

Lassk Lass: I don't need more anger. I cannot ask for forgiveness with a mindset like that. I will walk on this straight path and live a life of atonement. I will become a sword that will slash everything that gets in my way. That is Lass Isolet's path.

Striker's Nodachi


Dagger of the Silver Cross Thieves' Leader, Nodachi.

All you need to end a person's life is a couple of inches of steel. Big weapons are only a burden to Assassins who approach their enemies from the shadows.

However, hiding your presence, your will to kill is a different story. Big weapons are advantageous in a situation where it requires longer reach. Of course, that's if you can wield it properly.

  • Physical Attack: 1040
  • Physical Defense: 540
  • Magic Defense: 290
  • Max Health: 2560


  • Shop: Can be purchased in Guild Point Shop.
  • Fusing Heroes: Acquire randomly through Hero Fusion.
  • Treasure Chest: Can be acquired from Diamond Chest.
  • Shop: Can be acquired from Summon Shop.


Physical Attack
Physical Defense
Magical Defense


TIP: You can upgrade a skill every time the hero achieves Breakthrough. Special skill cannot be enhanced.

Skill Icon
Lass-Laser Cutter
Laser Cutter
12 sec(s)
"Quickly charge then gather the enemies and slash them"

Lass will gather enemies as he quickly charges toward the targeted direction then slash them to deal 120% of physical attack damage and leave behind 'Assassin's Mark' for 8 seconds.

[Additional Effect]
After using the skill, the basic attack damage that he receives will be reduced by 70% for 7 seconds.
Lass-Giga Slash
Giga Slash
10 sec(s)
"Jump into the air and attack the enemy using the sword's energy"

After jumping into the targeted location, shoots sword energy at the enemies to deal 295.2% of physical attack damage. Also, enemies with 'Assassin's Mark' will receive 1.5x damage. When specific conditions for 'Giga Slash' are met, SP will not be consumed and within 5 seconds, 'Giga Slash' can be used once more.

[Additional Use Conditions]
After using 'Giga Slash', 20% chance to randomly use once more. If a critical strike occurs when attacking with 'Giga Slash', 100% chance to use again.
Lass-Phantom Blade
Phantom Blade
30 sec(s)
"Cast a powerful sword dance that splits the earth in a targeted area"

Using quick movements and brilliant swordsmanship, Lass slashes the enemies in the targeted area as if to pulverize them and deals 392% of physical attack damage. The target will receive increased damage by 45% for 15 seconds.
Lass-Assassin's Instinct
Assassin's Instinct
"Increases allies' crit chance, upgrade basic attack"

If a critical hit happens while using basic attacks and skill attacks, increase your allies' crit chance by 20% for 10 seconds. For every 4 basic attacks, attack the enemies with 3 consecutive shots and leave an 'Assassin's Mark' that lasts for 8 seconds.

Skill Icon
Lass-Laser Cutter
Laser Cutter
12 sec(s)
"Quickly charge then gather the enemies and slash them"

Lass will gather enemies as he quickly charges toward the targeted direction then slash them to deal 120% of physical attack damage and leave behind 'Assassin's Mark' for 8 seconds. After using the skill, he can use 'Fatal Fury Tempest' 1 time within 7 seconds without using SP.

[Fatal Fury Tempest]
Slash an enemy with blinding speed to deal 260% of physical attack damage. After, he can deal an additional 510% of physical attack damage at a 35% chance to enemies hit.

[Additional Effect]
After using the skill, the basic attack damage that he receives will be reduced by 70% for 7 seconds.
Lass-Giga Slash
Giga Slash
10 sec(s)
"Jump into the air and attack the enemy using the sword's energy"

After jumping into the targeted location, shoots sword energy at the enemies to deal 295.2% of physical attack damage. Also, enemies with 'Assassin's Mark' will receive 1.5x damage. When specific conditions for 'Giga Slash' are met, SP will not be consumed and within 5 seconds, 'Giga Slash' can be used once more. Also, if 'Giga Slash' deals damage to a summoned being, it will be instantly removed and if you deal a critical strike to enemies, allies' critical strike chance will increase by 35% for 10 seconds.

[Additional Use Conditions]
After using 'Giga Slash', 20% chance to randomly use once more. If a critical strike occurs when attacking with 'Giga Slash', 100% chance to use again.
Lass-Assassin's Instinct
Assassin's Instinct
"Increases allies' crit chance, upgrade basic attack"

If a critical hit happens while using basic attacks and skill attacks, increase your allies' crit chance by 20% for 10 seconds. For every 4 basic attacks, attack the enemies with 3 consecutive shots and leave an 'Assassin's Mark' that lasts for 8 seconds. 'Assassin's Mark' left on enemies from basic and skill attacks will deal 40% of physical attack damage per second overtime.

Recommended Sets

2 set is equipped
4 set is equipped
Dagger of Passion
Skill Attack Damage Increase 10.00 %
When using skills, acquire [Dagger of Passion] effect. (Can stack up to 10 times)

[Dagger of Passion]
Crit Chance increased by 2% per stack.

Recommended Accessories

2 Critical Chance Increase + 1 Skill Cooldown Reduction
2 Skill Cooldown Reduction + 1 Critical Chance Increase
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Solar Ring
Increase critical chance.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Lava Necklace
Increase critical chance.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Chasm Necklace
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Earrings of Order
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %

Recommended Traits

Critical Chance Increase + Skill Cooldown Reduction + Skill Damage Increase
LVL 4/5
LVL 4/5
LVL 4/5


Aernas' Heroes
With their power and bravery, the heroes of Aernas never lost hope. Their stories have yet to end.

6★ Mari

6★ Ronan

6★ Arme

6★ Lass

6★ Ryan

6★ Sieghart
Completion Reward:Gemsx1500


  • Assassin is Lass' second job in the original game.
  • Dark Assassin is Lass' third job in the original game.
    • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, however, Dark Assassin does not possess his designated weapon Claws.
  • Striker is Lass' fourth job in the original game.
    • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, however, Striker has a different design while Half-Blood took its original appearance.
  • First Blade's design is based on Lass' promotional artwork in GWC 2010 from the original game.
  • Along with Mistress, Solver is the first Coordi that was released earlier outside Korea.
  • In the description of Striker's Nodachi, the weapon is likened to a dagger when Nodachi is in fact, a large greatsword.
    • Instead, the daggers themselves are more befitting of the description. However, the weapons are not in the game nor the Thief job where Lass uses them.
  • Despite being aware of his half-breed nature, Lass did not know that he was one of the Haros until the events of the Underworld Train and Underworld.
  • The backstory of Lass in Likability conflicts with his background profile in that he did not create the Silver Cross Thieves. Rather, it was the guild leader who found and brought him into the guild, eventually training him to become his successor. This information correctly aligns with that from the original game.
    • Oddly enough, Lass already appeared as the original Striker when he fell under the control of Kaze'aze despite only becoming one after the Battle for Bermesiah.


Main article: Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser/Gallery




  • "I... have to get stronger..."
  • "Do you think that you can beat me with just that?"
  • "I dislike the conversation."
  • "Circus... I'm not fond of them."
  • "I don't feel anything even if we're together. It's not like we have a relationship..."
  • "I will not have lingering attachments since I never know when I will die."
  • "I have yet to atone for my sins."
  • "Kaze'aze... Is she still alive...?"
  • "When I meet the cretin that is my father... I want to ask him one thing before I kill him."
  • "There is always one truth! My name is Lass... Not the detective... Mm... Hm..."
  • "Feelings? It's not good or bad."
  • "Ronan? I don't know about anything else, but he makes good food."
  • "With great power comes great responsibility."
  • "Could you shut up?"
  • "Not really..."
  • "Worrying is useless..."
  • "How am I alive?"
  • "Let it go... It's not a big deal."
  • "Don't back down!"
  • "My childhood? Why do you want to know?"
  • "Heh... That was nothing..."
  • "Never thought about it much."
  • "If you don't have the confidence, it would be best not to be reckless."
  • "What's wrong?"
  • "This is nothing."
  • "Be careful! I'm heading your way."
  • "You idiot... I was worried!"
  • "That's it? It would be best not to be so confident."
  • "Unbelievable... I'm sure at that time..."
  • "I don't have anything that resembles a family... nothing..."
  • "Knight? Warrior? I'm just a nameless butcher."
  • "It... doesn't hurt."
  • "I can finally Prestige!" (Prestige)


  • Assassin's Guild is the recurring term used in the actual game. It is another name for Silver Cross Thieves which was used more often in the original game. For consistency, 'Silver Cross Thieves' is preferred by this Wiki.



Rank-SS Rank SR
Dark Gaian
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