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Likability (also known as Affinity) is a component of the Hero Story feature composed of a series of short and sometimes unrelated stories that took place before or during the telling of a longer, more important story of a Hero. It allows players to gain more insights about a certain character beyond their profile especially for those who have not played the original game and thus were new in the Grand Chase franchise.

There are up to 9 episodes per Hero with each having 2 or more missions that must be completed by the player for the episode to be viewed. Episodes can be accessed depending on the chosen character's Awakening, Transcendence, and other varying conditions. Meeting all the requirements shall unlock the next chapter and all Heroes' stats increase in proportion to the number of characters that have completed Likability growth.

At certain episodes, the player will receive rewards specific to that Hero of choice. By completing Episode 3, rewards the player with a new icon whereas Episode 6 will reward a special border. Ultimately, Episode 9 comes with a Premium-grade avatar and its corresponding icon that can only be acquired from Likability.

Likability can be accessed in the 'Episode' tab of the character's Hero Story window or the 'Current Likability' tab in the menu of Collection.

List of characters with Likability

Click on the icons or names to view the episodes.


  • So far, only Rank SR characters were able to receive or are eligible for Likability.
    • Elesis, Sieghart, and Lass were the first Heroes given with this feature.
  • Except for characters that are not playable in the original game, most of the avatars rewarded by completing Likability are based on certain Job Change Coordi sets. Others were taken from each characters' alternate appearances and miscellaneous armor sets.
  • Some stories in Likability are nonsensical and thus not considered canon.

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