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This article lists other Grand Chase characters and groups seen or mentioned throughout the game or the story that could not be expanded, and cannot be redirected in any other pages of the Wiki to separate information irrelevant to the characters that are being read about.


  • Aminus: In Dragon Knight's story, Aminus was a dragon defeated by a Spell Knight who identified himself as "Erudon" in the past. This feat earned the young man the title of Dragon Knight and since then the Erudon became a prestigious family in Kanavan.
  • Bard of Xenia: Mentioned in the description of Amy's mission scroll, a bard was asking about the Oracle of Xenia continent described as a lovely and talented Dancer yet fights impressively as such a young age.
  • Celestial Messenger: Mentioned in the description of Prime Knight's mission scroll, a messenger came upon Sieghart appointing him as a Prime Knight to fend off the forces of evil and guided him on how to earn acceptance from the Soluna.
  • Hanna: In Halloween Witch's story, Hanna is the eldest of the three children who would participate in trick-or-treating. Initially planning to surprise her siblings with her costume, she ended up being one of the kids who got captivated by Mari's marvelous and fully detailed "costume".
  • Hera: A goddess whose head was managed to be possessed by the Ascendant God according to a quest description and so became one of the monsters in the Fortress of Ascension.
  • Horus: The late son of Osiris once bearing the mythical Crown of Sands. Amid fears of it being misused for evil, Horus had hidden pieces of the Crown within Seth's Pyramid.
  • Last Asura: In Asura's story, he who was called the "Asura" was an accomplished Fighter who willingly chose to defend the gods. Ended by Thanatos, he announced his final holy edict that once a great warrior was found that person should inherit the title of Asura.
  • Lilith: In Starlet's story, Lilith is the Starlet who was kidnapped by the Ascendant God Thanatos during the war of the gods, leaving the position vacant for a time being.
  • Maggie: In Starlet's story, Sister Maggie was the Starlet in her youth who began training young sisters in the order to fill the then-vacant class. She recognized Amy's potential and proposed to install her as the next Starlet, handing her the Chu-Chu Bag.
  • Mo'ru Pi'su: In Viken's story, Mo'ru Pi'su is the chief of the Druids who realized that they could not stamp out the forces of darkness with their transformative powers alone and so entered an alliance with Nature, endowing the Druids with its power. To those who succeeded, he would bestow them the title "Viken", and their scythes.
  • Segesu: Mentioned in the description of Sentinel's mission scroll, Segesu was talking to a young Druid about the protectors of Nature who wield Jade Hooks with strength and dexterity. After passing his test, one could receive the training necessary to carry these weapons.
  • Seth: A deity who conspired to kill Osiris by performing a ritual with his warlocks, taking over his kingdom. A tomb was erected in his name where treasures of Alcubra would be stored and protected against thieves.
  • Shisa Mu: In Shisa's story, Shisa Mu was the martial artist from the Snowy Mountain who is said to have passed along a secret book with his tonfa to Victor in the past.
  • Sybil: In Vanquisher's story, Sybil is the Druids' prophetess who formally declared Ryan as the "Vanquisher" with the sanction from Magnus Dan.
  • Violin: In Muse's story, there was an angel called "Violin" (Beyer in the Korean server) who descended to Aernas, passing on his power and wisdom to humans.
  • Vizier to the Queen of Kanavan: Mentioned in the description of Warlord's mission scroll, a vizier told Sieghart of the Queen's wish for him to protect the Kanavan Kingdom as he had been in the past by becoming a Warlord.


Armor Sets

  • Archangel Michael: The angel most feared by demons; said to have cast a protection spell on the Angelic White Armor Set.
  • Baldr: The Norse god who purified the world with the dazzling power of his light; mentioned in the description of Baldr Armor Set.
  • Captain Pilot: The brave and skilled airship pilot; mentioned in the description of the Captain Pilot Armor Set.
  • Cerberus: The three-headed dog that fights with the strength and fury of fiery oblivion; mentioned in the description of Cerberus Armor Set.
  • Iron Mask: The mysterious defender of justice; mentioned in the description of the Iron Mask Armor Set.
  • Peryton: The high-ranking demon believed to have the earth-shattering power to completely devastate a continent; mentioned in the description of Peryton's Armor Set.


  • Anansi: The spider god; mentioned in the description of Anansi's Accessories.
  • Atropos: One of the Three Fates who measures out the time of each individual; mentioned in the description of the Destiny Necklace.
  • Earendil: The Angel of the Light; mentioned in the description of the Light Necklace.
  • Frau: The Ice Fairy; mentioned in the description of the Ice Necklace.
  • Great Tiger: The valorous ruler of the Snowy Mountain; mentioned in the description of the Tiger Spirit Accessories.
  • Guardian: The Tutelary Fairy; mentioned in the description of the Cash Guard Anklet.
  • H.Quinn: The world-famous fashion designer; mentioned in the description of the Couple's H.Quinn Accessories.
  • Ixion: The Lightning Fairy; mentioned in the description of the Lightning Necklace.
  • Salamander: The Fire Fairy and one of Arme's elementals as a Warlock; mentioned in the description of the Fire Necklace.
  • Seraphim: A holy knight mentioned in the description of Seraphim's Accessories.
  • Sheol: The Dark Fairy; mentioned in the description of the Shadow Necklace.
  • Sylph: The Wind Fairy and one of Arme's elementals as a Warlock; mentioned in the description of the Wind Necklace.


  • EryuBell: The little fairy kidnapped by Monkeybeard's crew.
  • Leoniq: The insane emperor that once adorned the bloody sign, The Spiller of Blood, and the chilling sign, The Bearer of Ice.
  • Silafe: One of Arme's elementals as a Warlock.
  • Undine: One of Arme's elementals as a Warlock.


Mini Asura.png
  • Ancient Asura: In Asura's story, the ancient Asura were deities invoked by warriors while they meditated to soothe the violence within. These same gods were also called upon to push the ancient warriors' violent attacks to new levels of power.
  • Elite Dragon Guard: The Knights of Queen Kanavan who wear armor made from the scales of a dragon; mentioned in the description of the Dragon Armor Set.
  • Gabriel Musketeers: The aristocratic class whose armor set reflects their refined dignity and majesty; mentioned in the description of the Gabriel Musketeer Armor Set.
  • Ka'Bull: A tribe that worshipped a sacred bull where the mysterious and powerful Bull Armor Set was fashioned after.
  • Nazka Mercenary Soldiers: A group that goes marauding over every continent; mentioned in the description of the Nazka Armor Set.
  • Valkyries: The beautiful war maidens who protect the heavens; mentioned in the description of the Valkyrie Armor Set.


  • Seven Dwarves in Mithril Mountain: Said to spent their entire lives forging the Fire Strike Shield.
  • Mercury Knights: Once served the gods of old; mentioned in the description of the Mercury Accessories.
  • Monks of Marchen Temple on Bermesiah: Carried several ceremonial pieces of equipment; mentioned in the description of the Monk Armor Set weapons.
  • Smiths of Ezion-Geber: Made somewhat heavy weaponry from the highest quality bronze to dedicate to their king; mentioned in the description of the Trooper's Armor Set weapons.
  • Tengu: Charming, brave, and faithful creatures that live on an uncharted continent; mentioned in the description of the Tengu Accessories.
  • Tiger Hawk: The mysterious hawks that dominate the skies of Bermesiah; mentioned in the description of the Tiger Hawk Accessories.

Unknown Characters

These are the characters unheard of and have not officially debuted in any of the main games or have no other information about them.

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