Liod Veda is a Druid that lives in the Elven Forest. Due to his appearance similar to that of a beast, many elves and creatures stay away from him.[1]


In the past, a young Ryan approached Liod and greeted him. Liod taught the child how to fight like a Druid elf.


Lidmir neither appeared nor mentioned in the original game. However, information about himself was published in Naver blog.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser


  • According to a Brazilian article, Ryan was an orphan living alone in the side of the animals before he was adopted by Liod and became a Druid.
    • However, Ryan is also known to have a sister named Lian, suggesting that he didn't grow up in solitude.
      • There is a possibility that Lian is also an orphan adopted by Liod.




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