Maelstrom is the fourth dungeon of Kricktria.

Saved by the timely casting of an underwater breathing magic by Arme, the group decide to have Mari create a machine that can allow them to swim faster. However, as Mari does not have the necessary materials to do so, the group heads out to find the wreckage of the ship, and hopefully find a way to leave the area.

Whilst doing so, they are spotted by fish people who mistake them as intruders. In order to protect the priestess of Poseidon, the jellyfish girl Mamin, they and the sharkman Hekar launch an attack. Upon their defeat, the fish people reveal that the temple of Poseidon, the god whom they had been serving, had been invaded by the demon Fennel. Mamin reveals to the group a portion of the history of the world's avatars: that the God created his avatars Balzac, Poseidon, Nephilim, and Gaia in order to remove the ancient malignant spirits that had been covering the world. The group discuss the unraveling connection between the avatars and the demons, but are interrupted by Hekar who requests their aid in defeating the invading demons.

Guided by Hekar and Mamin, the group make their way to the temple. On the way, they save Kiwi and Apple again, who reveal that they are looking for a person by the name of Guile. Upon reaching the temple, they defeat the auto-defense system and celebrate their victory, but Grandiel notices the growing mark on Kyle and notes that his soul's vessel is running out of time.

Fighting their way to the temple's core, the group learns that demon troops are advancing towards the Forest of Life and that Poseidon had already been captured. After defeating Fennel, the fish people offer to carry the group to the Imp Empire, whereupon the group may resume their pursuit.

Meanwhile in the Imp Empire, Coco frantically orders the imps to scour the area for someone, as Lass watches silently from above.


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