Legis is a demon of the Haros tribe and the father of Rufus and Lass. He is said to be one of the greatest Bounty Hunters to have ever existed. He, like his children, has the power of the blue flame, an ability that is hereditary in his lineage. Legis is first mentioned in passing in the dialogue of Berkas's Lair.

At some point in time in the past, Legis left for the world of Aernas and never returned to the Underworld, essentially abandoning Rufus and earning the boy's intense hatred. This event also fostered a deep-seated desire within Rufus to surpass him in ability. Though not much is known about Legis's motives or current whereabouts, it is known that while he was in Aernas, Legis sired a second son, Lass, with a human woman.


  • Legis shares many similarities with Elesis's father, Elscud:
    • They have exactly two family members within the Grand Chase.
    • They are fathers to at least one member in the Grand Chase.
    • Both of them are missing and their whereabouts unknown.
  • According to a Brazilian article, Rufus resembles Legis in appearance, ability, and personality. According to Rufus's Brazilian profile, the Nether Blade that Rufus now uses once belonged to him.
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