Lucky Gacha Fortune is a Grand Chase Mini Game. It can be found at the Mini Games tab in the Menu. The Mini Game is available only during certain periods.
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How to playEdit

The player must have a Fortune SB Gacha Ticket in order to play. Sometimes the player may receive one of these tickets on log in, varying on event periods. Another way to obtain those tickets is buying them from the cash shop.
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The player scratches the ticket by moving the mouse pointer, or he/she may skip this passage by clicking the green "skip" button near. If all the three items in the squares are the same, then he/she is awarded with that specific item. If not, he/she will receive a Wings of Shattered Dreams Token; with 50 of these, players are able to forge an upper armor accessory called Wings of the Shattered Dreams. Note that the player must choose a character as the rewards, except the pet, are only for that character.

Below there are the list of the reward items that the mini game can yield.


Lucky Gacha Fortune's rewards are pieces of an armor or accessory of a lv 80 SB Gacha set. The SB Gacha set vary on events. The top three prizes are:

  1. The entire SB Gacha set with a weapon of the player's choice and the SB Gacha's pet.
  2. The SB Gacha set's pet.
  3. The SB Set Gacha Armor set.

When a player claims one of the three top rewards, an announcement about it is made on the server.


This is not technically considered a mini game, since the player just scratches the ticket or clicks skip, but is still under the mini games tab.

  • The official site states that this mini game have higher chances to obtain pieces of SB Gacha than the regular Seal Breaker method. However, there is neither any proof nor shown percentage to affirm this.